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7 Best Air Compressor For Painting Reviews And Buying Guide [2023]

Accompanying your paint sprayer with an air compressor can make the paint project’s outcome more fruitful. It is necessary that you make the right selection and your compressor is a perfect match to the sprayer.

The choice you make depends on the applications you wish to serve. Car painting is different from furniture painting. It does not matter whether you are a proficient or just a beginner, it is only important to pick the right equipment.

In addition to serving your application, your air compressor must be versatile enough to meet varied needs. For a simplified selection, we share with you this guide that helps you pick the best air compressor for painting in a while.

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7 Best Air Compressor For Painting Reviews

1. Craftsman Air Compressor, 6 Gallon, Oil-Free, Pancake with Accessory Kit –   Best Overall

The Craftsman air compressor is a handy solution for those who are looking for an air compressor packed with numerous features. It delivers a maximum air pressure of 150 Psi and 2.6 SCFM output at 90psi standing highly efficient for all sorts of painting jobs.

It is an oil-free compressor offering you freedom from regularly checking the perfect oil level. It is easy to clean and maintain and serves flawlessly for extended duration. You can use it for running demanding tools such as touch-up paint sprayers, air ratchets, and impact wrenches.

Performance and Technical Features

Without any doubt, this is one of the top-notch air compressors for painting available. It weighs 32lbs and is extremely portable. Equipped with a 6-gallon tank it serves seamlessly most of the painting tasks like drilling, fastening, automotive repairs, inflating, and cutting.

The unique pancake shape coupled with an ergonomic handle allows easy maneuver of the compressor from one place to the other. In addition to numerous impeccable features, it accompanies an accessories kit that includes 13 pieces like tire gauge, 25-foot hose, and a tire chuck. Though it is slightly noisy, it is worth investing in. The overall dimensions of this product are 16.5 x 16.5 x 17.88 inches.

Why is it Unique?

The best thing about this compressor is its lightweight, which makes it highly portable. Being oil-free, it involves almost zero maintenance.

It is engineered in the USA using high-quality materials, and hence, is greatly durable. The quick recovery time and usability for a variety of applications makes it a great fit to both professionals and beginners.

Is this Product Recommended?

The accessory kit available with this unit meets most of your needs. It functions well, lasts longer, and comes with an already long hose providing enough airflow for low demand applications. We recommend its use for small to medium applications with typical demands.

Buyer’s Experience

The buyers liked the easy initial setup of this unit, which allowed them to use it instantly. The presence of an air release valve on the tank’s bottom ensures no air escapes wastefully and increases pressure in just 5 minutes. It has made life much easier.

Best Fit for

This tiny unit offers high enough pressure if run continuously for 20-30 seconds. The precise tank controls and regulation makes it very easy to use. It is easy to carry around and use, which is why it is preferred by most of the users.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Ergonomic handle design
  • Easy maneuverability
  • Useful with numerous applications
  • Fast recovery rate
  • Ultra-durable build
  • Comes with a 13-pieces accessory kit


  • It is slightly noisy at times.

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2. California Air Tools 8010A Aluminum Tank Air Compressor, Oil-Free, Ultra-QuietThe Runner Up

The second position in our list is bagged by this premium-grade air compressor that holds the quietest operation. It belongs to the series of the famous California Air Tools brands and is an ideal tool for both home and commercial use.

Performance and Technical Features

Weighing 43 pounds, it is also a lightweight unit that is extremely easy to move around to numerous job sites easily. This one is an oil-free unit and needs no oil for running. Since, it involves no hefty maintenance so it costs very low as well.

It produces 2 CFM at 90 PSI and 3 CFM at 40 PSI implying you may use it with different sorts of tools. Packed with an 8.0 gallon steel tank, it fills in 105 seconds offering quick and fast use. If you require a compressor that is efficient, portable, and not noisy, this is worth buying.

Why is it Unique?

It is a reliable and durable unit designed with an oil-free pump allowing convenience at par. Comprising an oil-free pump, it involves less fuss and maintenance. The best thing is its powerful 1.0 HP motor that operates at 1680 RPM and generates less wear and less noise.  

Being equipped with a powerful 1.0 HP motor, it functions at 1680 RPM that helps create less wear and less noise. The unit is portable and compact enough to carry to various job sites.

Is this Product Recommended?

