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7 Best Handheld Airless Paint Sprayer Reviews and Buying Guide [2023]

Whether you wish to carry your home renovation or want to give your outdoor space a trendy makeover, a paint sprayer is the best solution! Among the varieties of options available, the handheld paint sprayer is the best solution to move around easily, as they are easy to use and lightweight.

These handheld paint sprayers are portable and feature numerous functionalities, which make them the best among all. They are versatile and perfect to spray interior walls, furniture, ceilings, and are capable of handling numerous mediums.

However, picking the best paint sprayer is a challenging task as there are innumerable things that you need to take into account before you finalize your purchase. It is, therefore, worth spending time on reading this article on best handheld airless paint sprayer reviews from industry experts as it would definitely help with the buying process.

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7 Best Handheld Airless Paint Sprayer Reviews

1. Wagner Spraytech 518050 Stain Sprayer, Control Spray – Best Performance And Versatility

Starting our list is this amazingly designed and powerful sprayer by Wagner. A high-performing unit, it renders superior performance utilizing a dual-stage outdoor/indoor rated air turbine to offer a smooth and even finish on the surface. From refinishing old furniture to painting the fence or renovating your entire home, this spray serves it all.

Performance and Technical Details

This sprayer uses low pressure high volume technology that sprays thin materials like vanishes, enamels, sealers, stains, and other materials easily. Featuring two-stage outdoor and indoor rated air turbines, it delivers a smooth flow of air and material, producing a professional finish.

With its 3-position air cap, it is possible to adjust the spray pattern for different shapes like circular, horizontal, or vertical to get most effective results and get the job done fast with even coverage. You can control the material flow using the variable trigger and spraying the sprayer to wide patterns.

The spray includes 2 material cups, 1.5 quart and 1 quart to get all sorts of interior and exterior work done. With some thinning, you can also spray latex paints using this painter.

Why is it Unique

This paint sprayer by Wagner is a High Volume Low Pressure gun using air power technology to spray various sorts of materials like as sealers, stains, varnishes, urethanes, and lacquers. Featuring a dual-stage indoor and outdoor rated air turbine, it offers consistent material flow serving a professional finish.

With 3-posotion air cap, you can easily adjust the spray pattern for various modes like round, horizontal, or vertical. As a result, your job is done quickly and you achieve the best finish ever. 

Is this Product Suggested?

This gun delivers consistent pressure and awesome results. It cleans paint from tools and offers professional finish. Useful with a variety of materials, it is perfect for cabinets, fences, and other work. The material flow is conveniently controlled and the variable trigger lets spraying in extensive patterns.

Best Fit For

This spray gun is useful for all kinds of applications but mainly for exterior surfaces. It is useful for various kinds of paint systems and offers cabinet-grade results always. Both expert DIYers and professionals can use this gun. 

Buyers Experiences

The buyers find this product truly awesome. It is a heavy-duty design engineered using high-quality components and offers long-lasting service. Every time they use the spray gun, they gain a professional finish. They are happy with the consistent pressure coming out of this gun. 


  • 3 spray patterns
  • Adjustable flow control to decrease or increase output
  • Easy to clean and setup
  • Applies thin materials and thinned latex paints
  • Comes with two containers
  • Offers a great finish on surface
  • Replaceable filters
  • Variable flow trigger
  • Powerful dual fan turbine


  • An expensive model.

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2. HomeRight C800971 Paint Sprayer – Suitable for Wide Array of Projects

Next is this wonderful unit by HomeRight, which is a great way to serve all sorts of interior and exterior projects. It is an easy-to-use unit powered by a strong motor and offering a professional finish on countless large to small projects such as decks, fences, dressers, furniture, and others.

Performance and Technical Details

This Sprayer offers excellent paint flow customization and comes with six spray tips, with three included ones. Its multiple adjustable settings can complete any project. The air cap is adjustable to spray round, vertical, and horizontal.

The 3 brass tips included in the project are suitable for all your project needs. The brass spray tips provide superior performance and accuracy over plastic counterparts. They offer high-quality and consistent performance while resisting regular wear and tear and corrosion. Using the 4.0mm tip, you can use the paint for latex and primer.

Its 450 watts motor offers a powerful spraying experience, which is suitable for all projects small and big. This is useful for spraying an extensive range of stains and paints like clear sealer, milk paint, enamels, polyurethane, chalk type paint, and others.

