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7 Best Painting Gun Reviews And Buying Guide [2023]

Are you planning to start a big painting project and want to save time? The best way out is to invest in a paint sprayer.

Though paint guns are not essential for every task, they certainly have their own significance.

In this post, we will share everything we know about these units including paint guns accessories, painting tips, and a list of best painting guns, which we think are great.

You may also check our buying guide to learn more about paint guns and make your buying fruitful and fun!

Let’s get into the details.

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Table of Contents

7 Best Painting Gun Reviews

1. Wagner Spraytech 0529010 FLEXiO 590 – Best for Detail Finishes

Applying a smooth and consistent finish on outdoor and indoor of home is now easily achievable with this powerful sprayer by Wagner.

A flexible and versatile unit, it works 10 times faster than a brush and gets projects done really fast. It comes with a unique iSpray nozzle, perfect for large projects and a detail finish nozzle apt for small projects.

Performance and Technical Details

This sprayer comes with a width selector to spray narrow and wide patterns. Its X-boost dial renders 10 speed settings to conveniently adjust the material flow and achieve accurate control. Hence, you can spray not just in your preferred pattern but also your desired paint.

Another superb feature of this sprayer is the accompanying of two different nozzles. Its small detail finish nozzle is suitable to serve fine finishing and small projects, while the big iSpray nozzle is suitable to complete bigger jobs. You can easily serve all sorts of projects such as walls, exterior siding, ceilings, cabinets, fences, and others.

Incomparable performance is obtainable with this device as it works 10 times faster than a roller or a brush. It covers an area of 8 x 10 inches in just 1 min for stains and 5 minutes for latex paints. The best part is cleanup, which takes only 5 minutes.

Why is it Unique

This HVLP paint sprayer works best with thin formulas and all kinds of paint materials. It is also useful to spray latex paint. The major advantage of this paint sprayer is that it is useful for decks and helps to apply stain.

It works differently than rollers or brushes that may leave marks or result in uneven layers of the paint. This is ultra-durable gun made using high-quality materials. It makes applying paint fast and quick to spray sealant or stain evenly. 

Is this Product Suggested?

For most of the buyers, this product is awesome. They were able to serve most of their paint projects with this unit such as walls, shelves, trim, doors, cabinets, and a lot of others. The speed and coverage are excellent. It is outstanding for the money and offers great flexibility.

Best Fit For

This spray gun utilizes a dual-stage, indoor and outdoor rated air turbine to offer a smooth finish on all sorts of surfaces. It is a rich performing device suitable for all kinds of exterior projects including covering large areas, fences, decks, and others. 

Buyer’s Experiences

Get excellent results for all your surfaces easily with this powerful paint sprayer. From repainting the deck to giving your exterior region a new looks you can do it in a single go with this wonderful unit. It offers a professional finish and offers a consistent pressure ensuring you have a great experience. 


  • 10 times faster speed than other paint equipment
  • Complete control and superior finish
  • Quick and simple cleanup
  • Two nozzles serve all sorts of projects
  • Width selector
  • Material flow control
  • X-Boost turbine for variable speed
  • Big enough container


  • Make sure you go through the manual first to avoid overspraying.

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2. REXBETI Ultimate-750 Paint Gun – Most Powerful HVLP Paint Gun

If you are a professional and want a sprayer that is equally efficient and can save you a lot of time, this Rexbeti paint gun is a perfect pick.

It caters to all sorts of projects and 3 ways spray patterns make sure you gain precise control always. Powered by advanced motor and HVLP technology, it produces a roller-like appearance. In comparison to other paint guns, it is quieter and powerful.

Performance and Technical Details

Offering accurate spray patterns, this paint gun equips a 1000ml big-capacity container ensuring you don’t engage in continuous refilling of the paint while doing your work. Coupled with high power, it makes sure your job is done quickly and precisely meeting every fine detail.

This paint sprayer is adjustable to 3 distinct spray patterns – circular, vertical, and horizontal. The best part is its 4 size nozzles – 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2,5mm and 3,0mm. So, whether you need to carry a small, fine detail paint task or complete a bigger project, this gun will do it all.