This oil-free pump is useful to run in different ranges of temperatures and uneven terrains. It comes with a toolkit allowing convenient transport from one region to the other. We recommend using this compressor for light to medium applications in home and garage.  

Buyer’s Experience

This compressor impressed buyers with its ‘ultra-quiet’ operation. They find it a wonderful piece of equipment that is simple to use and delivers precise output pressure. They hope to get numerous years of working from it.

Best Fit for

It is a great product with tight fittings. It holds air quite well and is a pretty good portable design with low weight and wheels. Go for it if you are looking for a product with high efficiency and performance.


  • Corrosion free aluminum tank
  • Useful in a range of temperatures
  • Comes with a toolkit
  • Convenient transportation
  • Portable and super compact
  • Equips powerful motor
  • Enhanced efficiency
  • Great reliability


  • Build quality is not up-to-the-mark

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 3. PORTER-CABLE Compressor, UMC Pancake, Oil-Free, 13-Piece Accessory KitBest Quality Accessories

If you are looking for a highly efficient compressor powered by 13 premium quality accessories and rendering incomparable performance, you must go for this one.

It is a superb performer packed in a pancake design involving no maintenance. It is because of its oil-free pump, which runs flawlessly without requiring frequent upkeep.

Performance and Technical Features

This compressor comes with a 6 gallon tank engineered for offering more stability. It incorporates rubber feet and a water drain valve allowing more stability and convenience at par. The low amp 120V motor begins easily in extreme cold. It delivers a maximum tank pressure of 150 psi allowing more air in the tank for longer runtimes.

It is an electrically powered unit with 2.6 SCFM@90psi offering fast recovery time. It weighs just 30lbs permitting easy portability. With factory installed air plug and air coupler on the hose, it saves user labor and prevents leaks to a great extent.

Why is it Unique?

The best thing about this unit is its 13 piece accessory kit equipped with high-quality accessories only. It includes a tire chuck, nylon hose, coupler, tire gauge, and more other pieces offering great support and efficiency. The various accessory parts are useful for numerous applications like cleaning and inflation.

The shroud handle and console cover are other highlights of this product that makes it very easy to carry this unit. Also, it comes with a cord wrap and offers quick recovery time.

Is this Product Recommended?

It is a reliable and great product serving most of the applications optimally. It comes at a great price and is suitable for DIYers and contractors.

Buyer’s Experience

It is a great value for money for most of the buyers. The compressor is compact but stable ensuring absolute ease of use. The users have been using it for years and find it very reliable!

Best Fit For

This is a well-made unit featuring excellent accessories, which holds great functionality. It is attractively priced for the capabilities and suitable for cleaning and inflation applications.


  • Portable unit
  • Fast recovery time
  • Made for stability
  • Motor starts easily
  • Easy to carry and comes with a cord wrap
  • Comes with air couplers
  • Durable unit designed for long life
  • Shroud handle


  • It is slightly heavy in comparison to other compressors.

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4. NEU MASTER Paint Sprayer Compressor 600 Watt with 3 Spray PatternsBest Value For Money

Now this is an air compressor and a paint sprayer combo that offers efficient spraying and applies a superior finish on multiple projects.

It can be used with various materials and is a perfect companion for all painting projects like fence, painting ceiling, walls, cabinets, and more. With this budget-friendly compressor, you can avail of great functionality easily.

Performance and Technical Features

It boasts of a powerful turbo-fan of 600 watts and is powerful enough to offer strong airflow offering better coverage. Being a lightweight unit with a detachable handle, it is convenient to work with.

The unique separation structure between gun body and motor makes this sprayer lighter than the hand-held paint gun. The 6-foot hose and 6.6 foot power cord supports projects at a long distance. It integrates powerful motors and turbofans to support superior and smooth painting results.

Why is it Unique?

The unique thing about this paint sprayer is the shoulder strap, which lets you carry the unit wherever you wish to work easily. The other thing that sets it above other compressors is the capability to spray in 3 different patterns. This is achievable using its 2.5mm and 3mm nozzles. The 28-ounce container is followed by an airflow adjustable knob.

Moreover, you can easily clean this compressor as it comes with a nozzle, cleaning needle, and cleaning brush. In all, this spray painting air compressor is an ideal choice for those who want to avail of an awesome tool for spraying their vehicle.

Is this Product Recommended?