Why is it Unique

Tackling a variety of projects is easy and simple with this spray gun. It takes on decks and fences that are used outside the capability of an HVLP unit. Presence of huge container allows you to spray for a longer time. 

The precision brass nozzles and tips offer superior performance over the plastic counterparts. The adjustable air cap and sprayer atomizes the paint into small particles offering you a fine factory-like outcome. 

Is this Product Suggested?

The most impressive feature of this sprayer is the availability of multiple tips and ease of use it offers. Changing and cleaning tips is super convenient. It reduces overspray and has a big fence.

Best Fit For

This paint sprayer is useful for water or oil based materials. It allows convenient cleanup and setup. The built-in access door allows easy inlet air filter changes and the huge capacity container implies less stopping to refill. Hence, this gun is a wonderful solution for all painters and projects.

Buyers Experiences

The buyers rate it a 5-star sprayer that is absolutely awesome. It works great, easy to clean and convenient to use. They highly recommend it to anyone who is painting their cabinets, fences, kitchen or patio. 


  • Suitable for multiple DIY projects
  • Adjustable settings to suit every project
  • Powerful spray for more materials
  • 3 brass spray tips includes great finish
  • Offer consistent and high-quality finish
  • Suitable for sealers and stains
  • Comes with a cleaning brush
  • Bigger capacity


  • Be sure of the nozzle size to gain adequate results.

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3. Graco Magnum 26280 X7 Cart Airless Paint Sprayer – Best Handheld Sprayer for Big Projects

Painting big projects is not simple and requires a lot of time and effort. But the Graco Magnum handheld paint sprayer will reduce both your effort and time and offer you absolute ease at work. Designed for innumerable seamless finishes, it is a robustly engineered product offering exceptional spraying results at any pressure.

Performance and Technical Details

Crafted with stainless steel piston pump, this sprayer offers high pressure power for spraying unthinned paints. It is based on power flush technology and connects to garden hoses for quick cleanup. The fully adjustable pressure offers ultimate paint control for any project size.

There is a RACIV switch tip that enables you to reverse the point when clogged to allow smooth spraying. With its flexible suction tube, you can spray directly from a 1 or 5 gallon bucket of paint. It is recommended for an annual use of up to 125 gallons.

Cleaning this sprayer is quick and fast. Using its power flush adapter, it is possible to link a garden hose for easy and convenient cleaning. This sprayer supports up to 100ft of paint hose enabling you to spray homes with multiple floors.

Why is it unique

The unique feature of this spray gun is its stainless steel piston pump. Other amazing trait of this device is the softer spray finish offering more control and less overspray. The reliable and fast start-up every time ensures you get great results.

Power Flush is another feature to look at, which makes it easy to connect to the garden hose for quick cleanup. The flexible suction tube sprays directly from the paint bucket offering absolute ease and mess-free working.

Is this Product Suggested?

It is an excellent sprayer for both professionals and newbies. You can spray it without thinning the paint. It is compact, small and weighs light. It is easy to set and you can carry it anywhere with you. No matter what you are painting, it is just perfect for every task.

Best fit for

From tired looking deck to dull and boring cabinets, you can add vibrancy and colors to any project of your choice with this sprayer. It paints in a breeze and offers high-quality finish allowing superior finish and incredible results always.

Buyers Experiences 

For buyers it is a great deal at a great price. The sprayer is actually very good and sprays latex heavy and nice. It does not require thinning down paints. The cleanup is faster and the results are fantastic. 


  • Adjustable pressure offers ultimate paint control
  • Unthinned paint spraying
  • Spray directly from the paint bucket
  • Recommended for more use annually
  • Easy and fast clean-up
  • Durable body
  • Allows spraying even when clogged


  • Cleaning this sprayer is quite tedious.

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4. Graco Magnum 262800 X5 Stand Airless Paint Sprayer – Best High-Performance Sprayer

This is another superb sprayer from Graco’s paint sprayer series that makes it simple for handymen and avid DIY experts to power through small to medium jobs with finesse and speed.

It gives high-performance at cost-efficient norms. The sprayer is suitable for painting all sorts of indoor projects as well as outdoor jobs like painting siding, decks, small homes or fences.

Performance and Technical Details

With this sprayer, anyone can become a professional. It comes with fully adjustable pressure control flow for the paint offering you the ultimate finish for all project sizes. The other great thing about this sprayer is its stainless steel piston pump that allows spraying unthinned paint at high pressure.

The sprayer comes with a flexible suction tube, using which you can spray directly from a 1 or 5 gallon bucket of paint. It is so powerful and recommended for use up to 125 gallons in a year allowing you to handle more projects with ease.