It is a user-friendly device, which is easy to assembly and clean. Using adjustable flow control, you can regulate the paint output by simply changing the knob settings. The sprayer is suitable to get varied paint output, apt for corners, edges, and wide interior surfaces. It is extremely light and features a 6.6ft power cord.

Why is it Unique

The most unique aspect of this device is its 4 nozzles of different sizes. As a result, you can serve distinct sorts of applications using it. The ease of adjusting the flow control with use of a simple knob is another great aspect of this unit making it suitable for corners, edges, and broad interior surfaces.

The long power cord and handy size makes it an easy to use unit. Overall, it is a great paint gun to achieve precise spray pattern and create superior and smooth finish. 

Is this Product Suggested?

It is a great product for the buyers that let them finish their tasks much time faster than ever. It comes with variable settings and features an adjustment knob for the pressure. It is a great quality and applies paint flawlessly and available at an affordable price.

Best Fit For

Working on low overspray technology, it sprays faster than standard sprayers. It meets all sorts of projects. The ergonomic design equips soft handle offering you get the job done easily. It is an excellent choice for small to medium projects. 

Buyer’s Experiences

For buyers who are not a professional painter, find using this gun very simple and easy. They were able to complete most of their projects in a short time span. For most of them it is one of the best purchases they have ever made. 


  • Superior finish and high power
  • Precise spray patterns in 3 ways
  • 4 nozzle sizes serve various projects
  • Adjustable flow control
  • Easy to wash and use
  • Extra-long power cord and lightweight body
  • 1000ml capacity container
  • Lightweight and handy


  • It is not suitable for larger projects.

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3. Graco TrueCost 360 Paint Sprayer Kit – Best for Beginners

This is a complete kit by Graco, which is perfect for beginners. This kit includes each and everything you would require while doing your paint job.

It accompanies sprayer cleanser, which cleans the pump efficiently for convenient startup the next time. There are also 3 paint bags of 1L, suitable to use with latex, oil-based paints, and stains. Overall, it is a complete package meeting all your requirements to the fullest.

Performance and Technical Details

The first great thing about this sprayer is its reversible tip that allows spraying paint unthinned at extreme pressure. The next premium feature of this device is the stainless steel piston pump allowing you to spray paint unthinned with ease.

It is powered by VacuValve technology creating an airtight system enabling you to spray in all directions, even upside down. There is a Pump armor, which protects the pump of the sprayer for storage and freezing.

Cleaning this device and its components is very easy. You can fill the pump with the armor fluid and leave it within the solution for some time to use it again. When the project is complete, reuse or tosses the paint bag.

Why is it Unique

It is a popular and versatile paint sprayer engineered to be used for an extensive array of applications. The adjustable spray speed and numerous rich features make it convenient to achieve the desirable finish.

Most of the models are compatible with thinned paint or water-based paints, this can spray different sorts of coatings, including unthinned paint. The reversible tip of the spray gun makes it convenient to deal with clogs instantly and without losing time on the project. 

Is this Product Suggested?

This paint sprayer is smaller and lighter. It is very well-made and completely rebuild-able. The sprayer is much simpler to clean up and takes only 10 minutes. A great product for money but can result in overspraying. Hence, you need to be a little cautious.

Best Fit For

This paint gun is a wonderful pick for DIYers and professionals. It is easy to use, lightweight, and sprays oil-based and latex stains and paints easily. 

Buyer’s Experiences

It is an excellent paint gun offering good value for money that produces professional results quickly. You don’t have to fill up the container again and again. The long deliver hose lets you move the paint and tool container often. The nozzle barrel arrangement is its exclusive feature and you can even set the nozzle to spray vertical or horizontal. 


  • Vacuvalve technology squeezes air to spray in any direction
  • Stainless steel piston pump offers high pressure power
  • Flexliner paint bags
  • Reversible tip
  • Easy clean up
  • Premium finish


  • The length of the power cord is short, which restricts movement.