We recommend using this unit with water-dilatable paints, primers, varnish, motor-vehicle enamels, wood preservatives, mordant, and other materials. It is a versatile unit offering strong and even air flow for superior coverage.

Buyer’s Experiences

This unit works well and has a reasonable viscosity range. It is a fantastic and highly portable device that is convenient to clean afterwards. The product is great and so light to move around comfortably.

Best Fit for

It is a user-friendly design perfect for beginners. The shoulder strap, flexible hose, and detachable handle offer you complete convenience during use.


  • Powerful unit with built-in turbo fan
  • Offers strong airflow for superior coverage
  • Easy to use and lightweight design
  • Flexible hose
  • Easy cleaning by disassembly
  • Useful with versatile materials
  • 3 different spray patterns
  • Adjustable pressure control knob


  • It works efficiently only if you follow the instructions properly. Otherwise, not!

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5. MAKITA MAC2400 Big Bore 2.5HP Air Compressor –  Best For Small Applications

A highly powerful unit, this air compressor features the strong and robust Big Bore pump cylinder by Makita and a piston to offer rich performance for higher output.

The two nailers generate less noise and deliver enhanced performance at the job site. It offers rich industrial power and exceptional results for improved durability for rigid job site conditions.

Performance and Technical Features

Featuring a 4.2 gallon double-stacked tank, it offers a sustainable operating pressure of 130 PSI and 40 PSI at 4.8 CFM and 90 PSI at 4.2 CFM ideal for two nailers. Its low amp reduces the chances of tripped breakers and drops voltage, which can result in premature motor failure.

Also, it includes a roll bar handle that offers additional protection and portability making it easier to bear rigid jobsite environments. The additional features are an oil sight glass and a convenient oil drain along with a tank drain valve, which supersedes the basic petcock design for convenient maintenance and finned discharge tube that spreads heat more efficiently.

Why is it Unique?

It is engineered with a high-quality pump made of cast iron cylinder offering greater bore and stroke for enhanced compression, less noise and quicker recovery. The construction of cast iron offers enhanced durability under extreme job site conditions.

The best thing is its oil lubricated pump and an automotive style filter for greater efficiency and enhanced air intake. Also, it runs cooler at half of RPM units leading to a better pump and motor life and reduced noise.

Is this Product Recommended?

It is a high output and low noise design involving less maintenance. It offers great results and industrial power with enhanced durability under rigid job site conditions, which makes it an excellent choice for small to mid-scale applications.


  • Super-quiet functionality
  • Useful in home workshops or construction projects
  • Vibration free
  • Industrial grade components
  • Easily adjustable pressure
  • Low AMP reduces chances of tripped breaker
  • Copper tubing for enhanced heat dissipation
  • Improved pump durability
  • Removable for convenient maintenance


  • It is compact but heavy and you cannot move it easily especially on stairs.

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 6. DEWALT Pancake Air Compressor 165 PSI, 6 GallonLongest Run Time

Another air compressor delivering outstanding performance is by Dewalt that offers a quiet work environment and incomparable efficiency.

Engineered with convenient cord wrap, it allows for easy storage. Built-in with a high-efficiency motor, it allows smooth performance and quick startup in cold weather or rigid temperature conditions.

Performance and Technical Features

Offering 165 max PSI and housing a 6.0 gallon tank this unit offers 2.6 SCFM pressure at @90 PSI pump allowing long tool runtime with fast recovery. With 75.5 dBA noise level, it allows for a noise-free environment. The 2 universal couplers offer convenient support to the users.

The high-flow regulator permits enhanced performance while high efficiency motors enable quick start up in cold weather conditions or extension cord application. It weighs 30 lbs, which makes the unity easy to store and carry. The ball drain valve allows for thorough and quick tank draining.

Why is it Unique?

The unique feature of this compressor is the outlet tube, which is rerouted in a way to avoid being a catch point. Further it comes with protective rubber leg covers that offers more stability and prevents marring.

Cleaning this compressor is easy as it comes with detachable components. Its unique design enhances tool performance and the pump is extremely convenient to maintain.

Is this Product Recommended?

This product is designed to use in quiet work setups. It offers excellent run time and integrates numerous features, which makes it useful for multiple applications of varying levels.

