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7 Best Paint Stripper For Metal Reviews and Buying Guide [2023]

If you want to strip paint from any metal like a pro, it is advisable that you consider purchasing a good quality paint stripper. While there are DIY alternatives to this, you should consider trying a proper stripping metal as it gets your job done in no time & gives you a professional look as well. However, finding the best paint stripper for metal is not a piece of cake.

There is a whole variety of them that are harmful & filled with chemicals that can cause grave damage to your health. That’s why, we suggest that you always look at a good list of recommendations before you buy a quality paint remover for metal. To help you make the right choice, we’ve provided a good list that should make the job easy.

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1. Sunnyside 65832A Ready – Strip Advanced Paint

Sunnyside is quite a technologically advanced varnish remover & paint stripper that can help you remover coatings of up-to 7 years in just 1 coating. It has this amazing technology that gives you a signal once the process of paint removal is done.

Once it is applied on a surface, it will turn white whenever the varnish is ready for removal. The product is free from odour, non-flammable & biodegradable & can be easily cleansed with water.

It starts working in just an hour & will change its color whenever it is ready for removal. The product is non-inflammable, free from odour & biodegradable too. 

Performance and Technical Features

The Sunnyside ready strip advanced paint sticks easily on vertical surfaces & helps remove paint in delicate & small areas. It will help you remove paint easily and varnish on different surfaces without making you spend too much time on it. The paint remover also helps you understand whenever the paint is removed. 

This is also evident once the remover comes with a off-white colour that can signal to you once you have removed the paint. In one application, you should be able to remove 7 layers of paint or even varnish. This is indeed one of the finest products you can use without removing many layers of paint.

Not having organic compounds like NMP also means that it is safe to use for both outdoor & indoor purposes. You may also use the remover on different surfaces like plaster, marble, stone, giving you a proper system to remove paint. 

Why is it unique?

What makes the product unique is that you can apply this liberally. The formula is thick & can be applied on detailed surfaces. It is also ready to strip & start the job in just an hour which makes it better. Consider misting the surface using water before you start removal. The lifting layers also become better.

Is the product recommended?

The product is perfectly recommended, especially since it is environmentally friendly, does the job in about an hour, doesn’t contain harmful chemicals & has a safe formula that makes the experience simple & easy.

Buyer’s experience 

As per buyer’s experience, the product offers complete effortless stripping & works as an excellent adhesive remover as well.

Best Fit For

The product is best fit for outdoor as well as indoor usage & is a safe option for conducting small projects at home.


  • Just in one application, you can get rid of 7 layers of paint & end up with a posh & shiny metal piece.
  • Remove varnish & paint in just 60 seconds while saving your time.
  • It doesn’t have harmful chemicals & is easy to use for exterior as well as interior home spaces.


  • The only con about this product is that it can dribble out easily & can be hard to spray on wide surfaces.

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2. D Super Automotive Stripper

The D Super stripper was founded in 1979 and is one of the best & high-quality paint strippers of our generation.

Its new formula is extremely effectively & free from toxic chemicals that makes it easy & convenient to use. The best part about the product is that it can get rid of 5 layers in just 1 application.

Performance & Technical Features

The D Super Automotive Stripper is very strong in nature. It doesn’t contain methylene chloride or toxic chemicals that makes it safe & perfect for usage. It also contains safe ingredients and is water cleanable that makes the job simpler.

The product is also quite fast in terms of results. It works in about 15 minutes & can remove approximately 5 layers in a single application.

The gel formula also clings on vertical surfaces easily & can be covered using plastic for better effectiveness. The super remover is also high in quality that makes the product last for a long period of time.

Why is it unique?

The product is unique simply because it can remove many layers in just 1 stroke. Not just that, the product works quite quickly.

It also comes with a unique gel formulation that helps you complete the process easily without having to worry about anything dripping down. Spending just 15 minutes post application should be enough to remove the vehicle paint.

Is the product recommended?

Yes, the product is highly recommended for various reasons. First & foremost, Super Remover itself is a popular & high quality brand that has grown popularly in the past 40+ years, so you can trust them.

Next them, the formulas developed recently are as good as original formulas. It is also free from toxic chemicals that makes it ideal for all kinds of stripping jobs. 