Cleaning it will never be a problem because of its flush adapter that quickly connects to a garden hose. It is a great solution for outdoor and indoor projects and can support up to 75 ft. of paint hose offering extra reach for the projects.

Why is it Unique

If you are a novice then this paint gun is a suitable choice for you as it comes with adjustable pressure control that offer easy control over the paint flow. It offers quick and convenient start-up every time and offer high pressure power to spray all sorts of paints.

The softer spray offer higher control and ensures there is less overspray. It offers high speed at cost-effective norms making it easier to carry all kinds of painting projects be it indoor or outdoor.

Is this Product Suggested?

The buyers are in love with this thing. It makes spraying a lot easier. The filter in the gun handle ensures you always receive smooth and even paint finish. The results are fast and beautiful. It is metal where required, which imparts excellent durability to the product.

Best Fit For

Whether you are a serious DIY expert, a remodeling contractor or a painting professional, this gun is suitable for you and will meet all your needs. It handles all sorts of jobs with ease and is a perfect fit to meet versatile applications conveniently. 

Buyers Experiences

It is a great sprayer for the buyers that are pleased with its immaculate performance and easy cleanup. The sprayer equips a filter in the gun handle, which is the best thing. The buyers suggest that this gun will continue to work strong as long as you take good care of it. 


  • Softspray technology
  • Exceptional spray results
  • Stainless steel piston pump
  • Adjustable pressure control
  • Flexible suction tube
  • RAC IV switch tip
  • Recommended for up to 125 gallons annual use
  • Handy and lightweight
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • The fuse is not replaceable.

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5. HomeRight C800766, C900076 Max Paint Sprayer – Most Lightweight Sprayer

Here is another model, which is the lightest sprayer that fits comfortably in the user’s hand, eliminating fatigue and enhancing maneuverability for all projects.

Offering superior finish, it equips 400 watts of power setting a benchmark for HVLP sprayers. Loaded with so many features, it is an ideal solution to revamp the look of all your projects.

Performance and Technical Details

From experts to beginners, everyone is going to love this sprayer as it sprays kitchen cabinets, furniture, trim, and other parts with a smooth finesse. This versatile unit applies an even finish with milk paint, chalk, enamels, latex paints, primers, enamels, varnish, sealers, stains, and polyurethane.

It is integrated with a turbine motor, which implies that a separate air compressor is not required. It allows adjusting the flow in three spray patterns – round, vertical and horizontal. Also, the flow control knob adjusts the paint offering more versatility to any project.

With a weight of just 2.76lbs, it is very easy to carry reducing pressure on the hand. The 27 ounces paint cup available with it means less refilling when working on bigger projects. It equips an air nozzle, viscosity cup, and cleaning brush.

Why is it Unique

Setting up this paint gun is simple. It uses a single spray nozzle to spray an extensive range of materials like milk paint, chalk type paint, enamels, clear sealer, varnish, and others. It can be easily cleaned using water based mineral spirits or materials.

The 2mm precision spray tip is made of high-quality brass and offers superior performance over other units. It offers a high-quality spray pattern and hold wonderful resistance to wear and corrosion. 

Is this Product Suggested?

For reviewers, it is an incredible finish sprayer! It is easy to clean, convenient to use, and renders seamless results always. It offers a professional finish for a newbie. The design is ergonomic and lightweight delivering superior results.

Best Fit For

Have full control over the paint output by adjusting the flow control knob on the sprayer. It delivers more output at more pressure, and hence, is a champion product for DIY projects. 

Buyers Experiences

The simplified design of the paint gun is a treat to the buyers. Though it is a bit noisy but it is useful for those who want to paint well and avail of easy and hassle-free cleanup. The best thing they liked is that it accompanies a viscosity tool. 


  • Lightweight design
  • 400 watts power offer superior finish
  • Regulates paint output
  • Top-quality brass needles and tips
  • Nozzle and tip hold resistance to wear and corrosion
  • Simplified design
  • Offers a super seal preventing leaks
  • Fully adjustable
  • Convenient to spray and clean


  • It is not a heavy-duty paint sprayer.

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6. Wagner Spraytech 0529010 FLEXiO Handheld Paint Sprayer – Best Adjustability Features

Wagner is renowned for producing top-quality products and this sprayer from its series is a proof for the same. The FLEXio by Wagner is an outdoor and indoor sprayer kit suitable for all projects. Featuring multiple adjustability functionalities it makes sure your requirement is met to the fullest.

