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7 Best Automotive Paint Gun for Beginners Reviews and Buying Guide [2023]

Do you want to take your car paint projects to the next level? Are you a novice who wants to gain efficiency in painting all kinds of components and surfaces of your car? In these and similar situations you require an automotive paint gun designed exclusively for beginners.

Giving your automobile a unique look all by yourself is possible only when you have the best automotive spray gun with you. With a new paint makeover, your car can look better and appealing. But to get quality and precise results, you need the best spray gun.

The good thing is that there are wonderful automotive paint guns available on the market for beginners. These spray guns offer smooth finish and eye-catching details even when you are a newbie.

So, without taking much time lets know all about these automotive paint spray guns and check out expert reviews of the best automotive paint gun for beginners available for you.

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1. REXBETI 700 Watt Electric Paint Sprayer Best Automotive Paint Gun

Offering impeccable speed, this paint sprayer by REXBETI ensures every task of yours is completed in very little time. Offering a considerably premium finish, it is a user-friendly and lightweight product with multiple adjustability features, serving convenience at every step. It uses 700 watts power and offers a precise spray pattern, creating superior and smooth finish.

Performance and Technical Details

Utilizing 700 watts of power, this sprayer offers an accurate spray pattern, resulting in superior and smooth finish. It comes with a 1000ml high-capacity container and is best to paint interior walls, fences, tables, chairs, and crafts. It is easy to assemble and spray. Being available with numerous cleaning attachments, you can clean and maintain it efficiently and easily.

The sprayer features 6 spray nozzles, which can be adjusted to secure 3 spray patterns – circular, horizontal, and vertical to paint all sorts of projects. No matter what paint you use, you always get a superior finish in very less time.

With its adjustable knob, you can regulate the paint output to achieve distinct outputs. This makes it suitable for corners, interior surfaces, edges, and other DIY projects and work areas. Equipped with 6.6 ft. long cord, it moves freely in big work areas. The lightweight and ergonomic design makes it your best handy companion.

Is this Product Suggested?

For those looking for the best tool, which can help paint almost everything in or around the home, this paint sprayer is the correct DIY tool. It makes it a lot easier to create designer paintings in distinct ways even if you are not an expert. It fantastically sprays all sorts of paints like latex paint, stain, sealer, varnish, chalk type, and others. Engineered for both outdoor and indoor features it sprays three patterns that help you secure the home painting project faster.


  • Lightweight and ergonomic body design
  • Easy to wash and use
  • Adjustable material control
  • Features 6 nozzles
  • Serve 3 spray patterns
  • Superior finish
  • Complemented with a long cord
  • Robust performance and durable build
  • Caters to all sorts of painting projects


  • Does not render a consistent pattern if there is interruption in power supply.

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2. HomeRight C800766 Paint Sprayer – Best Performance

This is one of the finest electric sprayers offering absolute ease of use and ensuring a smooth finish every time you use it without leaving any brush imprints.

This best paint sprayer is suitable to paint cabinets, furniture, trim, and other projects. It is one of the lightest sprayer that fits perfectly, increasing maneuverability and eliminating fatigue.

Performance and Technical Details

This is the lightest sprayer featuring adjustability settings that makes it easier to complete your project. The adjustable air cap sprays in different patterns – circular, vertical, and horizontal. The material flow is also adjustable using the control knob and lets you customize the flow of paint as per your choice.

With 2mm. brass nozzles guarantee precision for every project. The superior performance is offered than its counterparts. It is a high-quality and solid build holding great resistance to wear and corrosion.

The setup is simple and involves easy maintenance. You can use it with an extensive range of materials like milk paint, enamels, clear sealer, primers, latex paints, varnish and stain. There is also a viscosity cup with the sprayer that easily measures paint thickness. Once completed, just clean the sprayer with water for water-based paints or mineral cleanser for oil-based paints.

Is this Product Suggested?

You can expect everything to come out easy with this sprayer. It is quite easy to clean and is recommended for those who want to paint their kitchen or entire region. Even a novice can achieve professional finish from it. It gives even, nice coats and can save you thousands of dollars.


  • Simplified design with less parts
  • Easy and quick cleaning
  • Tight seal and foam splash provides great paint outflow
  • High-quality brass needles and tips
  • Adjustable settings for material flow
  • Useful with a wide range of paints


  • It is a little bit noisy.