Buyers Experience

Buyers who have used the product seem to like Super Remover simply because it does an excellent job in stripping paint off metal. It is easy & convenient to use & gets the job done in no time.

Best Fit For

Whenever it comes to small tasks like removing car paint, especially on a small car, sanding could be quite beneficial. However, if you need a big area that needs removal, a good chemical agent could be effective. That’s why, if you need to strip paint for bigger areas, a chemical agent like this would do the job.


  • Works in about 15 minutes
  • Can remove several layers in one go
  • Highly effective & free of toxic chemicals
  • Safe & easy to use


  • Unpleasant odour

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3. MAX Paint Stripper

Max Stripper is a great & eco-friendly chemical paint that can be used for stripping. It’s formula is specially created to target all molecular bonds between the surface & the coating, allowing it to soften & get rid of the harshest coatings & many layers of surfaces too.

Performance & Technical Features

Getting rid of paint from metal surfaces could be quite dangerous depending on the kind of stripper you use. Max Strip Paint is quite a safe option & doesn’t pose a threat to your health. 

It also has an amazing formula that makes stripping a piece of cake.

You will be able to strip varnish coatings as well as strip paint from different surfaces like glass, laminate, fiberglass, brick, plastic, concrete, wood, glass etc. It comes with a work system too that helps you prevent dust & ensure your surroundings are 100% safe.

The product doesn’t have any hazardous chemicals and is easy to use as well. Unlike a lot of removers, Max strip paint is safe for your skin & doesn’t irritate your skin at all.

Why is it unique?

There are multiple things that make the product reliable & unique. First, it doesn’t come with flammable chemicals, can remove various layers of paint, is easy to use & doesn’t dilute or freeze. It also comes with an amazing perfume that makes the product so special & attractive to many. 

Is the product recommended?

The product is highly recommended because it is easy to brush, roll & spray on various surfaces & lasts you for a long period of time. However, we would advise you not to use the product in any direct sunlight.

Buyers Experience

Buyers mostly like the product simply because it does an excellent job in removing paint from metal, can be used on a variety of surfaces and gives a perfect finish.

Best Fit For

The product is best fit for all vertical surfaces. However, it is advisable that you patch test a small area first before you apply it everywhere else.


  • Can work on many kinds of coatings & paint
  • Toxic free formulations
  • Formulation that prevents dripping


  • Dries a little too quickly
  • Can be a little tough if you want remove old paints

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4. Smart Strip Paint Remover

Adding another one to the list we have a revolutionary product called smart strip paint remover that is very safe to use & does the environment no harm at all. Let’s read some more about it.

Performance & Technical Features

Smart strip does not contain methylene chloride, is non-toxic in nature & isn’t carcinogenic either. Being a water based paint remover, it does an excellent job in removing approximately 15 coats & does an excellent job on all types of surfaces like glass, plastic, metal, concrete & fiberglass. It doesn’t have any VOCs, is also very free from odour & doesn’t have odour either. 

Why is it unique?

The product is unique because it is biodegradable in nature. It contains ingredients that can be measured within standard dosages & it won’t harm the skin when it is used & touched. 

Is the product recommended?

Yes, the product is certainly recommended simply because it is a long lasting & stable product & does not have any disgusting smell like other brands that makes using this product a piece of cake. 

Buyer’s Experience

Buyers like the product simply because the product is owned by Dumond Chemicals which happens to be one of the best & well-established brands you can find. The product can be modified also and is appreciated by a lot of people because it doesn’t have any pungent smell or strong odours.

Along with that, the product could also help you remove any surface that is thickly painted. Its thickness could go to approximately 15 coats

Best Fit For

The product is also a perfect fit for those who have used surfaces made of lead-based paints or even marine paint. This fact has also been confirmed & verified by many consumers.

The only disadvantage is that the process of using this product is quite time consuming. In order to get rid of all the paint, you will have to let it stay for approximately one entire day before the stripping is started.


  • Convenient & safe to use
  • Gentle, non-toxic & extremely gentle
  • Could be used on various paints
  • Suitable for all sorts of purposes at home


  • The operation time is quite long
  • Is quite expensive for some users.

