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7 Best Painters Tape Reviews and Buying Guide [2023]

Whenever you are bored of your interior and looking for something fresh and new to be done with it, painting is the best idea to freshen up the outlook of your home or office. Not only this brightens up your mood but it also proves to be a good investment. If you have a planning to sell the it in the housing market, this step to paint your house is a better investment that is sure to give you positive returns in terms of heavy profits in selling.

A fresh paint will brighten up your house and act positively in attracting prospective buyers. In this act, one very important material that demands the painters concern is the Painter’s Tape. Today, this article will make all possible efforts to help you understand and decide on the best painters tape that would make your DIY painting project even more successful than you could have thought. 

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1. Scotch Painter’s Tape 2090-48TP6 ScotchBlue – Best Tape For Beyond Painting

This painter’s tape from Scotch Blue is one of the favourite tools of DIY painters and professionals as it is one of the oldest and most trusted tools in the industry. Whether you are working on your wood or walls, this multi-surface, versatile tape is loved by professionals since more than 30 years because of its heavy performance.

It easily stays on the surface for 14 days and can be removed hassle free once work is over. This does not leave any sticky residue on the surface once taken off. To have a better finish towards those lines and bring creativity in your works, the Scotch Painter’s Tape 2090-48TP6 ScotchBlue is that works more than just painting. 

Technical Features

  • Material: Crepe Paper
  • Colour: Blue
  • Most compatible surface: Glass
  • Size: 1.88 in x 60 yd
  • Packet contents: 6 rolls


This is one of the handiest tools that you are sure to find in any professional painter’s toolkit. This tape comes in a 60 yards per roll quantity with a width of 1.88 inches. This tape exhibits class of performance when used in multiple surfaces like wood, furniture, ceilings, walls, glass windows, tile floors.

The tape works best when the surface is neatly prepared for application by cleaning it so that there is no dust on the surface which may stick on the tape and lose the adhesive quality of the same. With this tape you would be assured about the quality work and the long length of it  gives you the most worry free completion of your project. 

Why is it unique?

This tape is one of its kind with best performance in the category. It is favoured in the industry among DIY painters and professionals because of its unique features like compatibility with multiple surfaces, long stay, no sticky removals. 

Is this product recommended?

 This tape is highly recommendable for varied projects ranging from car painting to glass painting. This tape has made professionals and novice painter’s work much easier and tidier. While removing the tape you need to be a little cautious on the thinner side as it may tear off if pulled forcefully. 

Buyer experience: 

The overall buyer experience is on the positive side. Buyers from all levels have loved this tape despite little flaws in it. The best thing that has helped the tool to score high among buyers is the no BLEEDING at the sides of the tape and easy to TAKE OFF after the painting is done. Certain surfaces may give less adhesion, the painter needs to check well before use. 

Best Fit for

This is a tape of a long run in the painting industry. This is a tape for a wide variety of surfaces out of which it works best on Glass, Wood, Walls and Ceilings. 


  • Holds strong on surface
  • Very less or no bleed through in edges


  • Peeling is a difficult task at times when it comes out in pieces if pulled little hard
  • Not a good fit for detailed tasks

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2. FrogTape Multi Surface Painter’s Tape – Best Overall Painter’s

The FrogTape Multi surface painter’s tape is badged as one of the top picks after testing with most patented Paint Block Technology.

It has grabbed attention of many painters till date for its super-absorbent polymer quality that in reaction with the water content of the latex paints forms into gel instantly and creates a barrier at the edges of the tape stopping the paint to bleed and need for touch-ups at the end.

When you are in search of professional paint lines, nothing can be better than this tape. 

Technical Features

  • Material: Other
  • Colour: Green
  • Size: 0.94″ Wide x 60 Yards Long
  • Compatible: Wood, Metal, Glass
  • Brand: FrogTape


 Not to be fooled by the name, the overall performer FrogTape multi-surface painter’s tape is designed not only to work on delicate surfaces, but an all rounder from tearing off the tape roll to sticking on the wall through the final removal. This tape is a star performer for both complicated designs to intricate lines.

Most surprisingly this is a hard performer that gives you upto 60 days of adhesive on the lines, thus you can have a prolonged work time for detailing with your projects. Even after a longer stick time, it is hassle-free and super clean removal. This tape comes in some 0.94, 1.88 and 1.41 inch widths. 

