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7 Best HVLP Spray Gun For Woodworking Reviews And Buying Guide [2023]

Ask any professional, and you will get to know how important a tool a Spray Gun is to them and what role they play in their profession or hobby. Spray guns are the most preferred woodworker tools in providing the best finish to any wooden application.

Of course, one can use a rag or brush and achieve near to perfect finish, but once you use spray guns for the purpose, you will feel the important benefits of spray guns over wiping or brushing techniques in woodworking. 

The most important part is the working speed. Not only that, with the use of spray guns, you can look forward to fast drying of the application so that it is ready for the second coat without any trace of dust nibs resulting in a perfect level of the wood tone. 

However, if you are looking for one such tool to expedite your work, you need not be a pro. We can make your task easier by making you well informed about the best HVLP spray gun for woodworking purpose through this guide today. This article will highlight a detailed guide along with customer reviews that would make your purchase more confident and beneficial. 

This piece is carefully curated for your best purchase, so read till the end and conclude with the best buy. 

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1. Wagner 0518080 – Best Overall

One of the most relevant and trustworthy spray painter guns is the Wagner 0518080, which supports painting or staining wood. The best part of the device that pulls every professional is its two different air filters. This technology helps you get neat and even finish every time you spray it on your required surface. 

Technical Features

  • Item Weight: 11.18 pounds
  • Product dimensions: 12x12x18.5 inches
  • Colour Options: Black/Yellow
  • Shape: Round
  • Size: Control Spray Max
  • Power Source: DC/AC
  • Voltage: 110 Volts
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Power: On/Off switch


Without any second thought, you can count this among one of the high-end painter guns in the market. The liquid flow is so smooth and clean that it wipes off all the finished product quality. The device comes with two spray patterns; Horizontal, Vertical, and round, with an adjustable flow control knob that allows you to control the flow based on the application area.

The Control Finish Nozzle allows consistent and low-pressure spraying. You can also choose from the plastic or metal cup based on your paint chemical. The two cup sizes available are 1.5 quarts and 1-quart measurement. 20 ft. Hose allows you to reach your painting target easily, along with reducing hand fatigue while painting. 

Why is it unique?

This is a stationary paint sprayer that allows the complete rest of the turbine weight on the ground giving comfort to your hand, which is utmost necessary for lengthy projects. The next USP of this model is the powerful two-stage turbine. This feature helps in the easy painting of surfaces with thinner material and paints like poly and stains. 

Is this product recommended?

The best thing about the gun is that every part of it is detachable, allowing you to clean every part and keep it in a well-maintained manner. Not good for a whole deck; still, this spray gun is highly recommended if you are using it to spray furniture or an art piece. 

Buyer experience: 

This HVLP spraying gun model from the Wagner system is extremely easy to assemble, set up, and maintain. The most favourable feature felt by buyers is that it sprays a wide range of material viscosity with results that would make you proud of your capability and the finish. Another best part is the customer service that is highly responsive and helpful. 

Best Fit for

You can also rely on the turbine’s power, which is no louder than a domestic vacuum cleaner. After purchase and research on sprayer guns, users have voted the quality of the nozzle as a feature essential for a quality finish and is why it is favoured by professionals all over. 


  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Compatible with multiple types of liquids
  • Comes with a large paint cup option
  • Gives you a uniform finish
  • Comes with two different cup options


  • The cord is not long enough, rather a shorter one. 

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2. Wagner 0529021FLEXiO – Best Woodworker

This is another perfect sprayer gun from the brand Wagner that is incredibly the one every professional looks for in their painting job, whether indoors or outdoors. Not only on furniture or woodworks, but this device also works with equal precision on cabinets, fences, interior walls, decks, and like. 

Technical features 

  • Brand: Wanger
  • Weight of the Item: 1 pound
  • Product dimension: 11.5×13.25×19.25 inches
  • Size of the device: FLEXiO 890
  • Available colour: Black
  • Voltage: 120 Warranty: Limited Warranty of 1 year
  • Speed: 12x
  • Sprayer Type: Stationary
  • Coverage: 10″ x12″

The X-Boost power dial on the gun handle allows you to control and adjust the air pressure with utmost ease. You can also increase or decrease the rate of paint flow with the flow control function available. 