Buyer’s Experiences

It is a lightweight compressor for the buyers, which is much easier to use than running hoses. The sturdy handle and lightweight makes it a great experience for the buyers. The best feature they like is the place to wrap the power cord, which offers mess-free usage and rubber feet offering more stability.

Best Fit for

This compressor is a good choice for weekend warriors who want to perform a high-efficiency DIY task. It is easy to drain and shut down the compressor and the regulator is accurate.


  • Rubber feet at the bottom
  • Robust carrying handle
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Weighs 30 pounds
  • Pancake design


  • The ball bearings are undersized.

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7. Metabo HPT ‘The Tank’ Air Compressor 6 Gallon –  Best Air Pressure

Offering 30% more air flow and holding a versatile functionality, this compressor is meant to perform outstandingly well.

The compressor offers 25% higher PSI than a standard pancake compressor allowing you to perform activities easily and efficiently. This one is a great buy for those looking for efficiency and performance together.

Performance and Technical Features

It is a super-efficient design offering more pressure at 200 PSI, which is higher than a basic compressor. It weighs just 41 pounds, and hence, can be easily transported to different locations. The 30% more air flow allows for numerous big body nails to be used on one unit.

It drives nail flush consistently without any delay. You can use it for 2 roofing nailers, 2 siding nailers, and 3 finish nailers as well as 5 brad nailers. The 6 inches gallon tank offers the air to run freely. Made with complete metal it outlasts the extreme demands of the jobsite.

Why is it Unique?

The pleasing unique feature of this compressor is the big size tank delivering 25% greater PSI. The high air flow allows use for numerous big body nailers.

Moreover, it is extremely versatile and being 22% lighter than standard compressors, it is very easy to carry.

Is this Product Recommended?

Our experts recommend using this compressor for all kinds of applications. In addition to the large tank size, you need to rock it back on to 2 of the support feet and the drain plug is easy to access and off the ground. Both gauges are adjustable and easily readable allowing convenience always.

Buyer’s Experiences

The buyers got impressed with the high-quality fittings and superior build of this unit. It handled all air tools with ease. The bigger tank size sets it apart from competitors while handling positioning permits even weight distribution, making it a worthy purchase.

Best Fit for

If you are looking for a superior quality and reliable compressor at a great price, you must go for it. The high power lets you handle anything. Housing a large tank, it lets you perform multiple applications at once without slowing down.


  • High air pressure
  • 30% more air flow
  • Versatile design
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Durable
  • 6-gallon tank
  • Great productivity


  • Good compressor but slightly loud.

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What Is An Air Compressor For Spray Gun?

Paint sprayers are of different types and when you are using one, the most common kind of HVLP spray gun is an air compressor.

These units are equipped with a motor for compressing air and the pressure within the tank supplies power to air tools.

These devices are highly useful with a range of different tools. A single device can be used to offer pneumatic pressure for tire pumps, nail guns, and other tools.

The compressor is useful for painting as you can purchase a cheap set of guns and hoses to let you build the homemade. They offer high versatility and can help you perform numerous activities in a great shape. They serve numerous applications like staining fences, painting cars, transitioning air compressor nail trim to the ceiling, and others.

What Are The Different Types Of Air Compressors For Spray Painting?

There are a range of air compressors available. Getting knowledge about the various types lets you make a perfect selection.

1. Hot Dog Air Compressors

This compressor has got its name from the shape and holds a bigger tank size. For this reason, they are more powerful than the pancake compressors.

They can easily handle big paint jobs and deliver bigger inflation in comparison to pancake air compressors. Being heavy in size, they are not stable, lightweight, and portable.

Holding long run time they offer a maximum PSI.

2. Pancake Air Compressors

They are the most commonly used air compressors. They comprise a steel tank in a round, flat shape and are ideal for painting projects, small applications, airbrushing, and nailers.

These compressors are efficient as they are stable because of the low profile. They are lightweight and small but not much stronger, and hence, not suitable for high volume applications

3. Pontoon Air Compressors

This is a combination unit with numerous hot dog air compressors in a series. Its shape resembles a pontoon boat, and this is where it has got its name.

It is a workhorse air tool offering a greater PSI than other units. These devices can handle big and lengthy painting jobs like offering pressure for a big variety of powerful tools.

It can easily handle a big air volume and is less portable, but is useful for a big job site. A bigger tank capacity means you gain additional high-pressure and can handle big painting projects. However, they lack portability particularly for DIY projects.