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4. SPRAYIT SP-352 Gravity Feed Spay Gun – Best Value for Money

This paint gun is an ideal choice to repaint your home or any project within cost-effective norms. It makes a high-quality finish, which is perfect for the DIY professionals.

It is not only affordably priced but is also fully adjustable. You can spray between various spray patterns and avail of more flexibility and versatility.

Performance and Technical Details

This sprayer is a great device and better than rollers, brushes, and sponges. It offers 5 – 10 times faster speed and offers a nice even coating. Equipped with a copper nozzle of 1.0mm size, it lets you select the fittest finish.

With its refilling lid, you can add paint quickly and directly by opening the lid of the container without removing the 1000ml container. The adjustable spray patterns allow spraying in 3 directions – vertical, circular and horizontal. The paint gun can be used for both outdoor and indoor work like decks, walls, cabinets, tables, chairs, and others.

One special mention is the easy cleaning of this device. It is all because of its detachable and lightweight built. The strong power makes it convenient to use. The output of a paint gun can be regulated by adjusting the flow control knob, which lets you control the paint flow as per project needs.

Why is it Unique

This single body, aluminum made sprayer is extremely efficient. It comes with adjustable and separate fluid and air control fan patter that serves precise application.

The best part is that you can rotate the gun using its aluminum swivel cup and easily spray difficult to reach areas. This also makes it suitable for varied applications like industrial, wood working, marine, and automotive. 

Is this Product Suggested?

This paint gun is very well made and highly powerful. The sprayer gets a huge job done. It works very well and the trigger is highly sensitive. Even a novice can gain results like a professional. Overall, they are happy with the purchase.

Best Fit For

It is a cost-efficient yet versatile product, which is suitable to serve numerous applications. Using it not just ensures you are able to serve distinct needs without spending too much money. 

Buyers Experiences

It is a user-friendly device with adjustable paint hopper that comes very handy. Though the quality is average but efficiency is awesome and which is why the buyers are in love with this product. 


  • It comes with 4 nozzles
  • 3 spray patterns
  • Quick refilling lid
  • Convenient clean
  • Adjustable flow control
  • Change nozzles to distinct diameters
  • Time saving
  • Wide application


  • It requires some extra initial preparation.

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5. Scuddles Paint Sprayer, 1200 Watts High Power HVLP Sprayer – Best HVLP Paint Gun

With this paint sprayer, creating an exquisite smooth finish with minimum paint use is possible. This high volume low pressure paint combined with high air volume creates paint mist and delivers even finish.

The 1200 watts power offers a smooth paint pattern, resulting in superior finish. Its 1000ml capacity container makes it great for projects like chairs, tables, interior walls, fences, and others.

Performance and Technical Details

This paint gun allows spraying in 5 rotations and equips 3 nozzles of varying sizes. You can spray in modes like circular, vertical, and horizontal. The 1.8mm and 2.2mm nozzles are ideal for thin paints such as varnishes and sealers kinds of paint.

Adjusting the paint output is convenient through the flow control knob. You get the paint output for corners, broad interior areas, edges, and other DIY projects at home. It is a user-friendly device with a clogging needle suitable to unclog hardened paints in the machine.

It is a lightweight unit that fits perfectly in your hand. The ergonomic design ensures you experience no fatigue while working. The extra-long 6.6 FT cord is suitable to move freely in big work areas.

Why is it Unique

The uniqueness of this sprayer lies in its brilliant results and clean spray pattern.  It gives superior and smooth finish for all kinds of projects.

The high-capacity container is another great thing about this device. The three nozzles of varied sizes let you adjust the flow control so that you get the right paint output for corners, edges, and interior surfaces. 

Is this Product Suggested?

The reviewers simply love this product. It is highly recommended and works great. The cleanup is super convenient and takes a few minutes. It works perfectly and is a great sprayer for the money. This all-rounder device is super handy and offers a quality finish.