This model is highly user-friendly and portable, giving less or no hand fatigue even after working with it for hours. The innovative two nozzle technologies are the best things in the model that offer a broader coverage while spraying.

Even for your fine and small finishing areas, you can easily rely on this model, which comes with a Detail Finish nozzle. Just feel relaxed with this gun as you get to choose from vertical, round and horizontal spraying patterns. 

Why is it unique?

The best thing about this model that would make you fall is the adjustable settings feature that makes your different project requirements easy to handle and finish. The two front end nozzles featured in this model allows a wide variety of projects to be accomplished.

The painting work by the model is done 12 times faster than a normal brush which is highly considerable and recommendable for domestic and professional work. It is so efficient in painting surfaces that an 8′ x 10′ surface is painted in under 5 minutes. 

Is this product recommended?

Many buyers have faced issues with the stiff hose, which had made painting difficult at times but overall, this model is recommended for purchase based on other unique points and that the paint goes right on the target and not outside the target pattern. 

Buyer experience

Most buyers believe that the maintenance of the model is exceptionally easy though it might take a little more time if one wants a brand new look. A simple wash with hot soapy water brings back a fresh appearance.

However, some believe that this model is not apt for fine finishes, which one should consider before buying. This model, like other models, also has overspray troubles, including the formation of paint cloud in a room without ventilation. 

Best Fit for

The turbine base of the model makes a convenient capacity for material storage and the hose, which clubs to offer utmost portability to your Woodwork painting projects. 


  • The range of nozzles allows varied spray patterns and painting projects
  • The best suitable device for painting projects
  • Very easy to maintain and cleanup
  • Adjustable settings enhance the spray efficiency


  • Parts are not much durable and can easily break

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3. Earlex HV550 – Best Spray Gun for Latex Paint

Another very popular brand of home appliances, Earlex, brings you more advanced performance and look wise, which every homeowner would possess. Whatever your purpose may be, domestic or professional, this model is highly recommended for you.

This model’s first and foremost feature comes with three different spray patterns like a vertical fan, circular fan, and horizontal fan. When the circular fan setting is in operation, the huge diameter range from 1 inch to 12 inches offering the easiest and finest staining and painting job. 

Technical features

  • Brand: Earlex
  • Item weight: 11.58 pounds
  • Product dimension: 26x12x12 inches
  • Wattage: 650
  • Warranty: Limited warranty for years


Another most friendly feature of this model is that you can work with it from different angles. Spray it pointing at the ceiling or towards the wall; you will get the same accuracy and finish with this gun. The gun also makes the work less messy by conserving the liquid to go straight on the target only.

This gun has the flexibility to work with any type of enamels and varnishes or liquid you want, aiming for any type of substance that could be too thick or too thin. The meta cup offers a holding capacity of one-quart paint which is quite sufficient to work with on a project.

The Teflon coating in the container avoids sticking the paint inside the container. The 13 feet length hose or cord may pose a little short to some professional making the gun less mobile, but you can always fix the motor in the middle for easy reach to corners. 

Why is it Unique?

Expect superior painting results with the most powerful 650 watts with the two-stage turbine. The onboard hose storage makes the device convenient for faster cleanup once the project is over. It also facilitates easy carriage from one place to another throughout your workshop. 

Is this product recommended?

Looking for a sprayer gun that would go with thinned latex will land you to this product. Just you have to buy the 1.5mm tip while you purchase the gun. Overall, This product will broaden your smile once you start working with it, so it is recommended for purchase. 

Buyer review

For buyers with a desire for a gun that spray paints, this model will make them happier. The tip that comes with the product is 1.3mm and is quite suitable for poly and other finishes. You are going to be proud of the paint works you will be doing with this product because the finish is as beautiful as you could imagine. 

Best Fit for

Loaded with several adjustable settings, this device is ideal for use in areas around the home, workshop and job site for woodworkers, automotive enthusiasts and light contractors. 


  • Large capacity paint cup
  • Unique Teflon coating on the inside
  • Compatible with multiple varieties of liquid
  • Easy to clean
  • Can work at any angle with uniform finish


  • The cord is pretty short
  • Little expensive in comparison to some models

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4. The Fuji Semi – Pro2 – Best Performer

This model is from a well-known brand for quality sprayer guns for both homeowners and professional woodworkers. The brand’s reputation is visible from the device’s performance, which is why it is listed as the best performer gun available in the market.