4. Centrifugal Air Compressors

This compressor equips an impeller that is mounted on the shaft and placed within the housing. The other aspects it includes are a diffuser, volute, and an inlet duct. When the impeller rotates at a high speed, the air is imparted. The impeller is surrounded by the diffuser and functions like a converter to generate air in the form of potential energy at a great pressure level.

5. Dynamic Type Air Compressors

Such compressors pass velocity to the air using mechanical friction. It is produced by the rotating impellers in the casing at great speed. Air is placed into the cylinder at high volume, which eventually reduces balancing the pressure. The volume flow may alter as per distinct pressure in the compressor.

6. Rotary Air Compressors

Within this compressor, the air is compressed by two interconnected or rotating rotors. It is further divided into distinct categories on the basis of its engineering as Rotary Vane and Rotary Screw compressor.

Rotary Vane – It comes with a movable rotor blade and compresses air between the casing and rotating rotors. These air compressors can be double stage and single stage.

Rotary Screw – It comes with two rotating female and male screws and compresses air using them. When air is compressed, it reduces the space between them gradually resulting in suitable pressure to work seamlessly.

7. Reciprocating air compressors

This compressor produces air with the piston’s movement within the compression chamber. Whenever the piston moves, the air is compressed at a fixed amount at a specific pressure. It comes in distinct types like multi-stage, single-stage, double acting and single acting compressor.

It comes in horizontal and vertical form and ranges in the air at 50 to 150 ranges. The other uses compressed air at the range of 200 to 5000 CFM.

8. Positive displacement type

Such units display fixed air volume into the reduced amount. It shows the air at a consistent level when operated at a fixed speed. You can determine its discharge pressure on the basis of the system’s load conditions. This air compressor is available in a variety of distinct types.

How Do Air Compressors For Spray Painting Work?

A motor is integrated within the air compressor using which the steel tank is filled with huge air volume. When more air is pumped inside the air tank, it gets compressed and pushes together.

A pressure chamber is created in the vessel, which gets higher over time. A bigger tank size means more air, and hence, more pressure on the compressor.

When this compressed air is available for use, it is pumped out through the air hose to offer air pressure to the numerous power tools you want to use.

If you use this compressor for spraying paint, it drives air through the air hose into the spray gun and creates an air flow, which draws paint into the path due to low pressure. It generates a paint aerosol and lets you spray the pain on the surface for completing the painting job.

When the air compressor runs down, you need to turn the unit back to building up pressure again to supply power to the tool.

 How You Can Easily Pick The Best Air Compressor For Spray Painting?

1. Weight

One major aspect to consider is the weight of the compressor. It determines the flexibility and portability of the product. It is quite difficult to move a bulky air compressor though most of the hefty models function for a longer time. Lightweight units are always convenient and easy to use.

2. CFM Rating

CFM is the short form for Cubic Feet per minute. It is related directly to the amount of pressure the compressor can deliver to the sprayer. It tells about the compressor’s capacity, which it can offer.

3. Oil Capacity

Most of the compressors are usually substantial yet durable. But the oil-free models involve less maintenance and are light till they need equivalent or Teflon coating. Oil based compressors were quieter because of technology advancements, noise disturbances and other aspects.

4. Horsepower (HP)

It is an important specification to consider. For most of the non-industrial and DIY applications, a motor with 1 to 3 HP is the best for sprayers rated for 30-40 PSI and 6 CPM.

5. Operating Considerations

These units run on motors and hence release friction and heat. For this reason, their popularity is increasing among DIYers or other professionals. To make sure you avail of the best results, practice working in a well-ventilated area.

6. Roll Cage

Most critical components of the compressor work using a roll cage. It reduces the chances of being crushed. If you wish to get rid of the lousy noise, make sure you select a model with a roll cage.

7. Tank Size

This is another vital consideration especially if you are planning to paint a big object such as your vehicle. Pick an air compressor, which can easily withstand 50 or more than 50 gallons of weight so that it is easy to handle and efficient.

8. Noise Reduction

One major issue with most of the compressors is noise. It increases when the workspace is closed. When looking for the air compressor with the lowest decibel rating, make sure it can be installed and purchased.

