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3 Best Paint For Kitchen Cabinets Sherwin Williams Reviews And Buying Guide [2023]

Like old times there’s nothing sort of all-white kitchen cabinets; with time, interior designers tend to introduce more hues to the kitchen for appealing looks. However, the kitchen is best for cooking food, but to give an excellent environment with positive vibes, you need to have paint that will bring out the beauty of the kitchen as well as the kitchen cabinets.

Only beauty will not do the work, so with the painting skill, we need paint that will last long for a longer time to keep the kitchen and kitchen cabinet’s beauty intact to get the positive vibes during cooking for a much longer time. 

It is frustrating to choose the right color for the cabinets as we get so many shades that are too within the same color, so it is a much more frustrating job. Choosing the right paint is a tough decision-making job as it will decide the fate of the kitchen and kitchen cabinets for a long time, so choose accordingly which will suit the kitchen’s environment.

So you do not have to worry anymore as we have gathered the 3 best paint for kitchen cabinets sherwin williams that will give appealing looks for a long time with ease, which will maintain the kitchen environment for cooking food.

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1. Emerald Urethane Trim Enamel Most durable

This Sherwin Williams kitchen cabinet paint is the most durable on this list. This product is best for painting kitchen cabinets because of the satin finish. It will keep up the cabinets’ elegant looks for a long time, even in heavy traffic without the paint coming off.

The finish it gives will be durable for a longer time due to the satin finish type, which will make a cover or shield with good adhesion power, thus allowing it to not come off even after many years.

The paint is made water-based so that it can be applied on the coated surface easily with ease. The best part about this paint is that it will not turn yellowish even after many years unlike other paints, the hue will be maintained for longer without any blemish.

Because the paint is water-based, it will be dried off quickly, allowing the users to apply fewer coats and saving both time and money.

Technical features and performance

This product can be customized into your tint in a satin finish, which will make the kitchen environment looking appealing for the users.

Apart from that, this paint has a glossy and luxurious finish, which will make your kitchen cabinets look attractive. It is best for heavy traffic where you want to clean off regularly. 

The paint will not come off easily, making it the most durable product. With satin and a glossy finish, it will give your cabinets a richer look for a longer time without any blemishes.

This product does not fade into yellowish even after many years, thus maintaining the gloss and shine of the surface.

Is this product recommended?

Most of the buyers felt that this product had lived up to their expectations with ease. With its glossy and satin finish, it made the look of the surfaces very much appealing and durable for a long time with ease. Furthermore, it has customization that helped the customers choose their favourite color in the kitchen match.


  • Satin finish for durability
  • Customization of hues
  • The glossy finish gave richer looks
  • Worth the price


  • Not good adhering to oil-based paints

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2. ProClassic Alkyd Interior Enamel – Best budget

This product is the best sherwin williams paint for cabinets for long time use because of the lifetime warranty provided by the company for the users. Using this paint on your cabinet surfaces will make the looks of the kitchen so much appealing to the users because of the finishes it gives.

The finish we get is both satin and glossy with ease of using just fewer coats on the surface and can achieve a long-lasting effect without any blemish. 

Furthermore, it can withstand any heavy traffic like frequent cleaning, rough tear and wear, and regularly touching the surfaces with hands because of the satin finish.

This type of finish gives a richer look to your kitchen cabinet surfaces and will be durable for long-lasting because of the unique feature of wet and dry.

Technical features and performance 

The features this paint comprises are very excellent. With ease, it can give a luxurious look to your kitchen cabinet surfaces that too at significantly fewer coats. Painting this paint on the cabinet surfaces even with a roller or brush will give a smooth finish without leaving any marks of rollers or brush.

This product comes with a lifetime warranty and has good adhesion power that allows the user to paint the surface and feel relaxed for a longer time.

Moreover, it is resistant to all the heavy traffic like frequent cleaning and touching of surfaces, which doesn’t make the paint come off easily and maintain the gloss and shine for a much longer time.

Is this product recommended?

The buyers were very satisfied with the all-around performance of this paint. They were happy due to the lifetime warranty, and on top of it, they get a durable product that can withstand all the heavy wear and tear, thus keeping the shine and gloss of cabinet surfaces intact for a long time without any blemish.


