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7 Best Automotive Spray Paint In a Can Reviews & Buying Guide [2023]

Spray painting is an easy & inexpensive method to paint your car & give it a brand new look. If you have scratches or a few dents on your vehicle & would like to fix it all up without spending a fortune, spray painting would be an ideal way to go about it. However, never rush into it. If you have never done this before, we suggest you get a second opinion & do your bit of research. 

Speaking of research, this article is a great place to begin your understanding of spray painting. Below we have enlisted some of the best automotive spray paint in a can, their pros & cons, different types of paints, buying guides & more. 

So without further ado, let’s get straight into it!

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Looking to give your vehicle that signature look? Don’t worry, we have you covered! Down below we have enlisted some of the best spray paints along with their features, pros, cons & buyers guide so that you can have a quick look & choose the best option for yourself.

1. Dupli-Color Perfect Match Paint

Known for its high-quality, fast drying & easy-to-use features, Dupli Color Perfect Match Paint gets the first spot on our list.

An ideal automotive dry paint, this product makes a good choice for small vehicle owners, especially those who’d like to maintain the look & feel of their car without extending their budget. 

Performance and Technical Features

Formulated with acrylic lacquer aerosol paint, this has been created specially to match with the colour of your vehicle.

It comes with an EZ touch 360 degree nozzle that makes spray painting a simplified & easy task. Available in OEM matching colours, this spray paint is ideal if you are looking to touch up your car before spending a fortune on it. The product also weighs about 11.7 ounces which makes it light, easy & portable.

Why is it unique?

Being a premium automotive paint, Dupli-Color Perfect Match Paint is dry to touch in just 30 minutes to one hour. It ensures maximum coverage & gives your car a glossy & fabulous finishing touch within a short period of time, making it a unique product for purchase. 

Is the product recommended?

Ideal for all types of OEM surfaces, Perfect Match offers you a complete line of match colors for late as well as current import vehicles, making this product highly recommended for touch-ups, perfect finishes & an additional glossy look. 

Buyer’s experience

If we go buy buyers reviews, we think the product would be beneficial if you’re looking for a quick touch up. It doesn’t require too much effort & can be done on your own in a garage. Being the only brand that’s colour tested & approved by some of the best vehicle manufacturers, it would make a great match if you want to restore the scratch or chip.

Best Fit For

If you’re looking to give your car that perfect touch-up, the dupli color perfect match might be a perfect solution. Best suited spray paint for cars, bikes & other small scale vehicles, this one is a premium quality spray that will make repainting for you a piece of cake!


  • Perfect finish & coating
  • Colour matches with the original
  • Light coats
  • Dries very easy
  • Offers a hassle-free experiences
  • Best budget& affordable product


  • Create contrast between panels untouched & repainted panel.
  • Forms clogs easily
  • Can fade overtime

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2. Performix 11203 Plasti Dip Black Multi – Purpose Rubber Coating

Performix Plasti Dip is basically a multi-purpose rubberized coating spraying can that is best suited for automobiles & cars. Easy to apply, brush & spray, it comes with a controlled & comfortable grip that helps resist moisture, abrasion, slipping & corrosion.

The stretchy & flexible formula prevents cracks & brittleness & helps it survive in difficult weather conditions. It is also perfect if you prefer to do small projects in your garden, garage, home or elsewhere.

Performance and Technical Features

The Performix Plasti Dip comes in an 11 ounce bottle that makes it easy to carry & portable. The product makes peelabes easy to get rid of from all types of surfaces. It also protects coated items against corrosion, abrasion, acids & moisture.

The product remains stretchy & flexible for a long period of time and has the capacity to resist harsh weather too. Although the price of this product is about 79 dollars, you can get it at 40 dollars during sales. 

Why is it unique?

With its amazing ability to withstand harsh weather conditions & protect you from heat, shock & vibration, Performix Plasti Dip is a unique product you should consider for your vehicle. 

Is the product recommended?

Absolutely! Buyers tend to like this the most compared to other products because it lasts for a long period of time & gives you that perfect matte finish & touch. Also, what people really like Performix is that it is extremely easy & convenient to use & gets the job done in no time. 