The Semi Pro-2 Sprayer gun features a strong all-inclusive kit that delivers the most professional experience every time you work with it. No worries with lengthy woodworks when you have this 400CC cup capacity and 1400W power capacity enabled sprayer gun in your possession. The 1.3mm air gap allows you to paint thinner areas with ultimate precision. 

Technical Features

  • Brand: Fuji Spray
  • Item Weight: 25.1 pounds
  • Colours available: Blue
  • Voltage: 120 volts
  • Wattage: 240W
  • Item Dimensions: 12.5×9.5×16 inches
  • Warranty: 24 months on parts & labour


The convertible design allows the gun to be converted from a gravity feed cup to a bottom feed cup and vice versa, making it the best fit for various projects.

You can also disassemble this device easily for a quick cleanup. The stainless steel passage prevents the needle tip from wear, providing a safety coating for solvent-based or water-based paints.

A 2-year warranty allows you to replace any part that fails to work within the period. The only thing that might bother the machine owner is that it is quite noisy and that this device preferably works better with thin paints. 

Why is it Unique?

The M-Model Spray gun has the power of conversion from bottom gravity feed cup to bottom feed cup and vice versa. The unique stainless steel nozzle and needle prevents wear on the needle tip. The dedicated Fan Pattern Control allows less wastage of paints.

Is this product recommended?

Compared to other traditional sprayers, the least-overspray gun is highly recommended for whom the cleanliness of the finish is a big aspect. 

Buyer’s review

The buyers recommend this product strongly because the unique pressurized spray feature gives a thick finish without much thinning. The instant glob free operation just after the trigger is pulled till the trigger is fully released back. The gun has also been marked as an absolute pleasure to work with. It is way much superior to cheap spray guns in waiving off the untidy finish. 

Best Fit For

This tiny device is also compatible with various painting substances, including varnishes, latex, and stains, with dedicated fan control for adjustability as per requirement. You can rely on this superior quality sprayer for works of any magnitude. 


  • Creates a noteworthy finish
  • Compatible with almost all paint materials 
  • Adjustable fan control feature
  • Multiple breaths of air capsize
  • Easy to clean for maintenance


  • Quite noisy in operation
  • Require paint thinner

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5. Rexbeti Ultimate 750 Paint Sprayer – Best Budget

The Rexbeti 750 Sprayer gun is a perfect fit to top the list if you look for one that is the best value and gives you a check in your pocket.

The extreme ergonomic design of the model makes it one of the most prized choices for a novice in this profession. The design makes it very easy to use added to it; its weight is 3.5 pounds makes it easy to manoeuvre. 

Technical features

  • Brand: Rexbeti
  • Weight: 3.65 pounds
  • Wattage: 500W
  • Voltage: 120 V
  • Battery: Not required


The 500 W power capacity of the device enables it to spray accurate patterns and achieve a smoother finish for any project you take up. The huge 1000 ml container is a big catch point for this model as it waives off the hassles of refilling with paint frequently.

You can spray paint almost everything with the three spray pattern support offered by this model of HVLP paint spray gun. The flow control switch being positioned near the handle gives much convenient control in changing the flow rate of the paint.

Also, the sprayer gun makes the painting of thinner substances and curves in the best possible way with the two-size nozzles that also include the most effective 2.5 and 2.0 brass nozzles. 

Why is it Unique?

Handy & lightweight. The detachable design of the product makes cleaning easy and quick after every spraying. The 1000ml container allows you to stay away from filling paint frequently.  

Is this product recommended?

The sprayer gun performs painting at a higher speed with 750ml/min, reducing the scope of over-spraying, and thus, less wastage of paint is achieved. Handling and assembling is also pretty easy, allowing hassle-free maintenance of the device. On top of everything, the five pcs strainers get the paint filtered to the maximum for the most smooth and perfect finish. 

Buyer’s review:

Ensure to clean your device properly after every use, and buyer’s find it truly effective in keeping the good work going on. Use of soapy water can give wonderful results beyond expectation.

People who used the product recommend goggles and masks and covering up the essentials in the room as there is a scope of the heavy amount of paint dust in the air that might settle on the objects left uncovered.