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3. AOBEN Paint Sprayer 750 Watts – Best Versatile Sprayer

The next sprayer in our list is a high powered design with large capacity. It offers an accurate spray pattern resulting in superior and smooth finish in very little time.

The sprayer equips 4 nozzles of varying sizes and 3 adjustable patterns – round, vertical or horizontal that meets your various spraying projects easily. With its adjustable flow control knob you secure excellent versatility, which makes it a great sprayer for experts and beginners.

Performance and Technical Details

This is a powerful device using 750 watts of power and offering an accurate spray pattern. No matter which project you serve, it always gives a superior and smooth finish always. The 1000ml container is detachable and is useful for longer time. It is a robustly engineered product with high-quality components offering unparalleled efficiency.

This super-stylish gun looks really very appealing and features 4 nozzles of varying sizes – 1.5mm, 1.8mm, 2.2mm, and 2.6mm. With different spray nozzles, you can spray in varying modes and serve all projects including fences, interior walls, chairs, crafts, cars, or tables.

It meets your distinct spray needs with its unique adjustable flow control feature. The paint output thickness is adjustable using a control valve knob and is a perfect solution to save your money spent on the paint. It easily assembles with no tools and equips a cleaning brush that allows easy cleaning of the needle. The 6.75ft long power cord is a cherry above that allows you to move freely in big work areas.

Is this Product Suggested?

It is an amazing sprayer that gives excellent finish over cans and brushes. It is very quiet, lightweight and fully adjustable. The spray gun can set easily in tight places without over spraying. It sprays distinct patterns and offers a great finish.


  • High capacity and high power
  • 1000ml detachable container
  • 3 spray patterns
  • 4 nozzle sizes
  • Adjustable flow control
  • Easy to clean and use
  • 6.75 ft. long power cord allows free movement
  • Electrically powered


  • You need to clean it after every coat.

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4. NoCry 1200 ml Electric Paint Sprayer – Best Value For Money

Catering to the needs of every customer, this is a premium-grade sprayer offering high-quality at affordable prices. It is a trustworthy solution, which is great to use and works every time.

It is a handheld design perfect for both indoors and outdoors. Hosting a range of exclusive features, it guarantees you get the best within your budget.

Performance and Technical Details

A great choice for both outdoors and indoors, it always gives a fully customizable finish always. You can adjust not only the material flow speed, but also spray pattern, and material flow volume. Equipped with 4 color-coded nozzle tips, it lets you spray thin or thick coating materials easily.

It is powered by 5A.600W motor that makes it one of the powerful paint guns on the market. You can spray, oil, paint, stain, texture, lacquer, and airbrush surfaces with this single device. It releases a maximum flow rate of 1200ml in one min without thinning.

It is useful with multiple materials and perfect to cater to both bigger and smaller projects. It features a spray attachment and 33.814fl.oz container, which is detachable. As a result, the cleaning process is simplified and quicker. The cleaning brush and pin are included with it, which makes cleaning the difficult to reach areas a lot easier.

Is This Product Suggested?

When it comes to quality, this product will surely surprise you as it is a premium quality with all impressive components and features. It balances perfectly in hand making it easier to deliver consistent patterns. The company’s customer support is top notch and we liked its quick ability to change the suction tube’s direction for horizontal or vertical spraying.


  • Great for outdoors and indoors
  • Offers customizable finish
  • Adjustable material flow speed and volume
  • 4 color coded nozzle tips
  • Powerful motor
  • Useful with multiple paints
  • Features a big, detachable container
  • Comes with a cleaning brush


  • It is a great working product but only if you follow the instructions properly.

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5. TCP Global Professional 2.5mm Spray Gun – Best Build Paint Primer

This heavy body spray gun is perfect for those who want to paint thick primers. It is engineered as a standard HVLP gun with a regulator to perform heavy duty work.

You may select between detail-oriented, smaller guns and nozzles for a primer, larger and latex oriented design.

Performance and Technical Details

It is a highly durable cast aluminum body with a 1000 CC fluid cup holder capable enough to hold primers, paints, latex, and other materials. Covered with a semi-transparent plastic lid ensures you always keep a check on the volume of material available for use.

The 2.5mm fluid tips offer absolute precision and enable you to spray thick materials easily like extreme or polyester primers, latex paints, thick enamels, metal flakes, chip guard, and others. The spray gun comprises control knobs for adjusting the over spraying. You can also control fluid flow and air pressure.