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5. Goof Paint Remover

Goof paint stripper is an automotive paint that gets rid of paint easily & is also considered as an all-rounder stripper since it readily gets rid of strong stains, grease, tar, ink & other sticky messes. To know more about the product, keep reading this post.

Performance & Technical Features

The goof pro paint stripper is an excellent product that helps you remove stains & tough spots like marker, pen, chewing gum, crayon, glue, decals, stickers & tar. It is also ideal on different surfaces like brick, wood, concrete, glass, metals, wax & various others.

It comes in a whole range of sizes like aerosol as well. The product is also about 16 ounces which makes it portable & easy to carry everywhere.

However, one should be mindful as the product could lead to exposure of harmful chemicals that cause cancer, birth defects or other health concerns. So, always wear gloves, goggles & a mask while using the product.

Why is it unique?

The product is unique majorly because it will cut through all tough spots & stains easily & can be used to eliminate mistakes & messes around the home, workshop & garage as well.

Is the product recommended?

We’d highly recommend this product if you need to run small errands at home & do not want to call for professional help of any sort. The product is also quite affordable and a favourite amongst most American households, so you can definitely consider giving this a shot.

Buyer’s experience

As per buyer’s experience, the product is amazing & beneficial for all sorts of home-related purposes. If you have children at home who tend to dirty your walls, floors & other areas of your home often, this product could make the job simple, easy & convenient for you.

Best Fit For

Goof metal paint stripper is perfect for small projects you can complete at garage, home & workshops. The product can be used for professional & personal use & can be used as a convenient method to remove paint from cars.


  • Pocket friendly
  • Convenient to use
  • Works quickly
  • Does an efficient job in removing stains, spot & paint
  • Can be used on all sorts of tough areas.


  • Has a strong & pungent smell

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6. Motsenbocker’s Latex Paint Stripper

If you are planning to purchase an eco-friendly paint stripper, then Motsenbocker’s stripper is absolutely ideal. It is environmentally safe, removes latex easily & does an excellent job in stripping paint from various surfaces.

It is also recommended by DIY professionals as well. To know more about the product, keep reading the post.

Performance & Technical Features

The product contains a good dose of enviro science formula that is water based & easily removes new & old latex paints, stencil paints, enamels & more. It also works on surfaces like tools, bricks, upholstery, brushes, vehicles, clothing, carpets & more.

It also contains chemicals that are safer than harsh ones, including Methylene chloride. The product is also biodegradable & has super low VOCs.  You can also use this product to clean up paint, which includes rollers, spills, splatters, pans & more.

Why is it unique?

There are many reasons why Motsenbocker can be regarded as a unique product. First & foremost, it helps to remove latex paint from metal very easily, can work on various surfaces, is a much better & safe alternative compared to products that are filled with harsh chemicals, does the clean-up job quite easily & comes from one of the most sought after brands in the world. 

Is the product recommended?

We’d recommend the product if you want something that is safe & great for removing paint. The product also cleans up spills, splatters, brushes & pans that makes it ideal for all types of small projects & errands you need to run at home. 

Buyer’s experience 

As per buyer’s experience, the product is quite affordable compared to other products that makes it perfect for small uses at home.

Next, it also delivers what it says. The product comes with a supreme formula that makes it perfect for household purposes & personal workshops.

Best Fit For

Motsenbocker is a perfect product for household purposes & personal workshops due to its ability to remove paint from carpet, concrete, glass, fabric & upholstery.


  • Removes paint easily & safely
  • Comes with biodegradable formulas
  • Works well on various surfaces
  • Comes with a lit-off formula that also prevents the material for any damage


  • Pungent smell
  • Can take a while to get rid of carpet paint

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7. Rust Oleum

Rust Oleum happens to be an excellent stain & paint stripper that is easily available for tough finishes & metal. The remover is of a very unique quality. It is non-flammable & also quite suitable for metals that could be around extremely hot objects.

Performance & Technical Features

The metal stripper makes metal surfaces ready to work within just a couple minutes. Hence you shouldn’t let the stripper stay applied all night. It will help you strip stains & paint from metals like magnesium, copper & aluminium.