It is best if you go for expansion chambers, mufflers or regular automobile mufflers that block the low frequency. The silencer filters can reduce noise level of air intake activity into inlet holes of the compressor.

Also some soundless compressors are available, which are costly for businesses. It is possible to add sound dampers such as fiberglass insulation, which blocks the sound and prevents outward spread.

9. Style / Type

There are different styles of compressors available like pontoon compressors, hot dog compressors, pancake compressors, and many others. It determines distinct aspects of the compressor and can influence your final decision making.

10. Price

If price is an important concern, it is best to go for portable and pancake shaped air compressors. They are lightweight, compact and allow convenient chaining. Hence, you don’t require a 220V outlet.

How To Setup Your Air Compressor Kit With A Spray Gun?

Once you have purchased the new air compressor kit you would want to use it to paint your car. However, to get adequate results, you need to set up the kit properly. How can you do it? We will explain the process!

1. Connect Tools Properly

Most of the air compressors accompany numerous accessories and tools. It is quite difficult to understand where the kit goes. It is important to attach the correct tools to the right place. It is best to check the user manual guide for the same.

2. Attach The Regulator

When all the tools are connected, you must attach the regulator to the compressor. A regulator lets you know how much air power passes through the sprayer.

3. Connect The Hose

You must attach the hose completely to the regulator. For efficient working you must use a female plug. Connect the plug to and then you can switch on the air compressor.

4. Set The Required PSI

Once everything is done, you can set up the PSI on the regulator. This lets you know what PSI is needed for efficient running.

Pull out the trigger and the air will release out. When you pull the trigger the arrow on the top of the regulator will drop. When it drops, it indicates the PSI level and you can then use the air compressor.

Maintenance Of Your Air Compressor

The air compressor is an important part for an air compressed system. Hence, you must maintain it properly to spend more money for the maintenance.

  • Monitor the air compressor’s performance for one week and check the number of hours it works.
  • Incorporate the maintenance items to the compressor on short intervals such as keeping the air intake clean and clean fuel tank, change compression oil, tighten nuts and bolts, and check condensation valves of the compressor.
  • It helps to maintain the compressor’s power and extends the working life.
  • Check the manual of the wind compressor to determine product replacement and maintenance schedule of the compressor.

Who Needs These Particular Products?

Air compressors are useful for different businesses and individuals, which require it for one purpose or the other. They can be used for spray painting to inflating tires. Numerous people use these units every day to paint their own car to make cars for a living.

Individuals having only one car may prefer to purchase a cheap compressor while people who have multiple cars or who paint cars everyday prefer to purchase high quality compressors offering more durability.

Common Problems Associated With Air Compressors And Spray Guns

When you use spray guns and air compressors for painting, certainly you will face numerous challenges. After all these are machines and they are bound to certain limitations. Here is a brief of the common problems you may face and the way you can deal with them.

1. Spray Gun May Produce Bubbles

When the bubbles come out of the gun, it means there is a CFM issue. It implies that the air compressor and gun do not offer the precise CFM because of leakage.

You must check the regulator as well as connectors regularly to find the leakage source. Once the leakage source is identified, you need to fix it and the problem is rectified.

2. Problems Related to Low Pressure

Often, the users witness a low-pressure issue, which is caused mainly because of the hose length. A long hose length intervenes with the pressure resulting in drop because of the distance traveled.

Make sure you cut the length hose and offer enough pressure to complete the job. Alternatively, you may wait for a couple of minutes and let the pressure restore. However, this is a temporary fix.

For bigger units, the low pressure problem may be because of leaking connectors or regulators. Hence, properly fix leaking connectors and check the regulator for problems.

3. Dripping

It is common for trapped water to drip in line. This may be because of a moisture trap in the compressor. It is essential to ensure it is dry and empty. Wipe off the moisture trapped in the compressor using a dryer or cloth for adequate results. This problem occurs frequently in environments with a lot of humidity and heat.

4. Uneven Finish

A common problem linked with the air compressors during painting is unable to achieve an even finish. It occurs because of three reasons – the person is a newbie, improper technique is being practiced, or you are not cleaning the surface properly before starting the job.

To get an even finish you must practice a lot before finally performing the task. Additionally, clean the surface adequately.

5. Spray-Gun Releasing Bubbles

When bubbles come out of your gun it clearly indicates the problems of CFM. It implies that the air compressor and spray gun are not offering proper CFM for job leakage.