The gun also holds a full baffle head assembly, which allows it to produce a consistent and fully atomized spray pattern for a seamless professional finish. The spray gun kit includes 6 distinct nozzles offering great results always.

Is this Product Suggested?

It is the best automotive hvlp spray gun for heavy paint primer. It works fine over and over and involves very little maintenance. It is not just easy to use but also comes with almost everything you require. The gun is fully adjustable, well balanced, and a good value for the money.


  • Knobs for adjustment over spray pattern
  • Adjustable air pressure and fluid control
  • 2.5mm stainless steel nozzle set and needle
  • Comes with bonus accessories like a cleaning brush, fluid cup filter in-line pressure gauge
  • Cast aluminum 1000 cc fluid cup
  • 6 distinct nozzle


  • It is best for thick paints and not for thin paints.

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6. Wagner Spraytech 529013 Fine Finish – Best for Fine Detail Work

This is another extremely qualitative sprayer with a detail finish offering a smooth finish with no brush marks. It is created to serve all sorts of projects and delivers awesome results with thin paints.

Its unique Lock-n-Go technology allows easy and quick clean up when the project is complete. The detailed nozzle allows for maximum customization and precise spraying matching your project needs and speed.

Performance and Technical Details

One of the unique accessories of this sprayer is the detail finish nozzle offering a smooth and superior finish. The nozzle attachment is paired with all sprayers by Wagner saving you a lot of money in the long run.

You can use it with oil based or water based paints like stains, sealers, polyurethane coatings, and others. You can use it with thinning materials as well as thicker materials. The gun is easy to assemble and quickly changes front ends for color changes. You can even disassemble it quickly for cleanup.

The front end of the gun features an adjustable flow control knob for accurate spraying. It lets you spray in three patterns – vertical, horizontal and round. It suits all projects and delivers fantastic results for all your needs.

Is this Product Suggested?

It is a wonderful fine job sprayer that offers a large spray pattern. It comes with a paint container and high-quality nozzles offering really smooth finish. The nozzle is perfect for DIY furniture and house painting projects. It is easy to use and setup and delivers beautiful results without zero brush marks.


  • Fine finish front-end nozzle
  • Engineered for wagner paint sprayers
  • Adjustable pattern settings
  • Convenient assembly with sprayer
  • Useful with thin and thick materials
  • Quick assembly
  • Simple cleanup and maintenance


  • It reduces overspray but takes a little more time for coverage.

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7. PNTGREEN HVLP Spray Gun for Base Coats – Best Budget Pick

Works well for all sorts of spraying this PNTGREEN paint sprayer fits snugly and ensures you secure a perfect finish. It does not overspray or leak but is a simple design, which is loose enough to remove and install easily.

Performance and Technical Details

With this HVLP spray gun, you can save a lot of money. It is because this spray gun is useful with a range of materials. It is a highly versatile design perfect for numerous projects like automotive, hobby, walls, shoes, ceilings, furniture, equipment, and others.

It can spray various kinds of paints if diluted properly. It is easy to maintain and clean. This gravity feed paint sprayer is suitable for almost all kinds of paint.

Its adjustable fluid control and fan pattern offers superior finish. There is also a 1.4mm nozzle and 20 oz. cup capacity that makes sure all your projects are catered in the most efficient manner.

Is this Product Suggested?

It is a great spray gun that works flawlessly. It is the best budget automotive paint gun and offers smooth finish with adjustable knobs. It is a great choice for big jobs and hobby paintings and gets the job done exponentially faster.


  • Wonderful HVLP spray gun for all material cost
  • Excellent versatility for hobby and automotive projects
  • Gravity feed paint sprayer
  • Adjustable fluid control
  • Adjustable fan pattern
  • Cup container


  • The built quality is average.

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What are Automotive Paint Guns?

Also called an HVLP gun, an automotive paint gun stands for High Volume Low Pressure. It is a paint equipment or tool used to administer bulk of automotive paint to uniformly and quickly cover an automobile.

These paint guns are created to offer enhanced coverage with a variable spray while being easy to use and highly efficient. Such paint sprayer lets you paint the complete car’s body fast or a single car panel without fuss.

Mainly, this equipment is used by professional car painters to spray cars exclusively. However, DIY experts or hobbyists can also use it to get more coverage and control in their painting project.