Great piece at an unbeatable price is what buyers put a review for this product. This is one piece that the possessor is going to thank for. This is a piece worth buying. 

Best fit for

Here is a product that you can count among powerful sprayer guns suitable for working on Chairs, cars, tables, furniture, shutter and other woody surfaces.


  • Most value for money product
  • A handy choice for beginners in the profession
  • Easy to maintain


  • Fewer features when compared to other brands in the category
  • Ideal product for light projects or indoor projects

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6. Neiko 31216A Sprayer – Best Domestic Spray Gun

If you are looking for a reasonable buy option, you can easily consider this product from one of the most renowned brands in the category, The Neiko.

The Neiko 31216A is an HVLP sprayer gun with a very reasonable price tag. So, flaunt your creative part with this easy-to-use HVLP sprayer gun. 

Technical features

  • Brand: Ridgerock Tools Inc.
  • Weight: 2.87 pounds
  • Product dimensions: 4.92x 5.83×8.94
  • Nozzle size: 2.0mm
  • Power source: Air
  • Work Pressure: 10PSI
  • Cup capacity: 600cc


The aluminium makes 600cc container cups convenient by avoiding frequent refilling when working on lengthy projects. Moreover, you can use even medium to higher consistency paints like primers with utmost efficacy because of the 2.00mm nozzle.

Whatever spray pattern is your target, the bigger nozzle size makes it possible in just no time. Also, for high precise application, this particular model comes with triple adjustment valves and built-in-gauge, which controls the air pressure influencing the pattern and the flow rate. 

Why is it unique?

The unique design of this model is its complete steel make that provides wonderful protection from rust giving the product the highest grade of durability. This is a model that you can rely on with closed eyes for all your Household painting targets. 

Is this product recommended?

To add to the comfort factor, you can adjust these valves with your fingers to change the functions based on your required project. For easy maintenance, the product comes with a cleaning brush and a multi-size wrench. This model is pretty likeable among the professionals rather than little disassembling and pressure-related issues with the container cup after a few years of use. 

Buyer’s Review

Buyers vote this product as the best household painting gun for the performance and counterpart design mainly. According to many, this may not be the best one in the market but not the worst one. So, if you have bought one, you can confidently use it for your domestic projects.

It is a good choice for occasional use, and many have chosen to buy a second piece. The only thing that has bothered the users is the effort required to loosen the gun and clean it. The bolts are a real challenge to open as they are super tightly fixed.

Even though the package comes with a tool to loosen the bolts, it turned out to be of no use, and you will have to depend upon your range of wrenches. Added to all, the hose connection is not satisfactory, and you need to procure a standard one. 

Best Fit for

This all-steel body heavy-duty sprayer gun has proved painting jobs a breezy work that gives a rust-resistant finish to almost all household jobs.  


  • Apt nozzle size for painting wider and larger painting projects
  • Quite affordable in terms of price
  • Work with heavy primers is possible


  • Difficult to disassemble 
  • Pressure-related problems after some years of use. 

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7. The Best Weatherproof, Master Pro 44

The last pick in the list of the seven topmost paint sprayer guns is the Master Pro 44, a unique innovation of the Master Airbrush, a renowned company in making professional airbrushes for painting arts and crafts. The price quote of this very device is quite heavy, which assures that the product will be quite sound performance-wise. 

Technical Features

  • Brand: Master Airbrush
  • Item weight: 2.53 pounds
  • Item dimensions: 5.31×6.38×9.17 inches
  • Warranty: 1-year replacement or refund

While choosing this particular product, you need to keep in mind that this is not for higher painting loads like fences and walls. But for painting furniture and art crafts, this can be selected anytime because this gun technically sprays in a small stream that you cannot change. 


You can consider this a decent pick if you are a professional trying to establish yourself in the field of painting. This model has a 1-litre aluminium capacity for holding paint apt for lengthy works.

The gravity-fed cup prevents the formation of air bubbles, leading to a smoother and more even paint finish. It works appreciably with painting elements like primers, stains, and other coating substances. The device comes packed with a multi-size wrench, coupler plug, and a cleaning brush. 

Why is it unique?

The No-O upholds the uniqueness of this model- Ring design and the stainless steel make that makes it the best gear for the professional in any type of project. 