Performance and Technical Details

Featuring X-Boost turbine, it produces incomparable power and offers adjustable control, low overspray, and full coverage. It applies a smooth finish on outdoor and indoor home improvement projects and is 10 times quicker than a brush to get work done quickly.

It comes with an iSpray nozzle suitable for big projects and serves detail finish with fine results. Using a roller or brush can take effort and time and the sprayer covers 8 x 10 inches surface in just 5 minutes.

It has a power boost dial with 10 speed settings to conveniently adjust the material flow and avail of precise control. You can adjust the pattern to vertical, horizontal, narrow or wide.

Why is it Unique

Using a roller or a brush involves a lot of effort and time, but you can get any project done in a flash with this elite sprayer. It covers an area of 8 x 10 inches in just 5 minutes.

It comprises fewer parts making the setup and cleanup easy and quick. This high-powered design can spray exterior and interior paints and stains directly from the can including primers, oil enamels, latex, and 2-in-1 paints.

Is this Product Suggested?

This sprayer tackles all sorts of interior and exterior projects with ease. It can be used to spray all kinds of paints. The gun produces perfect spray finish for all surfaces. It does not overspray. Just make sure to read the instructions to have a wonderful experience.

Best Fit For

Painting big decks and intricate fences will be a lot easier with this device. It is an innovative product that quickly applies a seamless finish without leaving any brush marks. With its detail finish nozzle, you can cater to small projects like trim and cabinets that need fine finishing work.

Buyers Experiences

Most of the buyers are able to serve 90% of their projects with this paint gun. They absolutely recommend this product and it saved them a lot of money and time in the long run. Just go through the instructions properly to avoid overspraying issues. 


  • 10 times faster performance than a brush
  • Less mess and more control
  • Easy and fast cleanup
  • Comes with 2 front end nozzles
  • Large projects done easier with iSpray nozzle
  • Detail finish nozzle for small projects
  • Sprays stains and unthinned paints


  • It is an outstanding product available at a high price.

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7. Critter Spray 22032 118SG Siphon Gun – Best Budget Choice

Here is another model, which is the lightest sprayer that fits comfortably in the user’s hand, eliminating fatigue and enhancing maneuverability for all projects.

Offering superior finish, it equips 400 watts of power setting a benchmark for HVLP sprayers. Loaded with so many features, it is an ideal solution to revamp the look of all your projects.

Why is it Unique

This lightweight and easy to use spray gun is suitable to serve many projects around the shop or house. It is a brilliant choice for spraying lacquers, polyurethanes, stains, lacquers, chalk, latex, and milk paints. 

You might have to thin some paints and also adjust the high pressure. It needs a compressor, which can product 2 – 3 CFM. It produces circular spray pattern based on the distance held from object spraying. The cleanup is easy and mess-free.

Performance and Technical Details

It is an affordable and robust solution for all your painting requirements. It features a 16 oz mason jar that stores products in an airtight container till the next project saves effort and time.

Operating this unit is a big comfort as you have to only set air pressure, adjust liquid nozzle down or up for material control and produce the desired pattern. It sprays most types of stains, latex paints, lacquers, and water-based finishes.

When it comes to cleanup, the process is simple. Just keep the nozzle and liquid tube clean so that only air passes through the gun. The best thing is that you can also spray contact cements using this unit for gluing and laminating projects.

Best Fit for

This paint gun is a suitable choice for the serious professionals, beginners and woodworkers who wish to accomplish a professional finish. It is a simple design with only two adjustments. You can use it to serve distinct medium to small projects. 

Buyers Experiences

It was a pleasant surprise to the buyers that impressed them with its exceptional and stress-free performance. It made spraying a lot more enjoyable and ensures a smooth professional finish by all means. For most of them it is the best novel tool in their arsenal. 

Is this Product Suggested?

The Citter Spray gun is a compact yet powerful device. It is a fun tool to use, spraying a low of paint easily. It makes the project less stressful and is a good choice for professional results to get a flawless finish. The finish is superb, no runs, no peels, and no drips, making it a worthy choice for all your projects.


  • Cleanup and setup are easier and faster
  • Highly affordable
  • Has less issues with paint dripping
  • Delivers consistent output
  • Easy to operate
  • Adaptable to other containers
  • Airtight unit


  • It is not suitable to paint oil-based finishes.

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What Is A Handheld Airless Paint Sprayer?