For a big project, like painting the car, it strips down or changes the color of a replacement door to match the body. Using a sprayer makes it very simple to apply multiple coats to an automobile, as it is very handy for car detailers and painters.

High-quality paint guns speed up the overall painting process dramatically and finish the car painting job quickly. These guns give a clean and neat finish to your car, which is difficult to gain through manual methods.

Some of these guns come with a fine nozzle and offer a narrower spray to carry fine detail work like drawing imagery or writing words or painting in narrow components of the car.

Professional car shops use industrial-grade automotive paint machines to spray the car in just one time. For DIY experts or hobbyists, using a professional paint gun is not feasible. Hence, they must pick a personal gun to secure seamless finish in a short span of time.

What Are The Different Kinds Of Automotive Paint Guns?

Just like other spray guns, even automotive paint gums come in a variety of sizes and shapes for your needs. However, all of them offer basically similar functions.

Each of the distinct kinds of paint gun is an HVLP gun, implying it offers a high volume of paint at a low spraying pressure to prevent concentration or damage of paint in one region.

They mainly differ in the type of paint used, how they are fed and powered.


It is the most commonly used sprayer in the market, which is proven for efficient fluid transferring. Such systems are introduced for limiting paint or material wastage. It saves a lot of time and comes with a container, which saves time from refilling the container again and again.

The pressure being low, such guns work at a slower pace in comparison to LVLP spray guns. But the frequency is ideal for beginners.


This stands for low pressure, low volume spray guns. Such guns are introduced for spraying with higher intensity than other HVLP counterparts. It functions more quickly and are suitable for bigger projects like total paint jobs. This spray is highly significant and dries at a good pace.

The power and strength of LVLP paint guns is high and the finish is of excellent quality. They are trickier to use. It is a viable option for experienced users.

3. Airless

Airless paint sprayers are powerful units that do not use pressure for ejecting the material. They use air, which leads to finer painting outcome and less turbulence. It is particularly useful for painting bigger projects and is much simpler to use.

4. Reduced Pressure Spray Guns

These spray guns function similar to HVLP guns. They discharge paint at reduced pressure. But they generate excellent finishes that last longer. Also, they are more handy and convenient on the whole to use.

How Do Automotive Paint Guns Work?

The primary function of an automotive paint gun is to deliver a bulk volume of paint at quite low pressure. This permits a consistent spray, which applies paint over the entire body of the car without resulting in heavily concentrated regions.

They use either a motorized pump or a pneumatic pressure for creating a pressurized air stream that draws paint into and through it, sending out through the nozzle tip.

Such systems are created with adjustable spray nozzles for changing the paint spray change to adjust the way spray applies on the vehicle, resulting in a perfectly applied paint coat.

Distinct tips of fluids can be interchanged for creating a range of spray patterns for distinct finishes and projects.

In brief, the coating spray is made when paint is applied on the object’s surface with the compressed air gun. Hence, when the trigger is pressed the paint mixes with a stream of compressed air for forming a fine spray line and then releases the same.

It is possible to easily control the pattern and consistency of paint as per choice. For this, you must use the paint tank or cup correctly and select the correct nozzle. It is not important which technology you use, the thing to focus on is to precisely disassemble the nozzle to avoid any clogged traces or blockages of the dry paint.

Automotive paint guns offer the comfort of easy usage. For this reason, they are popular among hobbyists, DIYers, and professionals. These guns offer tons of benefit, which we have listed right below!

How To Use Automotive Spray Guns?

It is feasible to achieve the best outcome using the automotive spray painting guns. A few tips and tricks to use these guns properly are:

  1. Practice cleaning paint guns after every use to avoid deposits or clogs of paint.
  2. Properly cover the areas that you don’t wish to spray.
  3. Establish a proper pressure for your sprayer to avoid uneven layering and splatters.
  4. Create a proper thinner and paint ratio and do follow the instructions mentioned on the paint gun’s box.
  5. Spray paints best serve the small to medium projects.
  6. Keep changing the paint directions for each coat to gain proper coverage.
  7. Apply 3 coats if you use oil-based paints.
  8. Use a turpentine to clean the gun’s nozzle for long-lasting use.
  9. You may use Penetrol for thinning oil-based paints.
  10. It is not a good idea to paint under a tree as this can result in contamination.
  11. Always paint under proper lighting to clearly see where you have paint and where not.
  12. Paint guns may not serve the best results to paint the bigger areas.
  13. To paint thicker paint you require more pressure.
  14. Avoid practicing the job in a single coat as it would not work and the result can be crappy.