The paint can be used for car wheels, metal doors & other surfaces too. But, you just make sure that the surface is well-treated & contains no rubber because it could easily be eaten by the remover. Being a gel like stripper, it won’t be too hazardous for bases & probably won’t cause any hazards. The remover will also help in stripping off glue, polyurethanes, glue & more

Why is it unique?

Rust Oleum is a unique product simply because you don’t have to worry about scrubbing away in excess or even scraping off metals using a few knives. The stripper will dry paints easily & all you need to do then is brush the surface lightly & then leave the bare.

The remover is also quite budget friendly & it will be ready to use within 15 minutes, especially on bikes & vehicles. However, you must avoid letting the gel come in contact as it can cause irritation.

Is the product recommended?

We would recommend the product for sure as it works in just 5  minutes & easily cuts through various kinds of finishes as well. It is also non-corrosive in nature that makes it easy to use with common metals.

Buyer’s experience

According to buyers’ experience, paint removal from the toughest areas becomes a lot more simpler when you have a metal paint remover like this. Due to its excellent features, you can feel confident in using the product for as long as you want. 

Best fit for

If there’s a stain removal that is persistent & hard to get rid of, Rust Oleum should do the job for you.


  • Removes gel & chances of any hazard
  • Easy to apply, gets the job done in 15 minutes
  • It will remove stain & paint on metal & different tough surfaces.


  • Causes irritation & burning sensation on the skin.

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Types Of Paint Strippers To Consider

Paint strippers are of four types. Each of them have unique properties & features that make them ideal for removing all sorts of finishes from certain surfaces.

A few paint strippers are also good at getting rid of polyurethane & epoxy. These make two synthetic coatings which could be used on garage floors & other surfaces. 

1. Solvent

Solvents are quite versatile as paint strippers. They generally depend on chemicals in order to loosen bonds between surfaces & paints. They remove oil-based paints, strip water along with polyurethane & epoxy from furniture like mansory, wood & other metal surfaces. Some of these solvents are composed of organic compounds that are highly volatile in nature, methylene chloride & a healthy combination of methanol, alcohol & toluene.

Products that are highly volatile in nature accompany this funny smell that ends up imposing a health hazard of some sort. If you directly inhale the fumes by using strippers that are made of methylene chloride, it could cause grave damage to the reproductive system or the brain. That’s why, we always advise people to use safety glasses, gloves & skin-covering clothing.

Solvent strippers can easily be applied using a thin layer. It stays on the surface for a brief period of time (about 15 minutes), before the painting is started. The surface will have to be stripped & then washed off using mineral spirits & water before you repaint them. For this, you will never need to use any sort of neutralizing agents. 

2. Caustic

Caustic strippers come with an ingredient called sodium hydroxide that tends to react with the oily ingredients along with the paint before it begins to break down. Once again, care must also be taken when you are working with caustic removers since they tend to leave skin burns sometimes. 

Caustic strippers are not that effective on polyurethane & epoxy & are the best if you want to remove oil-based paints on masonry surfaces like concrete floors. They are effective when it comes to removing oil-based as well as water paints from caustic strippers, metal & wood as they can erode easily & blacken at times.

Caustic strippers can be applied on half an inch layer & need a proper time of about 30 minutes before you can strip off the paint. Since strippers tend to be alkaline, all surfaces can be neutralized by simply wiping it down with a vinegar & water solution.

Do note that while caustic strippers can irritate the skin, eyes & lungs, they are also considered as a safer & better option than solvent strippers.

3. Biochemical

Biochemicals make much safer alternatives compared to solvents as well as caustic strippers that are generally composed using a combination of paper based solvents like terpenes as well as organic compounds like NMP.

Even though they are lower in fumes, NMP could easily irritate your skin and cause major damage to the reproductive & respiratory system. Because of this you will need chemical resistant gloves, respirator as well as skin-covered clothing must be used when you are handling them.

Biochemical waters can also be used to remove oil-based paints from metal, wood & masonry. However they are ineffective when it comes to removing polyurethane coatings as well as epoxy & could leave loose fibers on the stripped wooden surfaces. You should apply them in ¼ inch layers.