Is this product recommended?

Performance-wise this is a smooth gun and is not going to disappoint you anyways. It is perfect to balance in the hands while working with a smooth and effortless finish. It is a great deal compared to its price. 

Buyer’s review

This product being a professional’s choice has kept the experienced painters on their toes with its unique performance. Though this product had to fight several competitors out in the market, still it has its own buyer’s acceptances.

Rated as an awesome gun at a great price, this gun is an amazing deal for the possessor. Many buyers admitted not to get a better gun in this price quote in the market. The rebuild kits and different range of air caps and needle sizes available in the market add a star to the gun’s performance if purchased. 

Best Fit for

The stainless steel body and the plastic handle add to the comfortability of the gun’s operation. The plastic made of the handle wipes off any tension related to catching rust on it. Even waterborne paints work great with the sprayer gun.


  • Compatible with multiple varieties of liquids
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Meant to last for a longer time


  • Quite expensive 
  • The spray gun can be considered as a basic one

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What Is An HVLP Paint Sprayer?

Every woodworker who is smart enough and loaded with work will always look for an HVLP Spray Gun. Now, what is this HVLP spray gun? The full form of the word HVLP means High Volume, Low Pressure. The typical feature that makes these spray guns very popular among professionals is that they use compressors to move air out through guns, which is not the case with regular guns.

Also, note that the HVLP spray guns a higher volume of colour at lower pressure. This device is highly affordable and is built to last for a longer period. In addition, this technology creates a lesser overspray; thus, proper use can give a much finer finish. This is the only reason that most furniture builders and cabinet makers are just in love with this device. 

What Are The Different Types Of Spray Gun?

There are two types of spray guns available in the market, Conventional Spray Gun and HVLP spray gun, and you can choose from them based on your requirement. Both the spray guns are highly efficient and powerful. 

1. Conventional Spray Gun

The conventional sprayer machine consists primarily of a compressor that is attached directly to the sprayer gun. The four typical parts of the conventional sprayer machine include:

  1. Nozzle
  2. Point Chamber
  3. Air Compressor 
  4. Trigger

This is a simple type of spray machine, and the operation is also quite simpler than other types in the category. The paint comes in contact with the air and gets atomized, and then you can directly spray it off on the surface through the nozzle regulating the density with the help of the trigger.

The transfer rate of the paint from the paint basin to the surface through the nozzle is very less, that is 30% resulting in huge wastage of the paint. This is one major shortcoming that has given rise to the necessity of an improved device, and it is widely revised in the HVLP spray guns. 

How Does An HVLP Spray Gun Work?

As we know, using an HVLP sprayer machine is easy to control and is direct to use. This device gives you the ultimate finish of spray painting your structures. Still, many of its users hardly take out time to know properly how this device works and the operating tips. If you do not know the operation’s actual sense, you will get frustrated and not achieve the desired result. Therefore, here is a small paragraph on ‘How to’ to not blame the device.

1. Atomization

You need to know that a paint sprayer gun works by turning the liquid paint into hundreds of thousands of tiny paint droplets. This process is known as atomization. After this process, the atomized droplets help the paint spread evenly throughout the structure surface to a molecular level. 

The technology used in the sprayer guns are a complex unison of several types of equipment that work together. The other technologies prevalent in the market are gravity-feed sprayers and pressure siphon sprayers.

The HVLP sprayer guns are of the latest technology and hence the most efficient in the market. The technology on the sprayer guns allows the fluid to be released with immense pressure through a small hole controlled by a hand-operated valve.

2. Performance

About the performance, this device features both points of siphon and gravity-feed designs and gravity-feed designs but are unique in that they are made to work under low pressures, typically between 10-20 psi. One of the main strong points of the sprayer guns is that they can spray large volumes of paint in the least amount of time with minimal waste.

Thus, when efficiency and accuracy are sought, this device is highly preferred since it can paint a larger surface with the least time and wastage. Moreover, the reservoir of the HVLP sprayer gun acts to hold the paint under atmospheric pressure and flow it down under gravity.

3. Operation

Coming to the operation part, you need to remember three main things, I.e., the paint flow, the air pressure, and the size of the fan. The best air pressure recommended and preferred by most professionals is the 30 to 50 psi greater than, which will cause more atomization of the paint, resulting in overspray. The pain solvents also dry out much faster than the paint pigments and create the ‘Orange peel’ phenomenon. 