Best Fit For

This little sprayer works great and is suitable to serve all sorts of surfaces. It is easy to use and comes with adjustable pattern at the nozzle. The material flow output is also controllable and cleanup is easy, which makes it suitable for all sorts of users. 

Buyers Experiences

The buyers find it an outstanding sprayer and recommend it to use for all sorts of projects. They are super pleased with results. The only suggestion they offer is to practice spraying the paint before finally using it on the ultimate project.


  • Provides clean spray pattern
  • Holds 1000ml high-capacity container
  • Different nozzles serve distinct purposes
  • Adjustable flow control allows easy paint adjustment
  • Convenient to wash and use
  • Lightweight body fits in your hand
  • Engineered in an ergonomic design
  • Extra-long 6.6 ft. power cord
  • Equips 5 nozzles
  • Includes 3 straws


  • Slightly expensive.

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6. HomeRight C800971 Paint Sprayer – Most Versatile Paint Gun

A perfect sprayer for countless projects, it is a user-friendly device ideal to cater to all DIY projects. This powerful device can be easily set up.

This electric paint sprayer is the perfect way to apply a professional finish on numerous big to large projects such as decks, fences, dressers, and others.

Performance and Technical Details

Featuring 450 watts motor, this unit renders a seamless spraying experience. The air cap is fully adjustable to spray vertical, round and horizontal. You can also adjust the material flow and increase or decrease the same for a customized paint experience.

The paint gun is useful to serve numerous projects and can be used with distinct materials for a premium finish like enamels, clear sealer, primer, varnish, stain, and polyurethane. The sprayer also features a cleaning brush that makes clean-up simpler and quicker.

Its 3 brass tips suit all your requirements and offer superior precision and performance over plastic counterparts. They offer a high-quality and smooth spray pattern. The durable body holds resistance to wear and corrosion.

Why is it Unique

The main feature that set this unit apart from others is its high-quality bras spray tip that holds unmatched resistance to wear and corrosion. The nozzle is conveniently adjustable to one or three spray patterns – vertical, horizontal or round. 

Also, you can decrease or increase the material flow conveniently on the spray gun. The overall function and design of this model is convenient to master for newbies. Also, it offers exceptional quality results, which meet the requirements of serious DIYers and seasoned experts.

Is this Product Suggested?

This is an amazing product suitable for all kinds of projects and work. The cleanup is simple and smooth. It comes with an adjustment knob and a twistable nozzle to vary the paint pattern – vertical or horizontal. Changing and cleaning tips is super easy.

Best Fit For

This paint sprayer tightly seals air to flow into the pressurized cup. It equips a foam splash guard that prevents the paint from back flowing into the nozzle region offering a strong seal and prevents leaking. Use this to paint all kinds of sprayers and all sorts of surfaces. 

Buyers Experiences

This sprayer is pretty easy to clean and allows covering a large part of the area at once. It is highly recommended for those who want to paint the kitchen or similar surface in less time. It offers a professional finish and being ergonomically designed and lightweight it is a great pick for all the users. 


  • Offers professional-like finish
  • Adjustable settings suitable for any project
  • Customizes paint flow
  • Supplies power for more materials
  • 3 brass spray tips
  • Offer high-quality and consistent spray finish
  • Cleaning brush makes cleaning simple


  • It may result in overspraying if not managed properly.

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7. Paint Zoom Pro Handheld Electric Spray Gun Kit – Best for Indoor and Outdoor Use

Holding 925 watts of power, this sprayer is a commercial-grade product best for home use. It offers flawless outcome, enabling efficient distribution of paint and drying once the paint is sprayed.

It comes with three external containers for paint, which can be replaced easily when you are short of paint, saving you enough time.

Performance and Technical Details

It is a lightweight and compact design allowing easy maneuverability, speed, and transportation. It is efficiently powered and cuts the mess and issues of painting the home in half. It does not overspray and ensures you avail of best results in shortest time span.

The best feature of this device is that it interrupts the even distribution and flow of paint by eliminating the risks of uneven coating. Featuring a highly powerful motor, it distributes an even coat of paint so that you get optimum results right from the beginning.