Make sure to let them stay for about 3-4 hours before you can remove them using a scraper. Even when you are washing a surface using mineral spirits or water, you don’t have to neutralize them.

4. Zero VOC

Zero VOC paint removers are made of lye, methylene chloride or even NMP. They are odourless in nature & are made of naturally occurring solvents like benzyl alcohol that will help you break down the resins using oil-based paint so that you can loosen the metal to a certain extent.

Although these could be the safest options available, giving them direct exposure could easily irritate your lungs & redden your skin. That’s why it’s best to use safety gloves. 

Zero VOC strippers generally need applications of 1.4 inch & you need to let it stay for approximately 24 hours before you consider removing it. Make sure to rinse it later on & remove it with water, mineral spirits & water.

How To Use Paint Strippers?

Step 1: Protective Gear

Always wear your safety gear before you do anything.

This will also include a safety glass, respirator & some gloves that resist chemicals.

Some of the protective gear that you should carry in this process:

  • Goggles
  • Nitrile gloves
  • Respirator
  • Long-sleeve shirt

2. Testing

Next, take a paintbrush & apply a coat of the stripper over the surface. It is always advisable to apply on small areas first to test it out. For the next few steps, you can look up our guide.

Once you get the results from your tested spot, you can go ahead & test the rest. The end goal should be to ensure the product removes all the paint within the test area without causing any undesirable side effects like discoloration.

3. Preparation

Once you are done with the testing part, you can move on to the next process which is treating the entire surface. Always ensure that you wash your surface thoroughly. Ensure to remove all dust, dirt & paint particles.

This will allow the pores to open up & allow the remover to work into several paint layers that might have been gathered in the past couple years. You could also use the sanding method. However, do that only when it is absolutely necessary. You don’t really have to stress about cosmetic things, since top layers generally tend to come off easily.

However, do remember that sanding surfaces could allow it to ventilate. This can cause the stripper to penetrate into the old paint layers.

4. Application

Next, we come to the application process. Here you will have to grab a paint brush, knife, stripper & sheeting. Scoop up the stripper using a knife & start applying it on the surface. If you wish, you may also pour a bit from the containers into the surface to begin with.

Use the paintbrush & use a small inch of the material & ensure to spread it across the painted area. Do note that this isn’t really a painting. You will be using the brush to apply the stripper. You don’t have to make it super smooth.

Once you are done applying in the whole area, ensure that you don’t let the stripper alone for too long. You could also cut the sheet down into 3 feet. This will make application & removal a lot easier.

5. Cleaning

Next, it’s time to clean your surface. This should be done for approximately 30 minutes before you begin pulling it off.

Once that is done, you can start pulling it back up while making sure that the sheeting doesn’t rip off. At this point, you will notice that dried strippers can often come along usings softened paint, allowing the bare surfaces to stay exposed. 

Wherever you see the old paint remaining, scrape the paint using a scraper in order to loosen those remaining areas.  A few of them can be a bit persistent so it’s better to be patient while doing this. 

Once you are done with one part, always go back to the 1st step & repeat the whole process in those areas. Douse the surface with mineral spirits that could loosen the paint that you might have resisted in the 1st treatment.

You could also consider this by using fine wool. But do keep in mind that this technique could lead to abrasions that are hard to remove easily. A few forms of steel wool are also needed when you are removing paint from the furniture. 

This process is perfect for those decorated areas that are generally found carved in antique pieces of wooden furniture.

If you want to sand, refinish & later apply a fresh coat of paint after stripping, using steel wool would be a good option.

In case you need a more detailed article then don’t worry we have got you covered with this post on how to strip paint from metal.

The Best Buying Guide You Need To Consider While Choosing Paint Strippers

If your latest project includes stripping paint or varnish, there could be a few things that you have to consider. After all, there are multiple ways to remove paint, spray the chemicals & strippers, which also includes liquid & semi-paste strippers. To know what is the best paint remover for metal for yourself & understand which one works best for you, keep reading this post. 

1. Wood Testing

Many times the paint type & varnish you remove will probably determine the kind of method you are using. Varnishes & oil based paints will need a more sturdy chemical than varnishes & latex paints.