Handheld paint sprayers are powerful units incorporating both the paint reservoir and motor for an efficient performance. They differ from other industrial-grade units, which need a separate externally housed turbine unit, compressor, or pump.

The lightweight and handy use of these sprayers ensures comfortable use with just one hand. A gentle squeezing of the handle triggers the hydraulic pump or turbine. It atomizes paint and propels the same from the gun’s nozzle.

They run on both battery and electricity and involve straightforward usage. For so many benefits and convenience offered, they are highly popular among DIY users.

Why Choose A Handheld Paint Sprayer?

Paint sprayers operating using electricity are categorized under two heads – Externally powered and Handheld including turbines, pneumatics, and hydraulics.

It is better to opt for handheld paint sprayers because of varied reasons such as:

1. Straightforward Operation

From novices to professionals, everyone wishes to pick a unit with straightforward operation. It offers ease and saves a lot of time. Handheld sprayers are one of the easiest to use. In most of the models, you just have to fill the paint, connect the components, and start using. Alternatively, externally powered units need numerous preparation steps, which make the overall process time-intensive.

A few high-end units have distinctive features like reversible tips, flow control dial, and turbine boosts. Having such features ensures the job is done more precisely and quickly.

2. Portable and Compact

Among the various electric paint tools available, handheld sprayers are the smallest and lightest ones. The power units offer benefits including better durability, faster delivery, and are suitable to thicker mediums.

3. Affordable

A versatile, budget-friendly, and reliable sprayer is another advantage of the sprayer.  They are the most affordable sprayers and are robust and durable units available on the market.

4. Versatile

They are uncomplicated and small to operate and are remarkably flexible units.

Based on the specific model, they deal with common coatings, including sealers, latex, enamels, chalk-based, and milk paints. Some units may need to dilute the medium while others are compatible with all mediums without thinning.

5. Better Than A Roller Or Brush

These sprayers cover the surface eight times faster. They offer a smooth coating, leave no brush marks, and are easier to clean. They shed bristle and involve less time, energy, and effort. Overall, they save money and prevent wastage.

How Handheld Sprayers Work?

Handheld paint sprayers are powered by an electric motor. This motor transmits air directly out of the spray nozzle, which results in suction within the suction cup. It pulls out the fluid into the air stream before the paint is atomized into mist and sprayed out from the needle or nozzle. It is similar to the way air compressor sprayer works. But the pressure and PSI are much lower.

Working on lower pressure means, these units have a slower flow rate. The slower flow rate makes it easy to perform fine detailing jobs and reduces over-spraying to a great extent.

Another main benefit of this technology is that it leads to less paint wastage though it decreases the paint sprayer in a minute.

What Can I Use the Best Handheld Sprayer For?

The usage of handheld sprayer depends on the specific model. Some models are great for restoring furniture or addressing moldings and trims, while others are great for coating border fencing or waterproofing decking.

Based on versatility, these sprayers can paint various surfaces like:

  • Cabinets
  • Shelving
  • Ceilings
  • Walls
  • Tree-houses
  • Architraves
  • Fencing
  • Decking
  • Furniture
  • Newel posts
  • Doors

Though these units are incredibly versatile, they may not be able to serve a few applications.

Wide-scale projects like lengthy fencing, external house sprays are too big for these small units to handle. You can try, but you have to refill the container.

For the mammoth jobs, our experts suggest using a hydraulic power or external turbine tool.

In addition to this, some precision handheld units offer a smooth finish for cabinet and woodwork applications. They cannot gain flawless coat automotive work needs. If automobile restoration is what you wish to serve, you must consider buying automotive paint sprayers.

Setting Up a Handheld Paint Sprayer

It is quite simple to set up a handheld paint sprayer. But it is always essential to go through the instruction manual to be familiar with all controls, settings, and expectations of each unit. Each model is different in the way it operates. So, here are a few steps to consider.

  • Removing spray cup and attachment from the handle or motor housing.
  • Remove the sprayer’s cup and fill it with the selected paint.
  • Adjust suction tube as per your painting style for painting downward, upward, and straight ahead.
  • Plug the unit into an outlet or connect a charged battery to its unit.
  • Adjust the settings for nozzle, tip, and speed you need for the project.
  • You are all set to go.

How to Use Handheld Paint Sprayers?

Utilizing a handheld sprayer is easy as pointing the nozzle at project, squeezing the trigger, and paint application. There are a lot of things you must understand before taking on the first project.