It offers maximum level of directional control and comes with a unique reinforced three-way nozzle head. The long extension hose offers more freedom for the paint job to let you gain optimum results. When you have this efficient product with you, you can confidently bid goodbye to brushes and rollers.

Why is it Unique

The most splendid feature of this sprayer is its durable and heavy-duty build, which makes it suitable for most of the interior and exterior works. Other than this, this unit gives 3-way spray nozzle functionality and maximum directional control.

You can tackle all sorts of projects with this device and easily spruce up your space with a new color décor. The long extension hose offers you more freedom ensuring you get best results with minimum wastage. 

Is this Product Suggested?

This is a convenient paint gun designed for both outdoor and indoor use. It is a heavy-duty build holding unmatched durability and can tackle all kinds of paint jobs easily. With this electric paint sprayer, you can spruce up the look of any space and make it look better than ever.

Best Fit For

This sprayer comes with 3 paint containers for maximum spraying. It allows easy switch from one paint color to the other. It is a commercial-grade HVLP paint unit offering even coat so that you don’t worry about splatters, splotches or drips.

Buyers Experiences

Using this device, the buyers were able to easily transform any area of their house into a beautiful piece of work. They were able to paint their walls, color fences, and give dark spaces a lovely look. Even the darkest hues can be conveniently coated with the novel palettes. They loved the professional finish it offers!


  • Delivers seamless results
  • Efficient paint distribution
  • Comes with three external containers
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Powerful motor
  • Suitable for all kinds of projects
  • Three-way spray nozzle
  • Handy extension
  • Heavy-duty material construction


  • Cleanup is a time-intensive process.

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Why Do You Need a Paint Sprayer?

A paint sprayer is an ideal pick for those who have a big painting job to do. Spray guns utilize a compressing unit for sucking the paint out from a bucket then pumping it through the nozzle, and spraying the paint on the surface.

It is an efficient, easy, and fast device to cover a large surface, such as walls, fences, and barn. Paint guns are great to paint all sorts of exterior and interior surfaces like furniture, cabinets, and others.

The fine spray released by the paint gun easily reaches difficult sections like crannies and nooks. It does the job more quickly and flawlessly than a brush or a roller.

What are the Different Types of Paint Sprayers?

Paint sprayers are of different kinds. The three major types are based on the way they work.

Airless Paint Sprayers

Powered by a robust motor, these paint sprayers are designed for professionals and experts. They release paint at a very high pressure, applying a thick coat.

When paint is sprayed from such units, it is released from a fan of even particles, offering surfaces a smooth coat. Hence, you spray more in less time and in fewer coats.

But the flow is not adjustable, implying you get a no coat or thick coat. You can change the tip to different sizes to gain desirable results. These sprayers can easily handle thicker paints than other sorts of sprayers.

Large walls, fences, decks and other exterior surfaces of the house can be done easily with these units. You must avoid using any work, which is smaller or requires fine detailing. These devices need to be handled more carefully.

Compressed / Pneumatic Air Paint Sprayers

It is the other common kind of paint sprayer that uses compressed air for propelling the paint stream. These devices produce an even and smooth coating. They are excellent for furniture and other big household areas, which require an even finish.

They come with natural adjustability features, and hence, are more versatile. But their versatility makes them more challenging to use, which can be achieved with a little practice.

Pneumatic paint sprayers create overspray and use the most paint of any sort. However, they are the most affordable choice.

High Volume Low Pressure Sprayers

HVLP sprayers are the best alternative to compressed-air sprayers. They are more expensive and propel paint particles in large air volume, traveling precisely and slowly.

These units are accurate, offer smooth and fine coating, which permits a lot of detail. They involve less cleaning and are perfect for fine-detail work. Though they are costly, they use less paint, which means saving more paint and money in the long run.

HVLP paint sprayers work slowly. They are not the correct choice for big-scale projects such as long hallways or exteriors. The adjustable settings of these units make them more versatile and suitable for fine detail work.

Which is Better – Handheld or Turbine Sprayers?