In order to conduct a small testing, you could use a few paint drops on the area & simply wait it out. If the bubbles appear almost right away, it probably is latex. If you just let it sit there for a longer period of time, you will probably have a well-oiled surface to strip. 

2. Keep The Safety In Mind

Keeping your safety & health in mind is extremely important while buying paint strippers. Many of these products contain methylene chloride that has this fast & outstanding paint removing properties that could be hazardous to your health.

In case you come in direct contact with this, it could actually reduce your blood’s ability to transport oxygen. If that is the scenario, you will experience shortness of breath & dizziness. Exposure in the long term is also quite dangerous as it could harm your skin, cause liver failure, kidney damage & in some circumstances, lead to cancer.

In order to avoid such health hazards, always make sure to buy protective gear like gloves & goggles so that your skin never comes in contact with such harmful substances.  Also, make sure the area is neatly ventilated so that you can easily breathe.

Wearing a mask will keep you safe & sound too. Various paint strippers don’t have harmful compounds like DCM but the risks in them are plenty. That’s why it is advisable to follow safety precautions at all times & wear eye protection to maximize safety.

3. Outdoor & Indoor usage

Some paint removers can be more toxic than others. They contain harmful substances that can permeate through the air & cause grave damage, depending on the strength they have. A few of those paint removers can also damage your health & wreak havoc on the nylon, polyester, plastic & more.

4. Aerosol Vs Gel

A lot of gel based strippers happen to be less expensive compared to aerosol counterparts. Although, you must keep in mind that these products are more convenient & a lot easier to apply when you apply them on different surfaces. A lot of aerosol  based paint strippers work best when you are working on a small project, especially because a very small amount is being used.

A lot of gel removers can be applied & easily distributed manually & evenly across various surfaces which could take a lot of time. However, it can cover many large areas too. Many large surfaces could have been covered easily when you are using a remover. In that case, you can easily spray this & move it along once the job is completed.

However, you will need a couple of spray cans that will make things expensive. You can always consider which projects suit you well & whether you will need to invest in removers that are expensive & what will be required to complete the task. 

5. Speed

It is always ideal to choose removers that don’t dry easily if the intention is to remove paint on bigger surfaces. It is always better to choose depending on the meter. All you need to do is apply the remover, remove coatings, clean surfaces & then simply repeat the process until you are happy with the turnout. 

Always clean smaller objects by using an aggressive paint remover. The paints can be stripped off quickly so that you can easily repaint the objects using your hand.

Techniques for Removing Paints Off Metal

Although removing paint off metal can be challenging, you can do it yourself with our assistance. Here are a few of our best pointers and advice on removing metal paint to assist you. There really are dedicated abrasion-producing paint removal equipment for handheld exercises that are effective for physically stripping steel. This equipment can access areas that are inaccessible to angle grinding machines.

1. Removing paint from smaller areas

After using the paint thinner and watching it do its job, you might find it difficult to manoeuvre in small spaces. The use of a toothbrush is a clever technique. Any old toothbrush that hasn’t been used in a while would do.

2. Cleaning the metal before repainting

Prior to repainting, ensure that you completely clean the metal piece. Any remaining paint remover could prevent your new coat of paint from adhering effectively. You could reduce cost and time by washing the metal using water and letting it dry before painting. 

3. Use the paint removers outdoors

You might not wish to scatter the dust and other particles by employing a grinder or solvent remover indoors because they emit hazardous gases. Because of this, always use paint removers outdoors or at the very least in an adequately ventilated environment when employing them.

4. Expert Consultation while working with old paint

Exercise caution when working with the oldest paint that was presumably painted before 1980. If the right removal technique isn’t employed to remove the paint, the lead it may contain could be dangerous to your health. Instead of attempting to utilise any harsh methods, consult an expert.

5. Use a scraping tool to protect the surface

Work with a paint scraping tool available in plastic to prevent marring the surface of the metal beneath the paint. Metals like carbon steel and stainless steel are less likely to scratch than gentler metals such as aluminium and brass.

It is significant to remember that employing wire brushes or sandpaper might harm metal surfaces. However, sanding the area using water paper of 800 grit in a single path is an efficient approach to give a plain steel object a stroked appearance. 