Buyer’s Experience

After all, plasti dip is not just beneficial for spraying but brushing & dipping too. Its  amazing durability & its multipurpose features makes it an ideal post purchase experience for buyers.

Best Fit For

The Performix Plasti Dip is a perfect fit for completing small projects at home. It is also suitable for all types of weather. The product is easy to apply & use & makes car painting at home a piece of cake.


  • Does an excellent job against acids, moisture & prevents corrosion
  • Comes with a controlled & comfortable grip
  • Remains stretchy, flexible & doesn’t crack easily
  • Provides complete protection against heat, vibration & electrical shock
  • Super easy to separate from surfaces


  • Expensive
  • Can be a little slippery

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3. Rust-Oleum Automotive Enamel

Rust-Oleum Automotive Enamel is an excellent product you can use for some gloss retention, outstanding colours & touch ups.

It comes with a wide fan spray that gives a smooth & professional look within just about 15 minutes. Rust Oleum is also quite affordable compared to other pricey options & does a good job in renovating your car. 

Performance and Technical Features

Made in the USA, the Rust Oleum Automotive Enamel is ideal for metal applications. Built to protect against the harmful rays of the sun, it also withstands harsh weather conditions.

Perfect for indoor as well as outdoor usage, the product comes with an oil based formula that helps prevent rust, seals moisture & prevents all sorts of corrosion & brittleness. With durable coating, you can also resist scruffs, nicks & scratches. 

Why is it Unique?

With brilliant features like wide fan sprays, Rust Oleum Automotive Enamel is very easy & convenient to use. The product is also of 11 ounces that makes it light-weighted, easy to carry & portable. It also has a clear colour & offers a long lasting finish that makes this product unique for all.

Is this Product Recommended?

If your car is being covered in rust & you need a quick spray paint to get rid of scratches & dust, Rust Oleum would be the perfect option for you. Not only does this product stop rust from forming immediately but also prevents any sign of further damage. 

Buyer’s Experience

According to most buyers, Rust Oleum Automotive Enamel  is a great product simply because it protest the car from moisture & dust, enhances the appearance of your car, offers good transparency & protects wood articles too.

Best Fit for

Rust Oleum Automotive Enamel makes a best fit for those you want to take care of the small scratches/dents inflicted on your car. It might not be  best suited for complete makeovers, but for small touch-ups, it does the job pretty well!


  • Prevents rust, seals moisture, acts as a protective barrier
  • Can be used on metal surfaces to create a smooth finish
  • Gives you coverage of 10sq ft in just 12 ounces
  • Suitable for exterior & interior use, it is durable & long lasting
  • Dries pretty quickly- 15 minutes max
  • Gives your car a professional appearance.


  • The spray nozzle doesn’t work well
  • Not good at completely repainting cars.

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4. Meguiar’s Ultimate Liquid Wax for Automobile

Looking to give your car some extra shine & durability? Well then you need Meguiars Ultimate Liquid Wax.

Best for protection & shine, this synthetic polymer wax is extremely easy to apply. It can be applied in direct sunlight, on warm surfaces without affecting the performance of the wax.

Performance and Technical Features

Megiuar’s ultimate liquid comes with this intense formula that delivers great synthetic protection, depth of colour, reflectivity, durability & colour.

It has advanced polymers that form a protective barrier while amplifying reflections for perfect shine & incredible depth.The hydrophobic polymer technology protects the paint & increases surface tension while the speed polisher gives a glossy & clear coat.

Why is it Unique?

The product is unique for 2 reasons. Number one: the wax is easy to apply & spreads easily all across the car, & next, it comes with a pure synthetic formula also delivers a strong protective barrier that amplifies reflection for perfect gloss & shine. 

Is this Product Recommended?

If retaining the shine of your car is what you are looking for, this product would be the perfect recommendation for you.

Buyers who have purchased this product love the professional detailing it comes with the most. It offers a clean finish & glossy look in just 1 application & works best for those users who don’t like carnauba wax.

Buyer’s Experience

Most buyers find the product safe & effective. The clear & glossy coat also makes it a perfect choice for most users. 

Best Fit For

Meguiar’s Ultimate Liquid Wax is a perfect fit for cars of all shapes & sizes. No matter how old the car, this product does an incredible job in giving your vehicle a brand new & glossy look.