  • You wear adequate protective equipment. At minimum, it must include vinyl or latex gloves, goggles, and filter mask.
  • Use steady and slow back and forth motions for covering the area.
  • Just squeeze your trigger when the sprayer is in motion. Avoid spraying without moving the sprayer forth and back.
  • Apply a solid and thin layer which overlaps the previous layers for creating a solid and even paint coat.

Handheld Sprayer Issues and Fixes

All sprayers may result in issues, which require troubleshooting on a timely basis. Cordless and corded handheld sprayers are not different.

The most common problems and fixes are outlined. If the problem continues, it is best to contact the manufacturer for troubleshooting support or to warranty claim.

Some probable fixes of the common issues are:

1. Sprayer Not Awitching On

The unit must be properly plugged. Also, check the battery charge, which must be complete.

2. Paint Splatters Or Flutters

The air cap or tip is worn. Replace the air cap or tip as required.

3. Sprayer Is Working But Paint Not Coming Out

There must be a clog in the lines. You need to remove power supply and disassemble the unit, check filters, hoses and tubes for cured paint and other kinds of clogs.

4. Paint Spray Is Not Fanning Out

It means you are using an inappropriate size of tip for the kind of paint, or you must adjust the spray nozzle to adequate orientation. Also, you must be close to the paint object.

5. Paint Is Running Down The Walls

You may have set the speed too high or you are not moving the sprayer quickly enough. Low speed of the motor or increasing the speed can rectify this problem to a great extent.

Handheld Airless vs. HVLP Spray Systems – Which is best for Me?

Airless sprayers are faster as they offer up to 10 times quicker speed than rolling or brushing. These sprayers release an even coating making the paint job of high-quality and consistent.

These sprayers are useful for an extensive assortment of materials and mediums, including exterior and interior jobs. They possess the ability to conveniently transport from one job site to the other and are more capable as it completes more jobs involving less labor. Hence, they are a viable solution for bigger or larger projects and more professional painting tasks.

Here are some of the best professional airless paint sprayer reviewed. These are the best for a pro!

Low pressure, high volume sprayers lead to a high proportion of paint reaching to the target surface with limited materials, reduced overspray, air pollution, and less consumption.

If you use just HVLP sprayers, it can reduce the paint cost to as much as 30 percent. It is because of reduced overspray and also because of enhanced transfer efficacy. Also, it is quicker as a bigger volume of paint is offered to the surface the entire time.

Though they are more costly than brushes or rollers, they are worth investment. It is because in the long-term, you can save money through reduced materials with consistent finish and increased speed.

This combined with a high-quality coating make these units a great choice for DIY experts.

Large Electric vs. Small Handheld Sprayers

Handheld sprayers are smaller in size as compared to electric powered big sprayers. Big electric sprayers utilize the force of air for pushing the paint out. When the paint comes out, this sprays paint into a fine mist when evenly coated. The paint appearing on the surface is unblemished and smooth.

When utilizing a big electric sprayer, you don’t have to touch the wall at all. It does not leave any sort of marks on the wall, offering a perfect and smooth finish to the project.

But it is also big and can hold a huge amount of paint. Hence, it is time-saving in terms of container refilling. When you use a big electric sprayer, you need a lot of effort for utilization. I suggest it for bigger painting projects like exterior walls, interior, fences, decks, barns, and others.

Bigger models are quite hefty to clean as they are bulky. However, they offer overall more benefits than smaller size sprayers. It can be costly to maintain them because of the electric characteristic and size. However, the lifespan is longer than the handheld devices.

Now considering the handheld, small sprayers, these sprayers are more portable and easier to use. They are reliable, durable, and efficient and hold great versatility, which makes them suitable to perform all sorts of tasks.

The volume of paint applied can be regulated as it is a small handheld unit. Also, it is great for performing fine-detailing jobs as you pay more attention to each detail ensuring that every part of the surface is covered. No or little maintenance is needed.

Advantages and Disadvantages of HVLP Handheld Sprayers

To know whether handheld paint sprayers are an ideal pick or not, let’s consider their pros and cons.


1. Reduced Overspray

Slower flow rate and low pressure implies that there is less loss of paint to undesirable surfaces. It also implies that they are highly efficiency and so need less material for the same task.

2. Affordability

Handheld sprayers are more affordable and suitable to perform all sorts of DIY projects. They are a better option if you are working on smaller projects.

3. Compact

Handheld models are small sized, which imply they are extremely flexible. Also, it is simpler to get into smaller crannies and nooks with such a sprayer to achieve precise results.