Alternate Techniques For Removing Metal Paint

You might want to remove paint off metal using rough processes or tools such as angle grinders instead of resorting to stinky chemicals. You got some choices if this is the situation. Let’s examine various techniques for stripping paint off metal.

1. Scraper for paint

In the case of flat areas with loosened cracking paint, the inexpensive paint scraper is perfect. This straightforward tool is available in a variety of sizes and forms to fit a wide range of surfaces.

A few of them are thin, making them perfect for use on smaller surfaces, while some are wider, making them excellent for use on broader surfaces. Steel-bladed paint scrapers are robust, which makes them ideal for scraping paint off harder metals including carbon steel, stainless steel etc… 

2. Stripper Attached Angle Grinder

You might want to think about utilising a power tool to quickly and easily remove large sections of challenging paint. Using an angle or straight grinder is a good choice. One disadvantage of these instruments is that they can produce a lot of contaminants and dust and are incredibly loud.

Nevertheless, an angle grinder may be quite successful in stripping paint off the metal when it is equipped with the right attachment. There are several different sizes available for paint-peeling discs and wheels. Different materials including the ones that are highly gritty than the other materials are used to make these discs as well.

It is crucial to consider both the kind of metal you are dealing with and the state of the paint when selecting a paint-removing disc. Selecting the wrong installation may result in surface damage or inefficacy. Always follow the directions and suggestions of the manufacturer.

Make sure you put on the appropriate safety equipment, which includes eye wears, gloves and a face mask during the use of heavy tools and rough and sharp accessories.

3. A heat gun

Heat guns clearly are incredibly useful equipment. It may sound like a fantastic idea to use heat guns to just melt the paint off of the metallic surface. Nonetheless, if you aren’t cautious, the intense heat coming out of a heat gun might deform the metal surface.

It’s essential to begin from the minimal heat level and move it across the surface till the paint begins to blister and peel prior to actually increasing the temperature and charging further. This technique is excellent for removing stubborn paint, particularly in areas that seem difficult to reach.

4. Baking Soda Solution at a Boil

You might be attempting to scrape the paint in a tiny piece of metal that would be difficult to reach with a scraper or grinder. If so, you can try bringing a quart of water to a boil and adding sodium bicarbonate to a maximum of 1/4 cup.

Make the solution boil and use a couple of tongs before lowering into the mixture the object from which the paint is to be removed. Also, take adequate care to avoid splashing the mixture on yourself. 

The metal item should be boiled for roughly 15 minutes. This should help the paint come off. Use a rough-bristled paintbrush to brush off the paint after removing the item from the liquid.

To prevent hand burns when employing this technique, gloves which are heat-resistant are highly recommended. White vinegar can be used in place of baking soda alternate option in this method. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are paint strippers?

A1. Paint strippers, also known as paint removers, basically removes various layers of paint, such as coatings & varnishes for surfaces while perfectly cleaning up underlying surfaces.
Paint removers are also quick compared to processes like sanding. They help you get inside awkward areas & don’t really create dust. It could also be used to create trade & personal uses like upcycling furniture too. However, you should be careful as a lot of strippers come with toxins & chemicals. 

Q2. What do they do?

A2. They remove paints from surfaces like furniture, doors, floors & frames.

Q3. Why do people use paint removers?

A3. If old layers of paints aren’t removed from top surfaces, & then directly apply another fresh coat, chances are that the surface would look rough & un-smooth. Not just that, the older paint layers can flake & the new layers & lift them up too.

Q4. What can you use paint removers on?

A4. Paint removers could be used on metal, wood & masonry. It is always advisable to get patch tests done so that you can make sure it won’t damage or mark surfaces you can refresh later on.

Q5. How big should the area be?

A5. Paint removers can be used on any area. However, we advise that you always test some on one area before you begin with the whole painting job to ensure it doesn’t end up damaging any material you can consider removing paints from.

Q6. How do they work?

A6. Paint removers easily work by breaking down surfaces so that they can easily be wiped off or scraped. The paint remover must be applied on small sections instead of stripping the entire piece in a single step.

Q7. What do paint removers contain?