  • Enhances colour, reflection & depth
  • Gives a smooth & clean appearance
  • Reduces surface tension
  • Provides long lasting protection
  • Great at water-beating


  • Not useful for matte approaches

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 5. Eastwood 2K Ceramic Aerosol Chassis Black Satin

The 2k ceramic chassis black aerosol lets you paint your car with two things- precision & durability. Made with proprietary technology, it provides a durable & long lasting finish which lets your car maintain its perfect look for many years.

Its catalyzed technology, two chamber design & satin gloss level makes the paint spray totally worth the cost.

Performance and Technical Features

Each bottle comes with a 12 ounce paint which is beyond perfect to complete a huge area. Contrary to other market options, this 2k spray paint paints much faster. Manufacturers also say that it sprays just like a paint can.

Not just that, it comes with a two chamber design that comes with a satin gloss level that’s somewhere between 25 to 30%. Not just that, it also works as an excellent primer which gives your automobile a vivid & smooth appearance. 

Why is it Unique?

 Eastwood 2K Ceramic Aerosol Chassis Black Satin offers durable & satin coating that not only gives your car a unique look but also makes it as tough as nails. Its excellent proprietary formula gives you a strong chemical base & creates the correct finish.

Is this Product Recommended?

Absolutely! Most people prefer to have this product simply because of its amazing quality. The nozzle, valve technology & internal chamber gives the right ratio & ensures a good effect. Regardless of whether you’re to style your car or your bike, this one will do an excellent job.

Buyer’s Experience

 Eastwood 2K Ceramic Aerosol Chassis Black Satin is very easy to use, according to users, & the finishing is beyond perfect. The product is also affordable compared to other expensive spray paints & can be used for tech services too.

Best Fit For

The  Eastwood 2K Ceramic Aerosol Chassis Black Satin can be used for vehicles & other services such as tubes & gas tanks of motorcycles as well. 


  • Convenient to use & spray
  • Sprays faster than other brands
  • Gives an excellent finish
  • Long lasting & fine performance


  • Can be a little difficult to apply
  • Requires lots of coating for good coverage

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6. VHT SP650 Gloss Black Epoxy All Weather Paint Can

If there’s one product that stands out in the world of spray paints, then it has to be VHT SP650 Gloss Black Epoxy. Known for its superb polish, it can give your car an excellent finish without even taking any help from a primer.

These pants make a wonderful option for every weather & prevents all sorts of rusting. Alongside, Exploy’s weather paint is also salt resistant that makes it an excellent product for buyers. 

Product & Technical Features 

The VHT SP650 Gloss Black Epoxy comes with a conical nozzle that gives it a durable finish. It is also corrosion, salt, ceramic resistant & can survive in harsh weather conditions. The Black epoxy can be dried to touch in about 30 minutes and is ideal for bars & frame suspensions.

Why is it Unique?

VHT SP650 Gloss Black Epoxy All Weather Paint is a unique product simply because of its one step coating that gives your car a great look without even using a primer. Its high performance coating system makes your car free from corrosion, rust & other small damages.

Is this Product Recommended?

Absolutely yes! The spray paint is not just useful for cars & automobiles but also does a brilliant  job when it comes to bolts & other metallic surfaces. It’s durability, excellent quality & perfect finish is what makes the product so likeable amongst most.

Buyers Experience

Most people hate re-coating as it is a long & arduous process. Thankfully, with VHT SP650 Gloss Black Epoxy All Weather Paint, the job gets done in no time without using any extra product. 

Best Suited For

Just like the name suggests VHT SP650 Gloss Black Epoxy is perfect for those who want to protect their car from damage, especially ones that are caused due to external factors such as the environment.


  • Convenient to use & apply
  • Provides great finishes
  • Perfect for all weathers
  • Chemical & salt resistant


  • Can be a little too thin
  • Causes wrinkles on surface
  • Resprays can be problematic

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7. Krylon K01607000 High Heat Max

When it comes to selecting spray paints for automobiles, one brand you should definitely consider is Krylo K01607000 High Heat Max as it not only provides excellent structures but also great appeal & does its best to protect them.

They make a great option compared to other brands simply because it prevents rusting & can withstand harsh climatic conditions. It also does the job in about ten minutes. 