Why is it unique?

The first and foremost point that makes this tape the most preferred and unique one is its super-absorbent polymer make which allows it to instantly gel up into a micro-barrier on contact with water based latex paints. This prevents the paint from bleeding thus cutting the need for any type of further touch-up. Moreover the tape comes in a recyclable and reusable storage container that protects the edges from any type of damage or dust.  

Is this product recommended?

This product is highly recommended one by professional painters due to a number of reasons. Firstly, the adhesive quality is one of the best in the category. In the second place the paint block technology in the tape works based on the super-absorbent polymer material which gives the ultimate paint finish to any surface you work on. Thirdly, you would forget all clot pads and touch-up cups with this product as it offers Pro Grade Painting quality that ensures professional results.  

Buyer experience: 

 A wide range of positive buyer experience is recorded for this product over various online selling portals. The most favoured of all features is the bleed paint block technology and the easy removal. It is highly preferred for painters who require a nice border around the paint work. Also note that this is not recommended for unprimed or unfinished surfaces which may demand for stronger adhesive than this one. 

Best Fit for

This tape comes in a variety range of 0.94 inches, 1.41 inches and 1.88 inches which gives a wide compatibility range from finished wood to freshly painted surface, veneer, wallpaper, laminate, primed and vinyl drywall. 


  • Easily tearable
  • Easy to stick and remove as well
  • Stays accurately in place for at most 60 days
  • Results in clean sharp lines


  • For unfinished surfaces the adhesive is not much strong

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3. Mate Green Brand CP 150/8 TapeThe Best Value Painter’s

If you are looking for some professional grade painter’s tape for your interior painting tasks, this is one that you must consider reviewing before final purchase. Not only for interior walls, if you have painting tasks for woods, glass, vinyl or metal, this could be a worthy pick for both professionals and DIY painters.

The medium adhesive quality of this tape remains intact in the position for 8 days approx. even under broad sun rays. IN a nutshell, this product offers professional painting output at most value efficient deals. 

Technical Features

  • Manufacturer: Shurtape Technologies
  • Product weight: 6.3 ounces
  • Size: 1.41 Inch x 60 Yards
  • Colour: Green
  • Brand: Duck


 Being a medium performer in adhesion this tape is a quality pick in terms of application and removal. This product is a multi surface crepe paper tape that waives off your worries related to surface compatibility.

The most efficient UV- resistant feature of the adhesive and the premium paper of the product allows it clean work on any surface in delivering crisp and fine paint lines. The surface needs to be clean for better professional output and you will be assured of a premium quality paint output at a not so premium price tag. 

Why is it unique?

There are a number of points that make this particular product a unique one in the lot. First and strongest of all is the UV-resistant adhesive feature along with the premium paper that makes this tape truly a painter’s mate, keeping the lines absolutely neat even when painting under the broad sunlight.

The other most unique thing about this product is the specially patented aqueous feature based rubber type adhesive gives the most residual-free peel off in the category.  

Is this product recommended?

 This masking tape is pretty tough in performance while easy in removal with maximum satisfactory results. This is a recommended product with higher positive responses from the users. Many have also recommended it for 2nd time purchase for its UV-resistant feature and price affordability.

Buyer experience: 

Most buyers have certified this pick as one of the best purchases for their painting toolkit. This has been a performer in the long run for many painters which remained sticking to the surface for prolonged painting tasks.   Though some buyers have found the tape to be thin which has made their task slower and delayed completion. 

Best Fit for

This painter’s tape is quite hardy in quality and is a best fit for several surfaces like vinyl, glass, wood, walls, ceilings, and painted wall boards. It is also a good fit to work on outdoor surfaces and does not degrade in quality output that too at the most reasonable price.  


  • Quite reasonable than other tapes
  • Easy application
  • Gentle on the surface


  • Some feathered edges or bleeding on the end is found in tests

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4. FROGTAPE 1358463 – Best Multi Surface Painter’s Tape

When you are working on harder surfaces, a tape that is tough with enough adhesive to stay longer and but not too much that would make it hard to remove, you have one great choice to consider, that’s the FROGTAPE 1358463.