  • The smooth finish of the surfaces
  • Fewer coats for the long-lasting effect
  • Resistant to wear and tear
  • Lifetime warranty by the company
  • Fast dry of the painted surfaces


  • Sedimentation of the paint

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3. ProClassic Interior Waterbased Acrylic-Alkyd – Best overall

This is the best overall choice product on this list, which has all the necessary features to bring out the beauty of your kitchen cabinets with ease.

This product is made of water-based acrylic, which means the paint will dry off very fast as there is no oil present in the solvent, and alkyd will hold the hues for a much longer time.

This product will deliver an excellent quality of durability and scratch resistance because of the chemicals added to the paint, thus giving great finish and durability at the same time. With quick-dry, it will save money and time by applying fewer coats to get the desired finish.

It has excellent adhesion power, which will hold onto the surface without leaving any brush marks or rollers marks on the surfaces.

Additionally, it will not fade to yellowish even after years, and the paint is resistant to all the wear and tear, making it one of the best sherwin williams paint for kitchen cabinets.

Technical features and performance 

This product has the excellent features of wet and dry, which allow the users to apply fewer coats to save money and time. Moreover, it is water-based, thus giving good durability for a long time of use with ease.

Applying this paint will give a satin and gloss finish, which will provide a smooth and sag resistance finish to the painted cabinet surfaces. This product will last long because of the solvents like alkyd present in it, which will maintain the shine and gloss with its adhesion power and give a finish without any marks on the surfaces.

Is this product recommended?
The customers who have bought this product were very satisfied with the finish it has provided and the durability of the product.

They felt there were no such brush strokes marks or marks of the rollers, and the unique feature of wet and dry helped the users apply fewer coats and helped by saving both money and time.


  • Smooth finish to the surfaces
  • No brush strokes marks on the surfaces
  • Alkyd solvent makes it durable
  • Good adhesion power


  • Produces flakes after few years

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Things To Consider While Purchasing Paint For Kitchen Cabinets

Choosing the right is always a tough choice because there are so many things that should be checked while buying the worthy option. Paints have so many solvents present inside them that we can’t just ignore them.

Only looks will not give that finish to your painting surfaces; it takes much more than that. So, we have gathered some major points you should be considering while buying your favorite worthy option paint.

1. The Color Of The Paint

It is the most important thing while buying paint for kitchen cabinets as once it is painted, we can’t change that frequently as we are painting on wood or plywoods.

So choosing which hue is best for the kitchen should be checked very wisely. Don’t go with the paint card presentation as after the finish; it will look different, so check the images that same hue has been used to get a fair idea of what it will look like after the finish. 

Another thing to keep in mind while choosing the color is which side the cabinets or kitchen is facing. For instance, if facing from the north side where there is no light coming, you have to choose a color that has subtle hues for an appealing look; likewise, choose the color according to the light falling on the kitchen cabinets and kitchen.

Don’t go for colors which are very dull or dark as these will be expensive and will not give a good environment for kitchen works.

2. Area Covered By The Paint

Whatever we apply, be it a primer, undercoat, or new paint, it will be able to cover a small area if the thickness is high. Because of this, you will need to give the area 2-3 coating to cover up the existing color and to avoid popping of the existing color, so you will need more paint than you calculated to buy.

Before buying, check the paint’s thickness, how many sq feet you have to cover, and how much coating you should need to have an excellent finish of the kitchen and kitchen cabinets.

3. Type Of Finish You Want

To get an appealing environment for your kitchen, firstly, you need to get the finish perfectly, so to get a perfect, you need to choose the right type of finish for your kitchen cabinets.

Mainly 4 types of finishes available are matte, semi-gloss, eggshell, and satin. It doesn’t only differ in looks but the usage also. 

  • Matte type 

These are also known as flat paints. This paint can cover up all the irregularities very well on the kitchen cabinet surfaces and will give a smooth matte finish to the cabinets.

It is not advised to paint onto the kitchen’s lower surfaces with many traffic places; though it will give a level finish, it will come off easily with water or touching with hands again and again.

  • Semi-gloss 

These are the best paint type for applying onto the surfaces of the kitchen as these will create a covering on the surfaces, and it is much durable and all other paint types.

With durability, it gives appealing looks for your kitchen with a glossy finish to the surfaces. This paint type will not come off easily even in traffic places as these have a stronghold to the wooden or plywood surfaces.

  • Satin finish 

It is best for all-around performance; these will cater to the need of durability, glossy finish, or the ability to hide the imperfections; this type will stand tall.