Performance and Technical Features

Automotive paint spray can like these can withstand somewhere between 600 to 1200 degrees intermittently as well as continuously. Not just that, they are designed specifically for products like BBQs, wood burning stoves, automobiles, cars & more.

Why is it Unique?

What makes Krylon High Heat Max durable is its ability to restore high temperature swings & make your paint last for a long period of time.

Is this Product Recommended?

When it comes to spray paints, Krylon is one of the best in the business. It is durable, offers great coverage, a perfect finish & can stand great heat.

Buyers who have purchased this product generally like the fact that it gives a highly matte & glossy appearance. So if you’re wondering if you should purchase this product, consider this as a green flag from us!

Buyer’s Experience

Buyers love Krylon High Heat Max Simply because of the durable finish the product comes with & its ability to get your paint job done within a short span of time. It is also easy & convenient to use & causes no fuss at all.

Best Fit For

Krylon K01607000 High Heat Max is a great option for fireplace screens, firepits, wood-burning stoves, grills, automobiles or just about any surface made of metal.


  • Excellent even in rains
  • Takes little time to dry
  • Prevents corrosion
  • Easy to use


  • Doesn’t hold on heat
  • Spray nozzle does not work

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What Are The Different Types Of Spray Paints?

1. High Pressure & Low Volume

This type of sprayer is fed by gravity & comes with a compressor. It also comes with a whole range of finishes that can experiment with. However, be careful as it can splash back or overspray at times. 

2. High Volume & Low Pressure

This is easily available in hardware stores & home repair centers. Compared to models that are low in volume, this one offers less splash backs & over spraying.

3. Airless Spray

If waterproofing or staining is your priority, airless spray would be the perfect option for you.

4. Airless Spray Roller

This one works very similarly to a paint roller & doesn’t require you to constantly refill the paint tray even while you are working.

5. Diaphragm Sprayer

This comes with a five gallon bucket so that you have a sufficient supply of paint to meet your needs.

How You Can Easily Pick the Best Automotive Paint For Beginners?

1. Origin Of The Product

There’s a common belief that products that belong to a certain region tend to be of the best quality. In fact, products made in the original area tend to be cheaper & of better quality. 

However, they can cost you a lot if you want to ship it from a different country. So, always keep that in mind. If you are willing to pay some extra money to get original & good quality products, go for it by all means.

2. Budget & Price

Before buying spray paint, always keep the budget in mind. How much would you like to spend on the sprayer? It’s advisable to always set an amount that is above your regular budget.

In case the product cost exceeds your budget, you can remove it from the rest. Keep in mind that you should always stick to the budget & manage to find a product that meets your needs.

3. Customer Reviews

Always check the product review before buying any spray paint or product. If the product has chosen very few positive reviews & mostly negative ratings, don’t consider buying them.

You could also scan the review to check whether they are authentic or not. A few companies tend to hire people & pay them to write good reviews. Such information could be misleading & cause you to make the wrong investment.

4. Application Process

Never go with a brand that isn’t compatible with the material you want to use the spray paint on. For example: if you’d like to use latex, remove sprays that don’t work with a material like latex.

In order to understand whether the spray is compatible with the material, always look at the manufacturing label or speak to a salesperson.

5. Pressure & Horsepower

Paint sprays can differ in terms of the pressure they give. It is believed that the pressure of the paint depends upon how heavy it is.

The speed is also an important aspect  when it comes to selecting a spray. After all, the speed of the spray is highly dependent on the horsepower that comes with it.

6. Check The Volume

Always keep the volume in mind before buying a product. If it’s a hobby that you’re trying out & needs a small amount, go for something that’s off moderate volume.

But if you happen to be a professional & your work makes you take up huge projects, always go for a spray that is high volume so that you don’t have to go for a refill all the time. That also could be a waste of money for you.

Why Should You Use Automotive Spray Paints?

The benefits of using automotive spray paints are plenty. It can increase the value & lifespan of your car, re-establish shine & sparkle & restore the appearance of your car too. Here’s a look at why you should consider spray painting your car.