This product is the best choice for one who is looking for a multi surface tape that would work best on middle ground with cured paints, metal, unfinished wood, glass , carpet or stone. 

Technical Features

  • Tape Material: Other
  • Size: .94 inches x 60 yard roll
  • Compatible surface: Metal, Wood, Glass
  • Brand: FrogTape
  • Adhesion Strength: Medium
  • Backing: Premium, ultra-smooth paper for sharp paint lines
  • Tape Grade: Multi-Surface


This tape is tougher than most tapes available in the market and it was tested for its toughness and found that it remains sticky to durable surfaces which is much easier to apply and remove. The stickiness of the tape remains on at a stretch for 21 days on the surface offering you ample opportunity to complete your project smoothly.

You need to also keep note that if you are working under sunlight, your tape life may be reduced to 7 days. The FrogTape helps in the entire process of the painting task by providing fine lines for professional painting. Very sharp paint lines without any after finish touch ups is what you can expect with this tape. 

Why is it unique?

The most favourable point of this particular product is that it is treated with PaintBlock Technology which ultimately saves project time and any need for rework or touch-up.

The super-absorbent polymer material is the unique technology that on reacting with water based paints creates gel-based micro-barrier locking the edges for fine and crisp finish. 

Is this product recommended?

This particular tape is most appropriate for medium adhesive works and comes in a protective storage box. The patented paint Block technology gives sharp lines on any surface you target. We recommend this product for medium lengthy works for interiors and for under sunlight a 7 day project is best to work on with this tape. 

Buyer experience

The buyers have liked the adhesive quality of the tape as it does not pull back the paint on removal. The paint block technology truly works and has attracted buyers to a great extent as it truly works to the mark of expectation.

Also the capacity of this tape to work at critical designs has mesmerized those who have bought them. Looking at the cost many buyers have marked it as expensive. 

Best Fit for

This green tape from FrogTape is best fit for surfaces like Wood, Metal and Glass. You can use it for lengthy projects that are indoors and if working directly under the sun, the tape is best fit to work for 7 days at a stretch.


  • Sticks without flaw to any durable surface for example unfinished wood surface, carpet or stone.
  • Even after removal it produces crisp fine edges
  • The paint block technology works really well


  • Expensive
  • May peel off delicate surfaces like those of wallpapers.

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5. Scotch Rough Surface Painter’s Tape – Best For Textured Walls

Scotch is a brand that has always made the painting jobs easier for both professionals and beginners. If your majority of tasks includes working on rough and coarse surfaces, this product can assure a service up to your expectation.

The specially manufactured adhesive is highly effective in sticking to super coarse surfaces being easy to use as well. So, with this tape your desire to work on rough surfaces will be more of an enjoyable task than any nightmare. 

Technical Features

  • Manufacturing company: 3M
  • Item weight: 9.6 ounces
  • Product dimension: ‎5 x 5 x 1.4 inches
  • Colour: Green
  • Assembled diameter: 4.88 inches
  • Material: Crepe paper


 Without a doubt, this tape is one of the most desired tools in a painter’s tool kit. The reason behind this is its capacity to stick properly and for longer duration even on rough and uneven surfaces like stones, brick etc. Having a very strong adhesive capacity, this tape gives a 5 day long stick on the surface and allows you to work worry free even under scorching sun.

Added to the strong bonding capacity the tape is also very smooth in removal and hardly leaves any residue behind or peels off any part of the paint on removal. The tape material is crepe paper and is available in 0.70 inches, 0.94 inches, 1.44 inches and 1.81 inches sizes. 

Why is it unique?

The best thing about this tape for which it is in the top 7 list is its strong adhesive quality which is specially meant for the extremely rough surfaces like stones and bricks. The adhesive of this tape nicely sticks on any kind textured surface giving clean lines to the painting work with least bleeding from the sides. 

Is this product recommended?

 The package contains Scotch Painter’s Tape 2060-1.5A Scotch Masking Tape for Hard-to-Stick Surfaces, 2060-36A, 1.41-Inch by 60-Yards, 1 Roll, Width, Green which makes a painter more confident at his work under any situation. We strongly recommend this product for use on rough and difficult surfaces for a stretch of 5 days at max. 