It has a glossy finish with excellent durability, which can be applied to the kitchen cabinet surfaces for a longer time. But it isn’t easy to find your favorite color in this finish as it is not possible to make all the colors in a satin finish.

4. Primers and Coats 

When choosing the favorite color for your kitchen cabinets, do check for compatibility with the coats and primers. When painting, problems can come up if you are painting onto the existing wood color as it will hold the new paint, so proper instructions should be read on the paint boxes before applying the paint onto the surface. 

The key thing is that the undercoat should be checked with caution as to how much coating should be needed to cover up the existing paint to get an excellent finish of the kitchen cabinets.

But to paint onto the surface, you should need to know about the primers and undercoats before painting the kitchen cabinet surfaces.

  • Primers 

It is a kind of oil-based solution that should be applied on surfaces that have open spaces and unpainted surfaces so the new paint can get soaked onto the places. To have a good quality finish, you need to apply primers on wood surfaces. We have an in-depth article on best primer for bare wood. It will surely increase your knowledge.

  • Undercoats 

To have an excellent finish of the new paint, you need to have an undercoat that will cover up all the existing paint and will provide a good base for applying the new paint.

Undercoat should be applied 1-2 times to suppress the existing paint well. Using good quality undercoat is necessary to prevent the popping of the existing color. 

5. Fire Retardant Paint

A kitchen is a place where flames are used the most, so choose a paint that has flame resistance. Though it will not completely stop the fire, paints are already flammable so choosing a paint that has resistance in power is great for kitchen cabinets to stop the fire spread if the kitchen catches fire.

6. Radiator Paint

While choosing your favorite paint color, do consider that paints can give resistance to high temperature as the kitchen environment has high-temperature works.

Due to high temperatures, discoloration of paint can happen so to avoid that; radiator paint is a great choice before applying the new paint onto the surfaces.

7. Price 

With tons of paint colors available in the market, it is very tough to choose worthy paint according to its price. To get the desired finish, you don’t need to buy expensive paints; you can choose to paint with good quality that can last long, even at a budget price.

With adequate research, you can find paints that can cater to your needs within your price range easily. But while doing research, don’t compromise on the quality, do a detailed analysis of all the chosen paint once, then only choose the paint which will be best for your kitchen cabinet.

5 Simple Steps for Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Step 1:  Door and hardware removal

Start by detaching all of the equipment and the cabinet doors.

Step 2:   Cleanup, Sand and Prime

We advise carefully cleaning the cabinets with a strong cleaner solvent after removing the hardware to get rid of all grease and oils that often accumulate on kitchen cabinetry over time. After cleaning, we advise using a test sample of Extreme Bond Primer in a discrete location.

Applying extreme bond to a test area after carefully prepping the surface, letting it dry, and then testing for adherence. For the majority of clean, paintable surfaces, sanding may not be required due to this product’s remarkable adherence.

You can prime the entire surface once good bonding and adhesion have been formed. Remember any inadequate surface preparation.

Step 3: Again, Sand

Sand once again using “extremely fine” grain sandpaper after letting the primer dry for at least 24 hours. Before beginning to paint, gently smooth off the priming coat and wipe the primed cabinets with a moist towel to eliminate any dust.

Step 4: Put First Coat on

Apply paint first to the recessed or intricate sections of the cabinet door using a 1″ or 112″ angled brush. Keep your brush from leaving a mark on the flatter, smoother regions. Use a tiny roller to paint the remaining flat portions of the door right away. To smooth the surface, gently roll over any overlapping brush strokes or paint dribbles.

Step 5: Put on a second coat

Apply a second layer in the same way after allowing the first one to dry for between 24 and 48 hours. Once more, allow the second coat to cure for 24 to 48 hours before replacing or adding new hardware to finish the makeover.

Should You Paint Cabinets With A Brush Or A Roll?

It’s nice that people are debating over painting cabinets with roller or brush. Some advices that it is best to paint with a brush and others advice painting with a roller. Both have advantages and disadvantages.

If you want a rustic vibe, brushing is acceptable for wooden cabinets, however it will not produce expected results. For a more polished appearance, you might want to seek the help of a professional.

Your cabinets could be painted more quickly with a roller, but the texture the roller creates might not be ideal. Rollers are unsuited on glossy paint because of this roughness. It will provide a satin look rather than a glossy finish. Additionally, the paint will be in thin layers. So if you don’t apply many coats, durability problems could arise.