 The fan size of the sprayer gun determines how wide you want the paint sprayer pattern to be. When you use a wide fan, the amount of the distributed material decreases, which means to get that desired finish, you need to spray the area more than twice.

With the help of an air needle or air cap, you can now adjust the paint flow depending on the paint you are using. The air cap comes with holes drilled in it so that you can spray the way you require. All you need to do to get the paint you want is to test the three main components of the device and keep it fixed for the entire work. 

Common Problems With Sprayer Guns

Even the best spray guns may face common issues while working with them regularly. Here listed are some common issues that you can easily overcome if you are aware of them beforehand. 

1. Overspray

The high-pressure technology used to break up paint and airless paint spraying guns are highly prone to over-spraying, leading to waste of paint and creating a mess in your painting projects.

Unfortunately, there might not be any way to eliminate the problem, but you can minimize it by applying the appropriate amount of pressure based on the paint you are using. Also, the selection of the tip and spray fan’s size can help reduce the overspray. 

2. Coating Does Not Break Up Properly

The poor atomization feature of your sprayer gun often leads to the poor breakup of the spraying materials. Adjusting the paint pressure would help in the proper breaking of the paint, and if that doesn’t help, then an airless paint sprayer might not be the right choice for your project, and you should try looking for some suitable model.

3. Running, Cracking And Uneven Surfaces

Cracking and running your paint on the surface might very closely hold your spray gun to the surface. This is sure to make uneven painting leading to an unattractive finish. Instead, wait for some time and use sandpaper to sand down the extra paint from the surface. 

4. Frozen Trigger

If you face issues with a fixed trigger and are unable to spray, you need to check if the safety is put off. However, even if you have the safety off still can’t trigger, sense some serious problem with your gun, and you might check with the troubleshoot options with the technician. 

5. Unable To Prime The Pump

Many newbies with this type of guns face issues related to priming, which may cause some common reason. First, make sure that the valve is in prime position; if not, try to reset the gun. Also, try checking with the ball placed in the inlet valve if it is stuck. Removing the suction tube and dismounting the ball may solve the problem. 

6. Clogged Tip

If your sprayer gun stops spraying all of a sudden, try checking with the tip if it is clogged. Check if the arrow-shaped handle is turned towards the backside. Point the gun towards a scrap piece of cardboard and pull the trigger, and you should unclog the tip. 

7. Starting Problem With A Paint Sprayer

If the paint sprayer is properly plugged in and switched on, still you are unable to start, you may be facing electrical issues. First, check the voltage supply to your sprayer. 

The Buyer’s Guide – How You Can Easily Pick The Best HVLP Paint Sprayer?

Now when you have gained quite a good knowledge about the best HVLP sprayer, it is necessary for you also to take care of certain points that would help you bank on the right model for your purpose. 

1. Paint Cup

The larger the paint cup is incapacity, the longer your painting session can run before you run out of paint. This might not be helpful for shorter painting projects. Moreover, a heavier gun with a higher capacity cup will make the painting uncomfortable and hectic for any painter. Paint cups come in aluminium, plastic and other metals, so you must carefully choose the metal. 

2. Compatibility

No matter what spraying material you use, you would always prefer a product that would be compatible with the least thin possible liquids like varnishes and lacquers.

In addition, if you are aware and well informed about the compatible liquids for a particular model, it would be helpful for you to provide a more professional look and finish to work. 

3. Pressure

The primary distinction between HVLP sprayers and traditional air sprayers is how pressure is applied.

The air pressure used by conventional sprayers is the same at the air cap and the gun intake. At the same pressure, the air is forced through and releases paint at high pressure.

As it approaches the air cap, HVLP sprayers change the pressure. Air with a respectable amount of pressure enters the cannon at the inlet and travels to the spray cap.

Because HVLP spray caps have bigger pores than typical sprayers, air pressure drops, but volume remains constant as it enters the cap. Consider what occurs when a tap spout is covered. A powerful yet brief water spray is released if your thumb is placed over the exit. When you take off your thumb, a lot of water comes out, but the flow is less strong.