Buyer experience: 

Most of the buyers have reviewed this product as a magic tape which sticks to almost anything and is equally easy to remove without peeling off any pain from the surface.

Even buyers have strongly recommended this product for outdoor painting tasks and had good experience with the adhesive quality which remains in place for 2 months without a little peel off.  

Best Fit for

This tape is specially designed for use on brick, stucco, concrete, and rough wood. It also gives great performance when used with lacquer coatings. This tape is not meant to work with painted drywalls, wood trim and plaster walls.  


  • Sticks easily to difficult surfaces like stone, brick or concrete.
  • Highly adhesive yet easy to use.


  • Not good for wood trim, painted drywalls or plaster walls

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6. CP 27 ShurRelease Blue Tapre – The Best Mid-Level Painter’s

The list of top 7 painter’s tapes in the market would remain incomplete if it does not include this very product from Shurtape. Painters from beginners to medium level expertise rely on this tape for their fine painting finishing.

You can depend on this tape when your priority for painting is crisp and sharp lines without leaving any residue on removal. This tape is designed to easily meet demand for a large range of painting jobs without any glitch. 

Technical Features

  • Brand Name: Shurtape
  • Item Size: 18 Millimeters Width x 55 Meters Length
  • Colour: Blue
  • Best compatible surface: Wood, Glass
  • Item thickness: 5.7 millimeters
  • Item diameter: 4.75 inches
  • Material: Crepe paper
  • Length: 55 meters


Though this tape counted among less sticky painter’s tapes in the market, still it is a good choice if your work demands easy and clean removal demanding no reworking on finishing or touch-ups. Surfaces like vinyl, glass and wood require smooth removal and this tape is the best tape for painting walls in such cases.

It also works well and can be removed easily even after 14 days of direct sunlight exposure at max. You may not get gentle results with your work on surfaces like unpainted wallboard, wallpaper, uncured coatings, ceiling tile. 

Why is it unique?

The best thing about this ShurRELEASE paint masking tape is its incredible performance for a wide range of applications that also ensures easy removal even after sunlight exposure for 14 days at max. 

Is this product recommended?

 This product is highly recommended not only by buyer’s but also by professional users for medium level projects. It is one of very reliable products in the market in this category that is also pocket friendly at the same time. 

Buyer experience: 

Most buyers have found it a great value for money product as it works far better in making delicate painting borders finer and without any touch-up. Buyers have also found it worthy for a second purchase as well.  

Best Fit for

The tape is best fit for both indoor and outdoor projects like painted walls, metal, vinyl, glass and wood. It can support your project that is scheduled to last for as long as 14 days. 


  • Minimal bleeding at the edges with neat and clean lines
  • Easy to tear from the reel, stick and remove once the job is done.
  • Sticks firmly to both outdoor and indoor surface for 14 days at a stretch


  • Too dark to write on it if required
  • Not appropriate for delicate surfaces

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7. Best Delicate Walls Tape From Scotch

Though this tape counted among less sticky painter’s tapes in the market, still it is a good choice if your work demands easy and clean removal demanding no reworking on finishing or touch-ups. Surfaces like vinyl, glass and wood require smooth removal and this tape is the best tape for walls in such cases.

It also works well and can be removed easily even after 14 days of direct sunlight exposure at max. You may not get gentle results with your work on surfaces like unpainted wallboard, wallpaper, uncured coatings, ceiling tile. 

Technical Features

  • Manufacturer: 3M
  • Adhesion level: Medium
  • Brand: ScotchBlue
  • Item dimension: 4.35 x 4.35 x 0.94 inches; 1.6 Ounces
  • Size: 0.94 in. x 60 yd


Coming to the performance part of the tape we must say that this is a worthwhile tool for every painter who is loaded with delicate projects which need utmost precision. If the walls are not dried after painting the tape might peel off the premature wall on removal of it.

It works quite appreciably on lightly textured walls, crafted hardwood, vineers, cabinets and wallpaper finished walls. This tape comes in a variety of options of 0.70 inches, 0.94 inches, 1.41 inches and 1.88 inches. The Edge-lock technology of this tape seals the paint to offer sharp lines along with clean removal when your projects demand sensitive and fine finishing. 

Why is it unique?