Benefits of Automotive Paint Guns for Beginners

1. Countless applications

From large surface coatings to small touch-ups, these guns cater to each task perfectly. They are handy and efficient enough to manage all kinds of projects like small chips, scratches, multiple coatings, and more. It works well to apply a base coat.

2. Accuracy

Every automobile comprises numerous small components and fine details, which need fine work and precision. It is necessary to maintain absolute accuracy to achieve seamless finish and smoothness. High-quality spray guns add value to your work. They make it easy to create exclusive designs with the use of stencils and also save material wastage to a great extent.

3. Efficiency

Adding more efficiency to all your work is another prime benefit of automotive spray guns. They are highly energy-efficient and use less power and less paint by augmenting the painting process. Also, it saves a lot of time during work.

4. Cost-effectiveness

It is quite expensive to take your car into an auto shop and get it repainted. With the help of an automotive spray gun, you can carry this task by yourself and at the same time save a lot of time and money.

5. Quick Spraying

Giving your car a unique look quickly is possible only with this spray gun. It applies an even and smooth layer of coating on your car, which dries quickly and saves a lot of time. This mechanism also reduces the probabilities of settling dust particles on the layers of paint.

6. Streamlined Control

These guns work differently than other pint guns and offer higher control over the end result. The entire finishing and painting process is unmatched. You may adjust the fan speed, air pressure, spray flow, and manually manage the entire process without any fuss.

7. Less Wastage

This is another major benefit of automotive spray guns, which is its ability to regulate the overspray issue. There are a few models, which may overspray, but this happens only when the spraying functionality is not properly controlled. A paint gun spreads the paint evenly and strongly on the object, which eliminates the undesirable look of the overspray layer on the vehicle.

That you know all about the benefits of automotive spray guns, it’s better we take into account its price/cost as well!

How Much Does A Paint Gun Cost?

When picking the best automotive paint gun, you must be sure that it is worth the price. In addition to features, the most important aspect to look into is its price or how much is a paint gun.

To simplify things, here is a detailed explanation of the car spray gun’s price.

Usually, the price for automotive paint guns ranges from $30 to $200. There are a lot of professional automotive paint sprayer for cars available that cost more than $200. The quality and type of paint gun differs based on the price.

For example, some spray guns offer 2-3 spray patterns. A few high-priced models are extremely durable. Some of these guns require manual assembly and while some are convenient and handy to use and clean. The expensive paint guns are designed to be used for professional works.

For better comprehension, the price bracket of these spray guns has been categorized into three sections.

1. Premium / High-End Paint Guns

As its name suggests, these spray guns are the most expensive and offer a premium quality finish. These paint guns range from $400 to $700. It is best for professionals and is for those who want long-lasting results. For best professional results, you must pick the premium spray guns.

The reasons why these paint guns are expensively priced are:

  • Lowest paint wastage and most professional and immaculate results
  • Efficient paint coatings, which is more repairable among the peers
  • Widest spray pattern with the best-in class finishing and finest atomization
  • A vast range of varieties for air caps and fluid nozzles

2. Mid-Range/ Economy Paint Guns

This is a great option for new enthusiasts who have enough budgets to invest in a high-quality automotive spray gun. These guns are top-rated for beginners and are the most popular among users.

The price range for these paint guns vary from $100 to $250. These mid-range spray guns are the finest for more than simply routine works. It is best for professionals or spray painting tasks.

The prominent features of spray guns falling under this category are:

  • These are reusable guns meaning you can use them again and again.
  • They offer better spray pattern and atomization delivering more uniform results.
  • It supplies a better transfer efficacy.
  • It is very simple to adjust the air cap and fluid nozzle for better control.
  • The spray pattern is unable to match the quality of the premium class paint gun and still delivers great results.

3. Affordable / Throw-Away Paint Guns

This category is for spray guns available in a price range from $10 to $30. They are affordable solutions and fit precisely into your small requirements. It is great for newbie who wish to get the best paint gun for the money.

These spray guns have numerous limitations, but they also offer a host of benefits. Some key traits of these spray guns are:

  • They are non-reusable, which means you can use them for only once.
  • They offer less transfer efficiency than the other high-quality guns.
  • The spraying finish is not very precise and fine.
  • It sprays in smaller patterns.
  • There is no option to adjust the fluid nozzle or air cap.