The best part is that spray painting is an additional choice. The best approach to repaint  the kitchen cabinets is with spray paint. It is also the fastest and most tolerant. Additionally, it produces a brilliant finish. It can be done either by yourself or by engaging a specialist.

How Can I Get Kitchen Cabinets With A Polished Finish?

If you have previously painted your kitchen cabinets, you might be aware of how challenging it is to obtain a flawless surface. If a contemporary smooth finish is what you’re after, there are some tasks which can be done to guarantee a flawless surface.

Since latex and chalk paints were not designed to withstand the heavy wear that most cabinets see, we do not advise putting them on cabinets.

While painting wooden cabinets with noticeable wood grain, the grain must be filled first, if not it might be nearly impossible to get a surface exactly smooth.

To prevent the wood tannic acid from penetrating into your paint and turning your paint yellow, we advise applying DecoArt Stain Blocker.

Make sure to give your cabinets a good cleaning before you begin painting them because continuous cooking might result in a buildup of grease. Paint dislikes adhering to grease. The surfaces you will be painting need to be thoroughly sanded next.

A smooth or lustrous surface will prevent cabinet paint from sticking correctly. Just enough sanding is required to make the primer or cabinet paint adhere, not to remove the old finish. Sandpaper with a grit of 100 to 150 should be adequate.

The next thing you should do is start painting! The paintbrush used makes a big difference in getting a superb finish.

The key to attaining a flawless finish sans the sprayer hassle is to lightly sand the cabinets using 320 grit sized sandpaper after painting them, and then apply your final layer of paint. Be ready to put in a lot of preparation work if spray painting is the route you wish to go.

Everything you aren’t painting, such as the backsplash, ceiling, flooring, cabinets, and appliances, needs to be taped or covered. There will always be overspray while using a paint sprayer, no matter how careful or exact you are.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How to prepare before applying new paint?

A1. To prepare a base for applying a new paint is simple. You need to apply primer to cover the unpainted surfaces so to avoid the new paint get soaked, then you need to apply undercoats to cover up the existing paint to avoid popping of old paint over the new, then you need to apply fire retardant and radiator paint to provide resistance against fire and high temperature.
After all these, you can apply the new paint onto the surface with the right type of finish, like a glossy or satin finish.
Here are some of the best bonding primer for kitchen cabinets reviewed. It will help you to choose the right one for yourself.

Q2. Is coating important before painting?

A2. Yes, it is very important because, with a coating, you can hide the existing paint with ease and will prepare a good base for applying the fresh paint onto the surface.
With coating, you get a perfect finish, and it will hold the new paint excellently for a longer time to keep the looks of fresh paint on the surfaces. 

Q3. How to choose the right finish?

A3. It is a difficult task to choose the right type of finish as it depends upon the place you are applying.
For example, matte finish which has a flat type will be best for places which have less traffic like ceiling where hands can’t be reached regularly, and satin finish types are best for heavy traffic places like a dining room or kitchen where we touch the surfaces more often than other places as these type will not come off easily and will maintain the shine for a longer time with ease, semi-gloss finish is the best to finish for living rooms and bedrooms where you need appealing looks with durability. So choose according to the place you are painting on.

Q4. What is alkyd paint?

A4. This type of paint is known as oil-based paint but it doesn’t have any oil present in it. It is made of 3 components thinner, binder, and pigment which is dried quickly and is tougher to the surface. This kind of paint is best for surfaces that have heavy traffic of wear and tear even after regular touches it will not come off thus providing durability for a longer time with ease.

Q5. Is the Cabinet Paint different from Regular Paint?

A5. Numerous different paints have been developed for certain utility. The purpose of making Cabinet paint is to be tougher and mildew- and mould-resistant. It is a paint meant for wet or high-traffic areas.
Cabinet paints can be used for other tasks, but they are more costly than standard paint. Cabinet paint is very tough or durable when compared to paint for interior homes.


Indeed it is a tough decision to choose the right paint for kitchen cabinets as there are so many types and different shades available in the market, but we have chosen and made a list of the best paint for kitchen cabinets sherwin williams to have an appealing environment for cooking purposes with ease. 

Choosing the right is very important as these cabinets don’t get replaced or painted frequently, again and again, so to maintain their shine and durability, choose the worthy one. Also, it is not necessary that the chosen paint can be available in your favorite color, so choose accordingly and paint the kitchen cabinet to get amazing looks.

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