This tape is a unique purchase for the painters firstly because of its precision to work on delicate surfaces. Also the Leak lock technology gives great fine lines without any paint bleeding out from the edges. Thirdly, this tape is super easy to tear, and apply and also offers complete hassle-free removal on project completion. 

Is this product recommended?

The low medium adhesion level, mark free removal and Edge lock technology makes this tape one of the most recommended tools in the painter’s world. The edge lock technology has protected many delicate paint lines and makes a valuable addition to the painter’s tool kit.  

Buyer experience: 

 The four and half star rating in premier online shops can give a fair idea about the buyer’s experience for this particular product. The buyer’s were able to finish intricate designs in their painting projects with this tape which kept a strict line at the edges with zero paint bleeding under any situation. The buyer’s also loved the adhesion level which is most appropriate for both outdoor and indoor painting projects. 

Best Fit for

This tape is a high rated performer mainly for delicate walls that are lightly textured drywall that has been painted min 1 to max 7 days ago, wall coverings, wallpapers cabinets, finished or engineered hardwoods and veneers.


  • Easy to put on and easy to peel off as well
  • On removal there is hardly any mark or residue on the surface
  • Gives solid line without ripping the paper


  • It won’t stick to fabric
  • Have chances to peel off prematurely
  • May produce slightly feathered edge

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What Is A Painter Tape? How To Use It?

As the name suggests, Painter’s tape is one kind of tape that is mainly meant to be used by professionals in painting to give a fine finish to the lines without any spill to the other colour part.

The Painter’s tapes that come in bold green and blue colours are highly valued by professionals and most do-it-yourselfers to get that clean and crisp finish lines that prevent any chance of paints bleeding off the edges.

Even when the painter is working with water-based paint, the water-repellent quality of the tape helps the paint not to ruin the hard work behind clean line finish.  

There are several qualities in the painter’s tape that makes it one most favourite tools of the painter. First and foremost, the tape is not as sticky and stingy like the masking tape which prevents the paint from peeling off when removing the same after the painting is done.

Though it is advisable to remove the tape from the surface once the paint is dried, you may easily keep it glued to the surface for up to 14 days before it may cause any major issue to the wall. 

You will get Painter’s tapes in two different shades like Green and Blue not only to distinguish the brands in the market of tapes but it also creates a clean mark of demarcation while application of the paint.

One important thing that you can take as a downside of these tapes is the pressure they might put on your budget. As painter’s tapes come more expensive than masking tapes, It would add to your benefit if you use it for bigger budget projects. 

What Are The Different Types Of Tapes?

When your home improvement work involves the use of painter’s tapes you need to keep in mind that tapes come in quite a number of varieties. In this section we would discuss the types of painter’s tapes that you would get in the market easily.

To be specific there are basically three types of painter’s tapes; Blue tape, Yellow tape, green tape and white masking tape. They differ more than their colours in their quality and features. Let’s have a look.

1. Blue Tape

The Blue Tape or at times known as the purple tape, the most popular in the United States is renowned for its quality of adhesion for any type of sensitive surface or walls.

The adhesive is so strong in these types that you need to take care that you do not leave it for longer since it may peel off paint from its underlying surfaces. With these tapes it would be better if you could finish off the job the same day. 

2. Green Tape

The basic difference between a green tape and a blue tape lies in the degree of tackiness they provide. To be more specific, the blue painter’s tape is best when your project demands medium level of adhesion.

Blue tape is the best choice while for projects requiring stronger adhesion must consider green tapes. Green tapes are basically meant for rough and difficult surfaces to sensitive or floor surfaces. 

3. Yellow Tape

The yellow tapes give the least of all adhesive levels and for its bright colour it is even properly visible in case of minimum light available. The positive pick of this tape is that you would not need to worry about the peel off as it hardly peels out paint or leaves any residue on removal. 

4. White Masking Tape

White masking tape is preferred over other tapes just because of its superior quality as compared to reasonable pricing. This has proved to be one big reason for its popularity in the market. The masking tapes work best when you are covering the baseboards for painting the walls above them.  

5. Common Problems With Tapes

In this section we will be highlighting some of the very common problems that you might face while working with a painter’s tape on your projects. 

The first issue that you may face is  with the stickiness of the tape. In many cases you might face problems with sticking to the tape. You should remember that you are not alone and this is a very common issue.