1. Gives Your Car A Whole New Look

Spray painting gives your cab a fresh new look within just a few hours. If your vehicle has small scratches or it has become dull after years of use, spray painting can do wonders. Automotive spray paints come with a protective coating that creates a long lasting effect. 

2. Choose Your Own Shade

Spray painting your own car gives you the benefit of choosing your own colour. You don’t have to go with the basic factory finishes. If you are skilled or know someone who has similar skills, you could create your own paint scheme as well. There are many artistic possibilities when it comes to painting your cars.

3. A New Skill Or Career

You can practise painting using your own vehicle. You could either make a hobby out of it or paint for others and make a living out of it. Spray painting gives you the chance to learn a new skill & experiment with various designs. 

4. Cost Efficient

Spray painting saves you a lot of money. It is indeed a cost effective way to make the surface of your car look shiny & glossy in no time. You could also save some money by getting the vehicle painted, instead of spray painting the vehicle or purchasing a new cab altogether.

Type Of Automotive Paints To Consider

Spray painting your car can be quite an exciting affair. However the number of options can leave you feeling a little overwhelmed. So, once you have chosen a specific colour, you can also take a look at what kind of options you can go for, in other words, what kind of car paint spray can & finish you’ll need.

Regardless of whether you want to paint the car on your own or take the help of a professional, the details below will help you make a good choice.

1. Lacquer-Based Automobile Paints

Lacquer based comes with a thin body that makes the drying process very easy. They can also be easily sprayed & dried using a glossy finish. Since the paints are very thin, they also provide UV resistance. In short, lacquer based paints can be coated on top surfaces with the help of acrylic urethane for an extra layer of protection or perfect finishing.

2. Acrylic lacquer 

Acrylic lacquer is one of the most popular & sought after automobile paint. In fact, if we look at the 50s & 60s lacquer was used exclusively on expensive luxury cars like Rolls Royce.

In order to complement such cars, it also leaves off a very glossy finish, once it has dried. The best part is that it doesn’t have much dust & dirt & doesn’t take a long time to try. Using this will give you a very shiny finish for a long period of time.

3. Enamel Paints

Enamel paints have a heavy base, because it is hard to apply them. One thick coat of this could lead to an orangish peel post drying. When you compare it to lacquer based paints, they tend to dry slowly as they also have a heavy body.

If there’s no filtered air supply, it could also get dust, lint or other imperfections. However, due to the same body, they also deliver the best performance. Apart from mental flakes, they also come in different styles

4. Waterborne Enamels

Water based acrylics are being developed at a much faster pace due to rising environmental concerns.Waterborne enamels have the most versatile variety compared to others. You can apply these enamels or primers & bare metals or even present coatings.

If you have DIY car finishers, these paints are a safe option & can be used to work from a personal garage as well. Whether it is waterborne or acrylic, the paints can be used to create an extra level of protection.

5. Paint Classification Systems

Paint Classification Systems are needed to individualize paints. Whether its base-coat, undercoat, single stage, mid stage or clear coat. By using these systems, automobile paints can also be classified within usage required in the process of painting.

6. Urethane Paints

Urethane is known for its heavy base. It is also popular for lasting longer than other lacquer based paints & enamel. Such paints can also be applied on engine parts or those that have high temperature. To speed up the process of drying, you can also add components to it. This will help create a glossy finish once it’s completely dry.

7. Nitro cellulose paint

The major concern of all car owners is to keep the look of the car original. Nitro cellulose paint is one of the best ways to repaint or even give your car a touch up. It will make your car shine like a new model without losing its originality.

Although, do keep in mind that these paints can be toxic in nature. That’s why it’s best to use safety gear. You could also use such paints to brush paint a car.

8. 2 Pack Paints

Compared to other paints, coats of 2 pack paint products need to be applied. It is long lasting & durable. It delivers a healthy shine & finish which doesn’t need any maintenance, sanding & buffing. However, this type of paint is not good advice for expensive cars as it gives a very artificial or plastic look.

9. Matte Paints

Matte paints have become everyone’s obsession these days. It will cost you a lot of money & its maintenance can also get quite difficult. Generally paint repair tools are also meant for glossy paints. Trying to remove one scratch on your car could leave it with 1 tiny glossy spot in the middle of all the matte.

How Does Spray Painting Work?