It is quite tricky to choose between a handheld or turbine paint sprayer. There are other kinds also available. Having a good knowledge about all of them can help you make a well-informed decision.

1. Handheld Paint Sprayers

Ideal to serve various kinds of paint projects, these are handy and lightweight devices. You can use them to paint bookshelves, cabinets, dressers, furniture, and other items. The highly compressed air within the units let you complete small outdoor projects without leaving any marks or creating a messy space.

2. Turbine Paint Sprayers

They are an excellent choice for those who want to accomplish absolute accuracy. Using them let you have full control over the project. These products are suitable for complex surfaces and smaller areas. They offer a professional finish and suitable for DIY experts.

3. DIY / Light Duty Paint Sprayers

These sprayers are a quick solution for large painting projects. They cover big surfaces easily and in a short time span. They are different from other sprayers in a way that they don’t have any air mixed in with the paint. Even no material is mixed with the paint you use.

4. Professional Paint Sprayers

Professional sprayers are designed primarily for people who are skilled in the paint job. These are high-quality and expensive devices used by people who do a lot of paint tasks on a regular basis. Such sprayers assure you of offering premium and satisfactory results.

What Is The Paint Sprayer Tip?

Paint sprayers can support different tip sizes. It is therefore better to gain knowledge about them.

  • The tip size of the sprayer refers to its opening size. In some sprayers it also indicates the fan size and the size of tip opening. A 515 tip sprayer in a 5-inch diameter measures 0.15 inches.
  • Stains need smaller sizes of tip and less pressure. On the other hand, paints and heavier coatings require more pressure and big tip sizes. Consider the job you want to handle for each sprayer and focus on its maximum tip size. The bigger is the suggested tip size, the more precise finish it can release.
  • Tips are either reversible or standard. A standard tip is a basic design while a reversible tip can unclog conveniently by turning around and blowing out the blockage.

What Are The Paint Sprayer Patterns?

The spray pattern of a sprayer is the shape in which the final output is availed of the tool. The best sprayer can spray in various patterns including vertical, horizontal, and round.

Having the convenience to spray in different patterns lets you switch from painting a wide fan across the entire surface to a fan of the same width moving down and up without turning the sprayer.

What Is The Spray Pattern Width?

Each tip is available in various sizes, called spray pattern widths. This width can range from 6 to 14 inches wide. Smaller areas such as fence rails use a smaller pattern width. Larger surfaces, walls, and ceilings require a bigger pattern width.

Tips For Selecting The Best Paint Sprayer

Some of the expert tips you must consider while picking the best paint sprayer are as follows:

  • Sprayers having a hose of more than 25 feet or equal are flexible or those with a long extension cord are suitable for tasks that need distance, such as painting a fence. With an extension cord, it is easier to clean once the task is done.
  • For carrying out the paint supply over a long distance, you must pick a unit with a backpack or wheels.
  • Do check the paint capacity and how often you have to refill it. You may select a bigger hopper or unit, which draws right from the can.
  • Consider cleaning up and whether you require a unit, which comes apart for convenient cleaning.  Smooth internal units and surfaces, which draw from the container make cleaning simpler too.
  • Use an adjustable pressure control with low, high, cleaning or roller settings to extend the life of your sprayer’s tip. It is wise to select a model with a pressure roller attachment, which makes taking over projects where spraying is not possible.
  • Sprayer tip extensions are handy for painting foyers, high ceilings, and difficult to reach areas.

How To Properly Use A Paint Sprayer?

Using a paint sprayer can be a daunting task for those who are using it for the first time. Even simple sprayers require some learning.

Learning To Use The Paint Gun

It is a great idea to first practice on cardboard or a similar surface of low-value. It will let you be aware of your mistakes so that you don’t repeat it again and again. Keep practicing till you get smooth coverage. Once you have achieved the desired outcome you can paint on the final surface.

Always use paint guns within the range of 45 – 75 degrees Fahrenheit. It affects the paint quality. Painting in the sun can lead to fast drying of the paint. The paint does not bond properly.