To overcome this you need to check with the moisture of the surface, wash the surface off any kind of dirt or dust using a wipe and a cleaning agent. Dry the walls off properly and then your surface is ready for the tap, 

Another common issue that might disturb your project is related to the removal of the tape. Many tapes result in removal of paint while peeling off which ends up into waste of time due to touch-up or redoing of the paint work.

It may be due to wrong tape selection for your target surface, unfavourable working temperature, Longer waiting, removing sooner and rough surfaces. To avoid peeling off the paint you need to take care of the tap selection and proper understanding of the target surface, proper cleaning of the surface.

Painter’s Tape vS. Masking Tape

More often Painter’s tape is considered as masking tape. However it cannot be right to say all kinds of masking tapes are painter’s tape. The reason being while making painter’s tape, hard-wearing backing which leaves no room for crease and leftovers is utilized. When it comes to masking tape, the thin crepe-paper backing is used. Therefore it cannot give you the same benefit that a painter’s tape gives you.

The idea of creating these tapes using different materials makes it clear that these tapes are more beneficial when used for the purpose they meant to serve. As the name suggests, painter’s tape is beneficial for painting works. The most important uses of painter’s tape is to give clear paint lines and not to leave behind any left over.

It is impossible for the masking tape to give you the same use while the adherence to the surface will be similar. You cannot expect a masking tape to give clear lines and leave no leftover. It serves better when used for tagging and surveying while you renovate your home or office as the masking tape might soak up the paints which may result in leaking.   

How You Can Easily Pick The Best Painting Tape?

Here we would point out some of the key points for your consideration while selecting the correct painter’s tape for your kind of project. 

1. Job Duration

The length of your project is one key factor that may define the type of tape needed in your paint work. You may check the package label to know about the length of the adhesion the particular tape will provide and tally with your project duration. Also keep in mind the working conditions that your project may demand. 

2. Adhesion Level

Painter’s tapes come in varied adhesion levels ranging from Low to medium and heavy-duty. For delicate surface painting jobs, low adhesion level will be best fit for while a medium level adhesive quality of most multipurpose tapes are meant for common indoor paint works. The heavy-duty tapes as the name suggests are made to suit rough and coarse or uneven surfaces. 

3. Width Of The Tape

Width of the tape also demands clear conceptual knowledge while you select a tape for your paint jobs. For wall paintings the ideal width of the tape needs to be 1.41 inches to 1.88 inches.

For corners the best suitable tape width is 0.94 inches. You need to remember that for works that may involve more accidental splatters would require a wider tape than usual. 

4. Color

Just like the width of the tape, there are a number of tape colors available in the market for you to choose from. The Blue painter’s tape is mostly used for multipurpose for its UV-resistant quality. The other two colors are Green and yellow depending on the adhesion level. 

How To Set Up Painting Tape?

Before you start your painting project, the first and foremost thing that you might plan up is the masking of the edges. 

First step starts with the gathering of the few things that you would require in the process of masking your room properly. The most important of all tools required in this project is the Painter’s tape.

You need to carefully note a few things before you choose the right product for your particular project. If your project is of average level demanding a tape of medium adhesion quality, then you will be fine with one of the multi-surface painter’s tape.

If your project includes painting on rough or highly coarse surfaces like stone  or brick, your requirement will be fulfilled by a tape particularly engineered for the surface. Finally if you project requires fine designing, ultra-thin tapes are available in the market for better results.   

You should also be aware of the disadvantages of masking tapes over Painter’s tapes before you purchase one. Masking tapes often leave sticky residue on removal. You should remember to remove the tape sooner and also to be picky with certain types of paints. 

In addition to the tape you will need to also keep handy:

  • A damp cloth or a wet sponge
  • A putty Knife
  • Masking paper
  • Drop cloth

In the process of surface preparation your first step will be cleaning the surface with damp cloth to make it free of any dirt or dust. After cleaning the surface, trim dry it for better application of your tape. 

Maintenance Of Your Painting Tape

When you purchase your painter’s tape from any premier online shopping platform you get a storage box complimentary with that. This storage box is highly useful in keeping the quality of the tape well maintained.