A7. Most paint removers contain solvents & chemicals that are used often in paint. They also include acetone, chloride, sodium-hydroxide, ammonia hydroxide & various other solvents such as epoxy, lacquer thinner, acetone & more. Such ingredients can become harmful if they come in direct contact with your skin.
That’s why it is advisable to conduct some research on removing the paint before you begin. There are many safe paint-strippers mentioned above you can try without having to worry about conventional hazards.

Q8. Can they be used on all kinds of paint?

A8. Paint strippers could be used to get rid of water as well as oil based paint, enamels, lacquers, polyurethanes etc. But, you must keep in mind that all of this depends on the kind of product you use. So, make sure to check for the label first.

Q9. Can you use paint removers at home or do you require a specialist?

A9.Paint removers can always be used at home, but you should always be mindful to read all instructors & ensure that your protective gear is on so that you can easily cover the eyes & skin. You can also try using non-toxic or non-hazardous removers that makes the process much smoother & the results are also up to the mark.

Q10. Can paint removers be harmful?

A10. Most paint removers come with chemicals & solvents that can harm your skin, especially when you inhale them. You can also use water-based & non-hazardous painting that is quite safe to use and quite effective at the same time.

Q11. Are they toxic in nature?

A11. A lot of paint removers can be toxic in nature. Some also have harmful chemicals mixed in them. That’s why we’d always advise you to consider buying removers we have shared in our list above.

Q12. Do you require protective clothing while using strippers?

A12. We can’t stress on this point enough, but yes, wearing protective gloves is imperative when you are using a stripper. Always wear goggles & ensure to wash them off right away if it ends up touching your skin or goes directly into the eye. It could also burn your skin and lead to long term damages.

Q13. How much time do you need to get rid of paint when you are using a paint remover?

A13. This can be quite a long & arduous process. That’s why we always recommend people to finish their work within small areas. Once the remover is painted on surfaces, it would approximately take around 20-30 minutes to start bubbles & lift them. After that, you can scrape & wipe the surfaces away.

Q14. Can the strippers cause damage on other surfaces?

A14. Paint removers can lift, remove & varnish the paint once they come in contact. That’s why it is always advisable to keep the areas well-covered. If possible, you may also consider working in areas like garages or the garden whenever you are stripping or removing paint. That way surfaces like floors wont get damaged.

Q15. How can you remove paint from the furniture without causing any damage in the finish? 

A15. Always apply the stripper on the furniture’s surface once you have done a patch test on the area that can’t be seen. After sometime, the paint will begin to lift so you can easily scrape & wipe it off.
You could do this many times until you can find the original surfaces. Paint removers may also clean surfaces & remove varnishes & paint from wooden grains without damaging it.

Q16. How much time do you get before you can begin repainting the surface?

A16. Always read the product instructions to understand the timelines. Generally, paint removers require approximately 24 hours for the surface to dry entirely before you can repaint it again.

Q17. Will you require a pressure washer?

A17. One of the best & easy methods to wash residue is by using pressure washers. However, if that is not available, you can also use a cold pressure washer as that leads to average results. If that does not seem available, you could use a simple bucket of water, a brush, some scotch brite, sponge & your job is done.
This can give you great results on smooth surfaces. However, you have to be aware in case a jet of water can be more effective than brushes to get rid of dissolved paints from porous & rough surfaces.

Q18. Does paint stripper expire?

A18. There is little to no evidence that paint stripper expires over time. But it’s best to keep your paint stripper sealed and airtight when not in use to stay effective for as long as possible.

Q19. How do I dispose of paint stripper?

A19. Never pour paint stripper down the sink or into the soil to dispose of it. The safest method is to dispose of it in a household hazardous waste collection program, but bear in mind that rules may vary by state or country.


Paint stripping can be quite a hazardous & hard task, since some paint removers contain toxic fumes & harsh chemicals. There are many remover products that are quite easy & effective to use & contain safe ingredients that are biodegradable, non-toxic and can be odourless at times as well.

In order to have the best metal stripping experience, make sure to find a product that is affordable, effective, easy to use & absolutely eco-friendly. We hope that the information we have shared will help you find the best paint stripper for metal for yourself!

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