When using HVLP sprayers, the same thing occurs. The stream is less forceful as a result of the pressure drop. The amount of air at the cap is still the same, though. It can’t simply disappear.

If the high pressure is going to drop at the cap, why bother? In any case, compressed air has more volume. It’s comparable to packing peanuts in a box. You can fit fewer peanuts if you throw them in.

4. Capacity

The amount of paint your HVLP sprayer can hold is called it’s capacity. Paint is typically held in a cup on top of or next to the gun.

You’ll need to stop and refill cups less frequently the higher the cup capacity. It helps you acquire a more level and uniform coverage while saving you time overall.

Depending on your project, you should trade between cup capacity and actual cup size. A large cup can get in the way if you work delicately in a small area.

The average cup has a volume of 1000ml. You can get a larger cup, about 1200 ml, if you have a big job. There are pistols with 750ml capacities and occasionally even smaller ones for modest applications. The gun is lighter and easier to handle, which is its main advantage.

5. Area Covered

Covering a sizable area won’t be something you want to try to do for hours with a spray gun that only moves an inch per minute. You will never be done!

Each spray gun is rated based on how much paint it can apply to a surface or how much paint it can eject in a minute.

Cubic feet per minute, or CFM, is the unit of measurement for the area covered. A cannon that can produce 2.5CFM is more than enough for most tasks. The amount of paint it can spray is indicated by the reference to fl. oz. per minute in the product description. It’s less helpful to understand than the CFM, but it does show you how strong it is.

How To Set Up An HVLP Sprayer Gun For Woodworking Projects?

When you purchase your pick of the spray gun, make sure it has the user manual packed within the box. The package will only contain the setup guide, which will help you start your painting job straight away. In the first step, set up the gun horizontally and start spraying, holding it 8 inches away from the target surface. 

Remember to directly point the gun on the target surface and continue with the painting. Avoid turning the gun, but you can keep it moving up and down or from one side to another based on your project requirement. 

Practice brings in perfection as you need to remember that moving your gun faster to get stronger and smoother paint. Once you are well versed with the operating technique of the device, you will be able to find out a suitable speed for your particular project. Avoid swinging the gun till your project gets over and you turn off the device completely. 

1. Maintenance Of Your HVLP Spray Gun

Every piece of equipment requires timely and regular maintenance to keep working for a long. The same is with this device, and you can easily maintain it in just five steps. 

The first step in cleaning the spray gun starts with cleaning up the paint cup that holds most of the paint. Next, pour the container with your paint thinner or any cleaning solution. Next, fill it up, put the cap on, shake it well, pull the trigger, and let the paint get blown into the cap or bucket, cleaning the inside out. 

The next step involves complete screwing off the gun body from the paint cup and letting the cup dry on a paper towel. Then, with the help of a wrench, screw off the smaller parts and keep each aside. 

One by one, dip the disassembled parts in the paint thinner for thorough cleaning of every corner. You can even use a simple cleaning solution or soapy water to wash off left out the paint. 

Next comes wiping off the small parts one by one and giving them a dry soak before you put them together again. To wipe off any residual remains on the tip or air caps here, you would require the intervention of a bristle brush or toothpick. 

Finally, now when you have thoroughly cleaned each minor to big parts of the gun, its time to reassemble. First, the needle and spring back to be placed, next the inner cap followed by the outer cap and lastly the paint cup on the gun body should be placed with the cap placed on it and done. 

2. Who Needs This Particular Spray Gun? 

HVLP paint guns perform with a greater transfer efficiency than most of the spray guns available in the market. This is the reason furniture builders and cabinet makers mostly favour it. Maybe a professional or a novice, the extremely user-friendly features and warranty help build confidence in their work. 

Why Should One Look For The Best HVLP Spray Gun For Woodworking?

Most woodworkers look for HVLP spray guns because it gives even coating on the target furniture and gives a more efficient finish than most of the spray guns available in the market. The results you get from HVLP painting are more uniform with lesser overspray, saving huge costs in the long run. 

1. Surface Preparation Before An HVLP Painting Project

The surface you are targeting to paint needs to be made ready before starting with the painting. Therefore, you should properly clean the surface before you start with the painting. Check for the paint gun instructions for any requirement of chemically treating the surface before you start with the task.