You must check the regulators and connectors properly to find leakage. Identify the leakage source and fix it to resolve the problem.

6. Tailing

Such an issue occurs when the air within the compressor and the application to serve does not match. In this issue, you need to wait till the compressor produces the correct volume of air and pressure needed for the task.

Most of these air compressor problems are easy to fix. Just make sure you pick and use the correct equipment and properly maintain them to keep them functioning flawlessly.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Q1. Which is better – a constant or stop and start compressor?

A1. Commercial businesses require air compressors, which run consistently implying that the ‘constant’ compressor is more favorable. It also depends on the purpose of the compressor. Usually, small air compressor for painting are useful for commercial applications while ‘stop and start’ compressors are useful for homeowners.

Q2. How many times should I change the oil in the air compressor?

A2.  You have to change the oil in your compressor regularly just like you change the oil in your car. The reciprocating compressors have to be changed in 90 days while rotary screw compressors can run efficiently for 7,000 to 8,000 hours of consistent use before you have to change the oil.

Q3. How often can I alter the air compressor’s filter?

A3. You must filter your air compressor every week. If the filter is not dirty or is used less often, the replacement must be less frequent.

Q4. Can the generator be used to power the electric compressor?

A4. You may use the generator, but we suggest avoiding using it to an extent. A compressor needs a regular energy flow to run securely. Alternatively, generators may clatter the flow of power immediately implying the compressor can end up powering off and on. For a big generator, you must feel confident using the air compressor.

Q5. What is a good size for a car painting air compressor?

A5.  The perfect size for painting depends on the size of your car. A minimum of 6-gallon tanks is ideal. But we suggest picking a tank of 8 or 10 gallons

Q6. What is the needed HP for painting a car with a compressor?

A6. For non-industrial units or DIY applications, a 1-2 HP is sufficient with spray guns rated for 40-50PSI and 6 CPM. Compressors with 2HP motors are available and offer a minimum of 8 CFM at 40 PSI.

Q7. How much CFM is required for auto body car painting?

A7. The CFM rating needed for auto body car painting depends on the type and numbers of tools you use. General usage requires 0.1 – 5 CFM at 70 – 90 PSI.

Q8. Can I use an HVLP gun with an air compressor?

A8. Most of the air compressors are compatible with both LVLP and HVLP spray guns.

Q9. What is the best air compressor for painting cars?

A9. A large compressor is always best for painting a car. Industrial Air ILA188354 ILA1883054 30-Gallon Belt Driven Air Compressor is a top best air compressor for painting cars.

Q10. Can I use an air compressor to spray paint?

A10. Yes, you can use the air compressor to spray paint to make your spray painting work easy and effective. To be the safer side you need to check the CMF requirement of the compressor and purchase accordingly.

Q11. Which type of air compressor is used for spray painting?

A11. Elephant 2 HP Oil Free & Noiseless Wall Painting Double Head Air Compressor 50 Litre 100% Copper Winding with Painter Spray Gun PS-01, PU Pipe, and Fittings. ANMSALES 550W Silent Portable Air Compressor for Spray Painting, Hobby, Cake Spray, etc with 8ltr Tank.

Q12. What are the benefits of using an air compressor for painting cars?

A12. For painting the car, you need a large air compressor. So, with the help of an air compressor, you can make the work very easy and effective. It generates a lot of pressure to allow you continuous use without refiling, and it saves time.

Q13. Which is the Best Automotive Paint Gun for Beginners?

A13. Make sure the paint gun should be easy to operate and gives a long life. The Devilbiss Finishline HVLP gun is in top most place for the best choice for beginners.

Q14. Which is the Best Automotive Spray Paint in a Can?

A14. CRC 500ml Yellow Gloss Spray Paint, Ambersil 400ml Yellow Gloss Spray Paint, and RS PRO 400ml Red Fluorescent Spray Paint are the best Automotive Spray Paint in a Can, which is known for their high-quality, fast drying & easy-to-use features.


Till now, you must have definitely got an idea about air compressors, its maintenance, types, problems, and the best air compressor for painting available on the market. Planning your job properly helps you understand your requirements better, which makes it easy to pick a selection.

Also prioritize your personal preference like you want a low-noise design or a durable construction or a budget-friendly product as this will help you make a promising decision.

Enjoy painting!

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