4. Adjustability

These units come with different tips of varying sizes. These guns are adjustable in many terms and have a simple and quick way to adjust both the spray pattern and flow rate without switching the nozzle or tip.


Unsuitable for Big Projects

Since these units offer slow flow rate, so they are not apt for large scale projects. They are not efficient and fast enough to cover surfaces in a limited time period.

Which Painting Projects are Handheld Spray Guns Suits Towards?

In technical terms, handheld sprayers can perform all kinds of painting projects. But on practical grounds, there are numerous aspects where a handheld device excels than other kinds of sprayers.

Some of the major projects, which handheld spray guns can handle, are:

1. Trims

Trimming around the doors, windows, baseboard, and entrances are suitable for handheld sprayers. They offer precise control and smooth application with less overspray. Hence, you gain a generous application of paint on the overall surface to make the finish look awesome.

2. Furniture

Handheld units are great to spray furniture. They are useful in a range of distinct paint kinds, including high-heat and acrylic paints. You can also use them to paint other small furniture items and grills, furniture to have a better look than novel after using the handheld sprayer.

3. Exterior and Interior Walls

By setting the correct speed and using the correct nozzle, the handheld sprayers can paint exterior and interior walls. The issue is that these big projects are much better in accomplishing tasks with an airless sprayer. But for fine-detail and touch up jobs, a handheld unit is an ideal choice.

4. Automotive

You may also spray distinct sorts of paints on your vehicle. In this situation, a handheld device is a handy solution. For clear-coat and general paint applications, it is better to use a gravity sprayer. But to paint the interior of door frames, cowl, under the dashboard, and all, a handheld unit is a handy option.

  • Cabinets
  • Small Projects
  • Selection of Spray Tip

A spray tip comes with a 3-digit unit stamped on it. This number is critical for tip selection. The very first number is the size of the fan pattern. The third and second numbers are tip opening size in thousands of an inch.

The bigger opening, the thicker paint you may use. But, bigger openings mean more power is required for atomizing the paint adequately. If the handheld is not robust enough for viscosity of pain required, it does not depend on the tip you are using.

You can check some of these options for the best automotive spray paint in a can.

Buyer’s Guide : Factors to Know for Picking the Best Handheld Airless Paint Sprayer

1. What Type of Sprayer to Choose?

When searching the best portable paint sprayer, you must check how it works. There are numerous distinct sorts of sprayers available. Pick one, which can handle most of your projects. Also, be sure of the kind of project you want to work on.

2. Checking for Standard Sprayers

Standard paint sprayers are cheap and you can easily get a new one. However, they require a compressor for operation. For those who already have a compressor, these paint sprayers can save a lot of money. If you don’t have one, it is worth buying a cheap compressor.

3. What is adequate weight for an airless paint sprayer?

Weight is another important thing for a handheld paint sprayer. It is because you must be holding the sprayers the entire time you are working. It is extremely essential to check the size and weight of the sprayer before purchasing it.

Avoid picking a hefty airless paint sprayer as it will strain you and will slow down your speed. Also, it leads to difficulty while working in tight areas.

4. Should I pick a paint cup or a paint hose?

It absolutely depends on your personal choice.

If you want to work on a big surface, you must have a paint hose. It helps in moving around quicker without the need to carry the paint’s weight. Using the paint hose, you can fetch paint directly from the can. But its flexibility is limited by the hose’s length. Also, it can be difficult to change the type of paint because you must clean the entire house before altering the paint.

Some sprayers have paint cups. These sprayers let you work easily without any restrictions. You don’t have to get any hose to get the work done.

The paint is within the sprayer, so moving around is simpler. But most sprayers come with a small size cup. So, you need to refill the cup often. Such sprayers are suitable for medium and small tasks like spraying cabinets or furniture.

5. What accessories do you require while painting?

Though it is not essential to have these accessories, they can help you in performing the task more easily. They are helpful in protecting yourself.

  • Protective Gear – A protective gear is necessary while working with the paint sprayers. It protects you from landing on the paint of your face and eyes.
  • Sprayer Tips – There are distinct sprayer tips available. A sprayer with varied tips serves more projects. You can use the single unit to perform both large and small projects.
  • Cleaning Kits – They are not necessary but essential to properly clean the sprayer. Having a few cleaning kits like small brushes can let you clean the entire sprayer quicker and better. After each use, you must clean the sprayer so that it lasts longer.