In the cleaning procedure, a tack-rag and blow-off gun is recommended to free the surface from dirt. If your target surface is not properly prepared, any good quality paint material will not give you the desired finish.

The plastic parts of your target surface contain static electricity, which needs to be treated with ‘destabilizing air with the help of a special blow-off gun. 

2. Compatible Surfaces For HVLP Spray Gun

Mostly all surfaces, including interior and exterior, are compatible with painting with HVLP spray guns. To name some automobiles, furniture, plastic tools, home furnishings, and appliances can be painted with the HVLP Spray Guns.  

Spray Patterns and Options – HVLP Spraying Tips

The following advice can help you use HVLP paint spray systems successfully.

  • The front of the paint gun has an adjustment for the jet direction:
  • Horizontal, flat jet for left-to-right movement;
  • Vertical, flat jet for top-to-bottom operation;
  • Round, circular jet for hard-to-reach surfaces, corners, and fine applications. (The circular jet reduces the flow rate by 25%; the spray gun’s trigger knob can be turned clockwise for more paint or counterclockwise for less paint.)
  • Keep your distance from the surface you are spraying at no more than 15 cm. The length may be shortened to 5–10 cm for fine circular jet applications.
  • Use your lower arm, not your wrist, to spray the paint. Make gentle, extended movements.
  • It is crucial to mask surfaces, and we advise using tape with attached cover foil.
  • If the next wall still needs to be painted, cover it with cardboard. If the ceiling is not painted, the wall and ceiling joint can be finished similarly.
  • It is simple to clean the device with methylated spirits or water. Rinse the gadget inside and out until the spray is transparent after cleaning the outside. Afterward, the interior will likewise be spotless.
  • Use only clean paint with no dried residue stuck to the lid. This will stop the nozzle from clogging and irritating splatters from appearing on the final coat.
  • Before contacting the help desk, review the documentation.
  • Before beginning the actual project, test the gadget on a tiny test area. Let the machine run for five minutes for the best paint viscosity and to lessen the chance of splashing.

HVLP Woodworking Spray Gun vS. Airless

Paint is atomized by an air driven from an air compressor or turbine in an HVLP (high volume, low pressure) system. An airless sprayer uses a piston to pressurize the substance, which sprays out of a smaller opening than an HVLP nozzle. The paint was sheared into small pieces by the strong pressure and tight squeeze.

According to Torntore, airless sprayers are made for large, relatively flat surfaces like siding, walls, oil tanks, and trash cans. HVLPs, on the other hand, are used for fine finishes and circumstances where a contractor wants greater precision, such as handrails, doors, cabinet work, and window jambs. “An HVLP can take the place of a brush. A roller can be replaced with an airless one, he explains. They are compliments to one another.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the difference between HVLP & HTE sprayer guns?

A1. The latest technology in spray painting guns in the market is the HTE technology, for which the HVLP guns have taken a back seat. The basic difference between the two types is the spray efficiency. While HVLP has a 65% transfer rate, the HTE guns do that with 90% accuracy. 

Q2. Which one is better among HVLP & HTE?

A2. The HTE sprayer guns work on the latest technology that automatically brings out results much advanced than conventional models and technology like HVLP. Moreover, the HTE models lose only 10% of paint in the air than HVLP guns which is only 30%.

Q3. Is airless HVLP a better choice?

A3. Most airless guns have a transfer rate of 50%, while a normal HVLP performs on a transfer rate of 65%. 

Q4. Can latex paint be used with HVLP Sprayer?

A4. Yes, its fine to work with latex paint with an HVLP sprayer, but you have to use synthetic-based latex. Synthetic-based latex paints are way thinner and thus water-compatible, which is easily suitable for spray guns. 

Final Words

Coming to the final words, You have to keep in mind that depending on the type of project you aim will only determine the best suitable HVLP model for you. From the above list, I can conclude this article by saying about two models; The Fuji Semi Pro2 is worth purchasing if your search is for an all-inclusive spray gun.

The Earlex HV550 is a strong alternative that combines some essential features. Even the Rexbeti 750 Sprayer is a great value-for-money product that won’t disappoint its owner ever. However, each of the models mentioned above are sufficient to serve the varied needs of different woodworkers in their projects. 

Happy Spraying!

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