What is the Best Brand of Automotive Paint Gun?

When it is about selecting the best automotive paint gun brand, there is no special one. But yes, there are a few brands, which are better than the other in terms of quality offerings and value for money. It is better to know about these best and popular brands for automotive paint sprayers.


This is another popular brand to consider for purchasing the automotive spray gun. The products engineered by them are handy, convenient, and lightweight. The six ranges of products offered by them are power tools, automotive tools, home appliances, garden, lawn, and automotive tools.

Whether you want a spray gun for beginners or for professional use, this brand offers the best. One of the finest products offered by it is REXBETI Ultimate-750 Paint Sprayer, 500 Watt High Power.

2. Fuji Spray

This North American brand is leading the market because of high-end paint guns manufactured by it for more than 30 years. They specialize in introducing a wide assortment of compressor and spray guns. Their guns equip a self-contained spray system using the latest technology that makes the product more efficient than others.

The award-winning designer and manufacturer are well-recognized for its vast range of innovative, versatile, and trusted systems. Their products are apt for professionals, DIY users, and hobbyists. The Fuji 2203G Semi-Pro 2 Gravity Spray Systems is the most popular unit from their range.

3. Graco INC.

The Graco INC. is a very popular brand in the fluid manufacturing industry. Products designed by it are extremely efficient. They supply products across 100 countries. The demand for its products is highly increasing because of quality and longevity.

They offer a vast range of spray guns suitable for all sorts of painting and household projects. From desks to ceilings to fences and DIY car spray paints, their sprayers are fit for all small and large projects. The bestseller sprayers by this brand are Graco Magnum 262805 X7 Airless sprayer and Graco Magnum 257025 Project Painter.

Painting a car with electric spray gun

Electric paint sprayers is perfect for automotive. Although they are a bit heavy in weight but simple to learn and less complicated than airless and gravity-feed sprayers.

It even has an anti-flow design that makes sure paint doesn’t run out while spraying. It also has a quick release button if you need to clean your reservoir after finishing each coat. They are time saving and cost effective.

Buyers Guide – What Makes the Best Auto Paint Gun for Beginners?

The most important aspect to consider while picking the best automotive spray paint gun is your project type and scope. But this alone is not sufficient to make a viable decision. There are many other factors as well you need to take into account.

1. Air Pressure

There is a specific range for the air pressure. Your device must be strong enough to deliver good spray without using too high pressure so that there is no over spraying.

2. Pneumatic vs. Electric

It is necessary to investigate whether you want a pneumatic sprayer or an electrically powered. Pneumatic ones are usually high performing while electric ones are easy to use and cost-effective. Hence, they are a better option if you will be using it periodically.

3. Weight

The product’s weight is an essential aspect as you will mostly use it for longer time periods and require it to hold up. It is necessary to pick a unit, which you can support and carry easily.

4. Ease of Cleaning

Your spray gun must not only be easy to use but also easy to clean. It is because these paint sprayers spray paint, and hence, they will be covered with paint from within. If not cleansed properly it can result in gumming or clogging up. Make sure the paint gun is convenient to clean and disassemble, particularly within the internal passages.

5. Maintenance

When selecting the paint gun, remember it involve efforts to clean up after the job is done. You have to remove any remaining paint and make sure it is dry. While some models are easy to maintain, others involve complex workup.

6. Ease of Control

The container size and its position on the gun determines how easily you can handle the unit. For a beginner, it is wise to pick a gun that involves easy maneuvering.

7. Compatibility

There are some guns that work exclusively with a few paints of specific viscosity. Other models are more compatible and work well with specific kinds of paint like water or oil based. It is imperative to think about the kind of paint you will use and then pick a paint gun accordingly.

8. Nozzle Size

The size of the nozzle determines how your end spray pattern will appear. If the paint is thick, you would require a nozzle with a big hole and if the paint is thin then a gun with a small nozzle is the best.

9. Adjustability

You would want to adjust the patterns you spray. It is wise to select a spray gun that comes with multiple adjustability features that suit whatever project you may choose to embark on.

10. Budget

Automotive paint guns differ based on the quality and features. Most of the spray guns are expensive. But you may establish a budget based on the frequency of use, desired finish, and painting material.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the cost of the best automotive paint gun?

A1. The best professional automotive paint spray guns are quite expensive than those designed for beginners. It involves a higher capacity and overall wattage for the system.