The situation will be opposite if the climate is cold. The paint dries too slowly and detritus and some dust will stick to it. Also, the paint can clog within the sprayer and you would not be able to paint even a little bit! Hence, always check the temperature before using the sprayer.

Another way to prevent clogging is to keep stirring the paint. You can use a stirring stick for the same.

Once You Start

When you start painting, you must move the sprayer in long strokes before the spray is triggered. The cause for this is to use the stroke technique for preventing paint from running. If it rests on a single spot, it stocks up and runs.

You must be sure to never get the active sprayer close to the surface. It ranges fewer than 10 inches. Moving a sprayer can also dole out the product too heavily on a spot. This way you get freedom from running the paint problem.

Keep steady as small changes to the surface or sprayer distance can result in significant changes in the texture of the paint. It also implies you cannot tilt the sprayer at angles. The finest way to practice it is to methodically swing the unit forth and back as you paint.

Some Tips From Experts

By following some tips from the experts, you can keep the sprayer operational and gain efficient results.

1. Mind The Materials

You can use oil based paints in modern sprayers, but such paints are highly flammable. Check the user manuals for instructions regarding usage and prepare your unit to prevent scary incidents.

2. Lock Trigger

Make sure you always lock the trigger and practice adequate pressure-relief procedures before maintenance and cleaning. This way, you can combat accidental injections.

3. Pump Priming

Most paint guns come with one or two valves for spraying and priming. Switch the valve to ‘prime’ and activate the pump. You may turn up the pressure valve till the pump is moving. When the priming tube has paint flowing from it, you may relocate it to a paint bucket. Do this after 30 seconds for releasing air bubbles.

4. Spray On A Junk Surface

Before painting on the final area, practice painting on a cardboard. It allows you to check for the paint trail’s presence. If the result is not appropriate, you may check the air pressure. Keep assessing the spray pattern till you see trails.

5. Take Short Breaks

Using a paint gun for longer can result in cramps in your hand. Take little breaks while using the sprayer. Otherwise, you may experience severe problems.

Buyer’s Guide : Key Features Of A Paint Gun

In your chase to pick the best paint gun, keep some features into consideration. Every project is different, so some features may have benefits and cons based on your long-term painting requirements.

1. What is the benefit of having a garden hose connection?

You can save a lot of time by connecting the paint gun to a garden hose. It saves you from all the hassle of hose cleaning. Chunks and bits of paint can dry and deposit in the apparatus, resulting in clogs. A garden hose simplifies such things when the task is completed.

You only have to run the water through and it auto-cleanses. Most sprayers are compatible with these units.

2. Why pick a sprayer with adjustable pressure settings?

Most paint guns permit adjustability for pressure. But this is limited to compressed or pneumatic air and HVLP guns. Airless sprayers don’t have the adjustability feature. Hence, you need to use distinct sorts of tips to get the preferred effect.

The good thing about adjustable pressure settings is that you are able to manage the spray pattern, thickness, and speed without switching the tip often.

It is a supportive feature when you have numerous projects or tasks to complete from a single paint gun.

3. What size paint gun must I choose?

Paint guns are available in different sizes and shapes. Some are easily manageable and compact while others are hefty. The paint gun’s size affects the frequency of use and longevity to a great extent.

A unit with a handle and wheels makes it easy to handle the task as it can be carried from one location to the other. Handle and wheel units are floor based, so you require floor based equipment for connecting the gun and do the job.

Some paint guns can weigh up to 30lbs. There are some with a weight of just 5 lbs. These lightweight units are handy, cordless and similar to electrical tools. Despite being lightweight, they can result in fatigue if you use them continuously for long hours.

Heavy sprayers are undoubtedly more strong and powerful. They are suitable if you need to do professional-grade work. For small tasks, we suggest going for a lightweight sprayer.

4. What are the different power sources for paint guns?

Paint guns are powered in distinct ways. They can be cordless, fuel-powered or electric guns. Some of them are hand-operated such as spray bottles or staple guns.

Paint guns need a separate source of power for the compressor. While shopping make sure that a separate compressor is included.