Spray painting is a simple technique where you use a spraying device to coat a surface. The most basic type of spray can paint employs compressed gas that directs the particles of paint. They can either be hand held or simply automated & have heads that be interchanged in order to allow different patterns to spray.

It is also one of the 3 methods that people use for painting, apart from rollers & paint brushes & is considered to be a quick ,easy & effective way to get a good coating on your car. 

Guide To Spray Painting Your Car At Home

If your car isn’t looking too great, a little spray painting could do wonders. It is also a cost effective way to give your car a whole new look.

However, doing it on your own at home might require a lot of planning & prep work. That’s why it’s important to go through some spray painting guides before you get started. The following list below should be able to help

1. What You Will Need?

In order to spray paint your car in the right manner, you will need a list of important materials. Gather them first before you get started

  1. A good quality air compressor
  2. Power sander
  3. Pads for sanding
  4. Spray paint
  5. Newspaper
  6. Primer
  7. Tape
  8. A cleaning gent
  9. Enamel
  10. Face mask
  11. Glasses for safety
  12. A rag
  13. A lacquer
  14. Mineral spirits

Step By Step Process

1. Decide The Location

Painting your car correctly requires a lot of time & effort. So, always make sure you are doing it on a holiday or a day when you have less important things to do. 

However, before you start painting, make sure you find a decent location. After all, you are doing this on your own. Ensure that your location is spacious & big enough to help you carry out this task. It should be well-lit, properly ventilated & minimal dusty. If it has electricity, nothing like it. 

Also, please avoid garages as they have heaters & furnaces that could catch fire at any point, especially if there’s any contact with the paint fumes

2. Make Sure Its Free From Imperfections

Before you begin painting, make sure you fix all dents, remove all dust, chrome & plastic trims. All trims & moldings can easily be put back once the painting is finished. In short, in short, get rid of all imperfections so that your car looks fresh & new once you’re done painting.

3. Sanding

To give your car a smooth & shiny surface, it is important to get on with the process of sanding. Make sure to sand your car in a circular motion. You could take it from the starting point to the primer. If you want, taking it to the bare metal also works. If you don’t have enough time in hand, you can at least ensure the sanding is enough for a fresh coat. Either way, the best results will come when you sand it down to the bare metal.

4. Clean

To carry out the process of cleaning, you will require some mineral; spirits with denatured alcohol. Simply wipe down the vehicle surfaces thoroughly & remove all oil residues & ensure it is all set for painting.

5. Taping

Taping is required for those areas that you wouldn’t wish to paint. This includes glass, window trims, door handles, grills & glass. You can always use masking tape to cover these surfaces. 

6. Priming

A self itching & corrosion resistant primer is required to prime your car. You can do this once you have sanded your car down to the bare metal.

7. Let the primer cure

If there’s any dust you’d like to remove, ensure that they’re properly primed. This you could do by simply feathing it to ensure they’re 100% smooth. Applying a good coat of primer to the area also works. It’s advisable to let the primer cure completely before you proceed with the next task. For more details, you can read the instructions written on the container.

8. Sand again

Keep a check on the surfaces that have newly primed & make sure to sand them. However, make sure you dont sand them a lot as that can cause the metal surface to be exposed.

9. Wiping 

The primed surfaces should be wiped with the help of a rag. However, ensure the rag has been dampened with the help of a thinner that.

10. Pain

Once you are ready to paint, ensure to follow all the directions given by the manufacturer. Then you get the paint ready for spraying.

11. Painting

Now, we come to the part everyone has been waiting for. To begin painting, use an automotive spray gun around a couple of inches far away from the surface of your vehicle, use it in a sweeping motion from one side to the other.

Typically, it takes 3-4 coats to completely cover the surface. Also, ensure to use the time required for drying. This could vary somewhere between 20 to 60 minutes. 

12. Wipe

Next, you can sand the surface of your car once again to remove all powdery residue. After this, you can wipe it using a rag. After this, you can apply your last coat.

13. Use lacquer

A coat lacquer can be applied in the same manner used during painting.

14. Get Rid Of Tape

Remove all masking tape when the coat is damp & let it sit alone for a while. The coat needs to be tried before you spray it.