6. Which is the best power unit – airless or turbine?

Handheld sprayers come in two types – airless or turbine. For small finishing work and projects, it is best to pick HVLP turbine sprayers, which usually offer a small spray pattern and reduce overspray.

On the other hand, airless models are best for bigger jobs as they provide wider and quicker coverage than turbine units. They can easily handle thicker mediums.

7. Do handheld paint sprayers offer different patterns?

Most handheld paint sprayers offer a choice of spray patterns and are selected by rotating the cap.

They add more flexibility to the machine and let you deliver optimum results based on the stroke you use. The common spray patterns they offer are:

  • Circular Pattern – Suitable for detail work like moldings or finishing trim
  • Vertical Pattern – Suitable for side motions like covering walls
  • Horizontal Pattern – Suitable for up and down movements like painting door frames

8. How can I select the sprayer’s gallons per minute?

A proven rule is that low gallons in a minute imply longer hours of working. Hence, based on the spray job, you may check the gallons per minute output of the sprayer.

It is available on the user manual or on packaging. Sprayers of small size have low gallons per minute output. Paint sprayers of big size have high gallons per minute output on average.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is it worth investing in battery operated cordless paint sprayers?

A1. It is absolutely your personal choice whether you wish to buy it or not. Most people avoid buying a battery powered paint sprayer as the battery does not last longer. Honestly, battery powered units are not good enough to serve you for most of the jobs.

Q2. Can I paint walls using handheld paint sprayers?

A2. For painting walls, these units are not the best option, but they are still a good choice. You can opt for them if it is not a commercial project as you can then take your own time to complete the job. Though it will take more time, the sprayer will let you save a lot of time and offer a better finish. We suggest using paint sprayers for walls for professional experts to avail of seamless finish.

Q3. Can I use an electric painter as the handheld water sprayer?

A3. Yes, you can use paint sprayers as disinfecting tools for offering a mist of detergent or water mixture. Make sure you check the user manual to determine if handheld sprayer is suitable for the application or not.

Q4. What is the best handheld paint sprayer?

A4. Among the varieties available, we have listed the best options. The HomeRight Finish Max, Graco Flexio, and all others are great models worth considering.

Q5. Is it necessary to dilute paint for using a handheld sprayer?

A5. Whether there is a requirement to dilute paint or not depends on the kind of model you select. Most of the handheld sprayers use low-viscosity mediums like sealers and stains with no pre-thinning. But dense liquids like the latex paints, need dilution.

Q6. Can painting fences be possible with handheld sprayers?

A6. It depends on the fence’s size. Most of the handheld sprayers hold compatibility with outdoor water-proofers and sealers. Hence, delivery is not a problem. But the maximum paint cup size is 1.5 quarts, big swaths of fencing imply frequent container refilling. For a bigger area to paint, you must use a hydraulic unit or an external turbine.

Q7. Is a compressor needed for handheld sprayers?

A7. No. Handheld units use an internal turbine or a hydraulic pump for atomizing and propelling medium. It does not need a compressor.

Q8. Are handheld sprayers user-friendly?

A8. Yes, anyone can use it till they can hold the machine and pull the trigger using fingers. They are user-friendly units available on the market. Even if you are a novice, you can use this sprayer efficiently with some practice.

Q9. Does the sprayer’s weight affect the paint job?

A9. One problem of handheld sprayer is that you have to carry it together with paint. Carrying 9 pounds of unit for long can strain the muscles. Hence, you must consider the time required to complete the job and then pick a model accordingly. Other than this, there is no connection between sprayer’s weight and the final outcome.

Q10. How can I adjust the sprayer’s output?

A10. All paint models come with adjustable speed controls. Using this, you can fine tune the spraying speed to gain accurate coverage on the basis of speed of the spray. Also, you need to adjust the hand movement. Make sure to pick a model with a flexible adjustment knob, not low and high. It enables you to have numerous options available for the job.

Q11. Is it easy to clean handheld paint sprayers?

A11. Most of the models are easy to clean. You must clean your gear quickly right when the work is done. It will make sure the paint does not dry within the cup holder or clogs the pump. Also, cover vulnerable parts around your motor and pump to protect over spray.


We have shared a lot of information with you that is enough to make an informed decision for buying a paint sprayer. While making your choice, consider all the factors mentioned in this post. Make sure you jot down all pros and cons of your selected models to figure out the best handheld airless paint sprayer.

Just remember, go for a smaller size if you want to perform small to medium-scale tasks. Otherwise, select a larger model to perform bigger projects.

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