Q2. How to set up an automotive gun?

A2. It is quite straightforward to set the spray gun for use. Most of the models hold a comprehensive instruction manual. If you are concerned about adequate use, pick a complete kit rather than a gun. Just make sure that enough power and pressure is supplied, and there is desired paint in the container.

Q3. What is the best automotive paint gun for beginners?

A3. It all depends on the way you plan using the gun. For touch-ups and DIY projects a smaller gun offering better precision is adequate. Bigger jobs require more power supply and offer a broader stream of paint.

Q4. What PSI must I use for car paint?

A4. It totally depends on the type of paint you are using. The best PSI when using clear paint is 3 for adequate flow out and optimization. Most of the HVLP uses 40 PSI for 10 and 14 CFM.

Q5. How much does a good automotive paint gun last?

A5. With proper maintenance, care, and moderate use, a good gun lasts for at least 5 years.

Q6. What are top brands of automotive paint guns?

A6. Campbell, Fuji, DeVilbiss, REXBETI, Graco, and Tekna are some of the top brands available in the market.

Q7. Are there any restrictions on the use of these paint gadgets?

A7. A few cities impose restrictions on the use, application and transfer of these guns. Hence, you must perform some research for finding out the restrictions existing in your region.

Q8. What are the alternative uses of automotive paint guns?

A8. In addition to painting car projects, these guns are useful for spraying homes, fighting mild fires, insecticides, cool humid rooms, and irrigating crops.

Q9. What is the simplest automotive paint to use?

A9. The simplest automotive paint to use is the one, which has been around since introduction of car painting. This is known as acrylic lacquer. The best thing about it is that it sprays across plastic and metal effortlessly leading to a high-gloss finish. This is the best paint for those who have zero or little experience as it involves little effort to apply the paint evenly across the surface. Also, it costs lower than other kinds of paint, making it suitable if you wish to practice painting.

Q10. What is the suitable size of air compressor required for painting cars?

A10. The tank size suggested purchasing it at least 60 gallons with a 5 – 6 HP compressor. This permits convenient spraying of an average car size. It is expensive but a bigger tank allows covering the entire car without interruptions and helps you maintain a consistent finish. Finally, you require an air compressor holding a CFM range of 15 – 20 at around 95 psi.

Q11. What is the best cheap spray gun?

A11. Our top pick is a budgeted choice named Krause and Becker 5 GPH. It is electrically powered, user-friendly, ad affordable.

Q12. Which is better – LVLP and HVLP?

A12. The LVLP spray paint offers a flawless smooth finish and is suitable for professional painters who offer a high volume of painting. The HVLP paint is an ideal choice for homeowners and DIY experts. They are much easier to use but work at a slower pace than LVLP guns.

Q13. What is the difference between siphon and gravity-feed HVLP guns?

A13. These two types differ in the style of mounting the paint canister. The siphon-feed HVLP guns equip paint canisters at the bottom while gravity-fee guns are incorporated under the paint gun.

Q14. Which uses more air pressure – gravity feed of siphon feed HVLP guns?

A14. Gravity feed HVLP guns don’t extract fluid based on air pressure. Hence, they use less volume of energy to direct the paint flow into the gun.

Q15. How much does a paint sprayer cost?

A15. Prices of paint sprayers varies with quality, availability, sizes and types. mainly cup-style pneumatic sprayers that is attach with the air compressor are inexpensive and typically came in 50$ – 100$ Range where as cart-style professional models like airless paint sprayers are quiet expensive and generally came in 1000$ range.

Q16. What is the best HVLP automotive spray gun?

A16. A hvlp gravity spray gun kit should give superior coverage and uniformity in regular work and old touch ups. It should have 1.5mm tip that accommodates large amount of paint at once. It should be durable and economical and has rapid change design feature of switching colors as per need.

Q17. Can you paint a car with an airless sprayer?

A17. Yes, you can paint any automobile with an airless sprayer as they are more effective then traditional ones especially when manipulating large areas. they  do not form bubbles over the surface, gives excellent finish in just two coats and simple to use.

Summing Up

To get good results from your automotive paint gun, it is not necessary to pick only the most popular option. For achieving the best automotive paint gun for beginners take into consideration all aspects mentioned by us in this post. Make sure you pick a high-quality on. It may cost a little more but only it will be able to fulfill all your requirements and last longer. 

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