15. Buffing

Always use circular motions & then complete the paint job by buffing the painted surfaces. To give your car a glossy finish, you can also make use of a rubbing compound.

The Right Spray Painting Tips You Should Never Avoid

  • Make sure to spray outside. The area you choose to spray in should be well-ventilated. 
  • Wear a mask & goggles while spraying. It is dangerous to spray paint your car without being physically prepared.
  • Always shake your can for a minute or two before you start spraying.
  • Always spray when the temperature is somewhere between 65 to 86 degrees. 75 degrees is also a good degree to go with it. This will help you maximize on paint adhesion as well as drying.
  • Always use long & light strokes when you are spraying, & spray the can almost every time before you do it.
  • Get all the coats you require on the piece within an hour. If you would like to get this done, wait for 2 days before you apply a new coat. If you wish to add another coat, you could end up with paint wrinkling.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. When is the right time to respray a car?

A1. The best time to spray your car is when the scratch is deep. There are several layers of spray painting. However, sometimes, only the lacquer layer experiences some scratches. This can be managed & you don’t have to respray that affected part right away.
However, if the car paint gets scratched, you might want to consider getting it done at the earliest. Due to changing climate these days, the affected area can easily thin down & become rusty. That’s why it’s best to take care of it quickly, otherwise it can become an expensive job.

Q2. How much time does it take to paint a car?

A2. Professional services can complete your painting job within about a week. Most paint jobs can also take up seven days. However, if you have never done this job before, it is most likely going to take you a longer period of time.

Q3. Do you need spray guns for automotive paints?

A3. You could either have a paint gun or you could buy paint that comes readily in a spray can. You can not easily apply paint with the help of a roller or a brush because the finish can be pristine & smooth.

Q4. Should I strip the current car paint before applying the new one?

A4. Ideally, you don’t have to strip the paint. There are many paints you can adhere to. If you need a professional painting job, then feel free to strip off the lacquer & paint the car before you apply a new one.

Q5. Is it illegal to paint your car using the colour of your choice?

A5. Even though the colour has been listed on official documents, you can always paint your colour in any way you want without breaking the laws. However, make sure that you never alter or change the VIN identification number.

Q6. How to make the spray shine?

A6. In order to make a clear coat, you will probably have to add a few more layers. Every layer of coat will help you create a glossy line. You don’t have to sand coatings in between but you also don’t have to wait till the first layer dries up before you add the next one. If you have trouble understanding, you can also check out video guides.

Q7. How long should I wait between coats?

A7. Spray paints can sometimes vary in terms of quality, that’s why you should always check the label of the can & see the time instructions provided. Do keep in mind that the project needs application of many coats of a good spray paint which needs to dry once the last coat has been applied.
Going for a second coat before the suggested drying time can potentially put the quality of paint at risk.

Q8. Can you remove dirt, grass or sand from wet & tacky painted surfaces?

A8. You can remove dirt, sand, grass from the surface of your project that is still wet or tacky by simply sanding or using a paint thinner
If  the surface of your car has gone through some serious damage or is loaded with dirt & other particles, you can also follow some simple steps to remove particles
Wait till the paint has been completely dried
Remove the paint from affected area by sanding
Reapply using spray paints.
If the painted surface of your car has been mildly affected by dirt, you can follow these steps to resolve the issue
Recoat the affected area with spray paint only when it is completely wet
Recoat the project again once the surface has been completely dried. 

Q9. Can you spray paint your own car if you haven’t done it before?

A9. Yes you easily can. Spray painting your car on your own is just like cutting your own hair, painting your home or fixing a TV set.  You could do almost anything as long as you feel confident & good about it.
In fact, spray painting on your own could turn out to be a better idea than getting it done at a cheap painting shop. All you will require for this is the right equipment.
If you scroll up, you’ll see a proper guide on what you’d need for effective spray painting & the detailed steps on how you can get it done. 

Q10. How many coats would be perfect for spray painting your car?

A10. You’d approximately need 2 coats or even 3 from different angles to ensure you are getting enough coverage. A couple of light coats are much better than heavier ones. However, ensure that you get all the coats done within approximately 60 minutes

Q11. How long to let primer dry before spray painting?