The box allows keeping moisture level of the tape intact which in turn protects the adhesion level of the tape for a longer period. After the tape has been used in masking the borders, keeping the entire roll inside the box preserves the quality for a longer run. 

Who Needs These Particular Tapes? 

Painting is a job that would not be done very regularly and in frequent duration, so once you are targeting to paint your walls, ceiling or a particular furniture and remodel the look of your interior or exterior you should be particular that you need not waste much time or effort after reworks. This is why every painter, from professionals to DIY painters, requires a painter’s tape for clean and ultimate finish of  your work. 

Why Should One Look For The Best Tapes For Paint Working?

One of the most important and mandatory tools that you would find in a painter’s tool kit today is a Painter’s Tape. There are few strong reasons behind this.

1. Versatile Nature

Painter’s tapes are incredibly versatile in their purpose and can be used for a number of reasons starting from painting, drawing and construction works. When your job demands sectioning of a portion, painter’s tapes work the best. Most sincere painting professionals use painter’s tapes to mark their boundaries of work. 

2. Its Ease Of Use

Painter’s tapes are also super easy to work with as all you need to do is tear the tape and stick it on your target surface. It is low on maintenance and can support your job for a longer span. It is considered as one of the most dependable tools of a painter.

It also saves hugely on your time by saving accidental splatter on the paint work. Not only this, the tapes are equally easy on removal and the right tape for your surface never leaves any residue on removal. 

3. Efficiency

When you purchase the right tape for your project you can rest assured that you would have the most clean edges at the most affordable price. It performs quite efficiently in sticking, removal and re-application. 

4. Affordability

The painting task is itself a very costly affair, even if you’re painting a smaller part of your entire house. You would definitely not want to waste your work by any sort of accidental splitting of colors while drawing borders. A painter’s tape saves such accidents at most affordable investment saving a lot on reworking expenditure. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How long can painter’s tape stay on before painting?

A1. You have to at least wait for 24 hours before you could move on to applying the painter’s tape. Applying the tape to a surface that is not fully dried could land you messing up your end results, so rather than dwelling on a doubtful situation, give it a little more time before you tape the surface. 

Q2. Can you leave painter’s tape for too long?

A2. Keeping on the surface also varies from 14 days to 30 days and 60 days at a max. This means that the tape can be left on the surface for that period of time without any worries related to leaving back residue on removal.

Q3. What tapes do professional painter’s use?

A3.  Most of the professional painters in the industry recommend the use of Blue painter’s tape because of its easier removal than any of the masking tapes in the market. To shed off any bleeding professionals also used a putty knife to remove any accidental splashing. 

Q4. What is the best paint tape?

A4. The tapes that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications are considered to be the best ones in the lot. Also those tapes who hold on to the surface even if it is rough or coarse are also preferred hugely.

Q5. What is painter’s tape used for?

A5. The important use of painter’s tape is to avoid paint spill. While you work with more paints, it is highly recommended to keep the painter’s tape handy. When you look forward to do a clean work by using different colors while avoiding mixing of colours, painter’s tape is your go to weapon.

Q6. What’s the difference between green painter’s tape and blue painter’s tape?

A6. In case you want to protect a coarse surface from paint spill, the right choice would be the green painter’s tape as it is intended to be used in such surfaces due to its well built adherence.  It is not suitable for more intricate surfaces.
On the other hand, the main feature of Blue painter’s tape is its resistance over UV rays. If there is a possibility of exposure of your paint work to sunlight, blue painter’s tape is the right option.

Q7. When do you remove the painter’s tape?

A7. The suggestion from manufacturers of painter’s tape is to remove it during the wait-period between two coats. If the tape is still strong when it’s time to do the second coat, it is advisable to just let it be. The trick is not to keep it on for a long time or remove it very soon.  

Q8. What are the reasons for leakage of paint?

A8. If the tape is not used in the appropriate surfaces, then there are chances of leakage of paint. Also when the tape is unreasonably stretched to cover larger extent, there are good chances of mishap. 


Coming to the end of the review by now you have a concise idea about what, where, when, why and how of a painter’s tape and am sure that you would be able to take a wise step in the selection of the best painters tape for your kind of project. The one thing you need to remember is that you need to have a fair idea about your project and the rest of all details are available in this review. 

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