A11. Deciding the amount of time you need to let your primer dry actually depends on the brand of spray paint you need. The best time to go for spray painting is when the primer has completely dried. If you use a thin coat, it generally doesn’t need longer than an hour.
However, you will need to check the spray paint label. The drying time takes longer in humid & hot conditions.

Q12. When is the right time to recoat?

A12. As mentioned above, waiting for an hour is the best time to go about it. If the temperature is between 65 to 85 degree, you could recoat about every few minutes. However, make sure the coats are light. 

Q13. Why does paint finish wrinkle or crackle when you re-coat it?

A13. Sometimes the finishing of your paint tends to crack or wrinkle when you apply a second coat of paint. One of the most common reasons is applying the paint a little too thickly.
This makes only the surface of the paint dry easily while the underside stays wet. So when you begin to re-coat, the paint solvents shrink & that leads to wrinkles.

Q14. What’s the best way to re-coat?

A14. The best way to re-coat is by spraying between the temperature 65 to 85 degrees. You can apply some light coats or even re-coat every couple minutes. Some brands also suggest that a re-coating should be done between 30 to 60 minutes.
After that, you might need to recoat after 24-48 hours depending on the brand. To get a better understanding, we suggest you read the label.

Q15. What to do if there’s some residue left after painting?

A15. If there is or some sort of residue on the item, you can also consider sanding. Make sure to clean the piece well & dry it before you paint. Feel free to use a primer & ensure that the spray paint you’re handling is made for the surface you are applying it on!

Q16. What’s the best way to seal your spray paint?

A16. After the item has become completely dry, you could add another coat over the paint. In case you prefer to use high gloss or semi gloss & are looking to give the surface a shiny finish, you don’t necessarily have to seal it.
You can also check the label of your brand & see if any specific instructions have been provided regarding the sealing process to gain a better understanding.

Q17. Should you paint over the spray?

A17. Once the spray paint has dried, you can give it a coat once again. However, make sure that the coat is dried & completely cured. To give it a perfect finish, consider sanding with a sandpaper that’s of 100 grit. This will give the new paint to hold on to something.

Q18. How long will a spray paint last?

A18. A can of unopened spray paint can last up to 10 years. If the can is open, the paint lasts between two and three years. In terms of the finishing,  it depends on the surface’s exposure to the elements, but the finish itself can last three to four years before needing a refresh.
Avoid sanding too early as it can lead to a mess. Also, make sure to clean the surface using a rag & let it dry for sometime. After that, you can paint on the spray painted area with the kind of paint you prefer.

Q19. What About Using an Aerosol Spray Can to Apply Automotive Paint? 

A19. There are forty different vibrant colours to pick from when you purchase aerosol spray paint, and it’s convenient since it can be utilised as a fast, semi-permanent option for painting a car.

Q20. Do I have to remove the paint from my car before applying the new colour?

A20. A beautiful new coat of paint might draw attention to flaws if they are used as a cover-up rather than a means of repair. The auto body shop should strip the automobile of its previous paint and repair any damage before beginning the painting process.

Q21. Which is the Best Automotive Paint Gun for Beginners?

A21. Here are the top 3 –
1. TCP Globa l Professional Gravity Feed HVLP Spray Gun.
2. Devilbiss Finishline HVLP Spray Gun.
3. Master Pro Series 44 High-Performance HVLP.

Q22. What is the best spray paint to use for my car?

A22. Dr. ColorChip Automotive Paint Chip Repair Kit

Q23. What are some of the Best Air Compressor For Painting cars?

A23. These are a few –
1. Best Compact Air Compressor—CRAFTSMAN Compressor Combo Kit.
2. Best Quiet Oil-Free Air Compressor—Makita MAC100Q Quiet Series, 1/2 HP, 1 Gallon 3. Compact, Oil-Free, Electric Air Compressor.
4. Best Air Compressor for HLVP Spray Gun—DeWALT 27 Gal.


Choosing the best automotive spray paint in a can is a lot more than personal choices. The paint that you choose will be supplied to you in many colours & finishes as well as features. For instance: do you actually need a primer or do you need another coating? Or what kind of paint should you go for?

These are some of the questions you must address before buying. In fact, it’s a better idea to do your own bit of research & go for something that matches your budget & your needs. That way your car will stay great looking for many years.

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