5. What are important paint gun accessories?

Accessories available with paint guns are not just to enhance its looks but also to boost its productivity. The best paint guns cannot make the top list without basic accessories. Explore all possible additions available with your preferred paint gun model.

If you cannot have it all, you must go for the basic ones at least.

6. What is the use of different paint spray tips?

Paint gun tips are useful for achieving various spray patterns. They are also useful for managing distinct paints, depending on how thick they are. You must ideally pick multiple tips for your sprayer as it will offer you numerous options as you approach distinct projects.

Having varied spray tips let you spray lacquer or varnish to seal the paint coats.

7. Should I buy a hose for a paint gun or not?

It is slightly tricky and depends completely on the kind of paint jobs you perform. If you are covering big areas with the sprayer, you would need a long hose, at least 25 feet length.

To avail of versatility, you need to have distinct hoses. No need to stick to a short hose. Avoid having a too long hose as well, as it will drag and flop around the inside of the house. Just keep the selection to short, long, and medium!

8. What is the advantage of having filters in my paint gun?

One of the most frustrating problems among paint sprayers is clogging. Even the best paint gun can clog. Filters play a pivotal role in this as they prevent clogging to a great extent. Hence, they are quite essential.

Filters can help you produce a smooth finish by eliminating presence of contaminants in the paint. This also prevents paint spatter. Most importantly, filters extend the sprayer’s lifespan.

9. Should I buy extensions for my paint sprayer or not?

It is definitely difficult to reach high-up areas. If your model is heavy, then this becomes more problematic.

Extensions can serve you great comfort if the task involves regular thrusting of a gun into a distant crevice. Moreover, painting without extensions can result in back issues or severe injuries.

10. Why should I invest in conditioners and protectants?

Conditioners and protectants are handy chemicals useful for preventing the paint from sticking, freezing, rust, and other kinds of damages over time. They are useful for extending the paint gun’s lifespan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which is best – HVLP or LVLP?

A1. For DIY experts or hobbyists, HVLP systems are the best. Professional sprayers must pick LVLP systems. The HVLP gun provides slower but simpler functionality than LVLP guns. The LVLP guns will offer a smooth finish and are suitable for high volume painting tasks.

Q2. Can I use HVLP paint guns for automobiles?

A2. Yes, you can use them and they perform an excellent job of painting automobiles. Also, they avoid overspraying and are highly efficient.
Here are some of the best automotive paint gun for beginners reviewed. You can check it for more options.

Q3. Is a paint gun worth the investment?

A3. For those living in small apartments, who hardly have anything to paint, a paint gun is not a viable choice. You may hire an expert or do it with a brush or roller.
But if you are a homeowner, a paint sprayer is a value addition to your tool chest. Over the time, you will be painting your house a couple of times. The exterior walls, roof, wood deck, and other areas require refurnishing.
But homeowners must consider buying a paint sprayer to maintain their deck, furniture, and home. The savings obtained on materials and paint will pay for the machine’s cost.

Q4. Why go for a sprayer instead of a brush?

A4. Whether you paint the roof or basement of your house, a paint gun is an efficient option than using a paintbrush or an old foam roller. With a paint brush or roller, you can risk overlapping, streaking, or messing the paint everywhere. While painting the ceiling, the paint may drip on your carpet.
Hence, it is worth using a paint gun, which makes it easy to carry the work and in less time.
A paint gun is a practical and affordable way to paint the house and gain professional finish. You will never witness bristles of paint brush in the paint task, and everything comes out smooth and neat.
Also, paint guns save a lot of paint cost. Practically, it is worth buying this device.

Q5. Are paint guns user-friendly?

A5. Yes, these guns are user-friendly. These devices are straightforward and figure out the way they work is exceptionally simple. It is fast, simple and leads to even coat and is the best pick for rough textures.

Q6. Are paint guns useful for primer?

A6. Yes, paint guns can be used for primer. Some primers are too thick for this unit, which is why it is better to first thin them to achieve good results. One important thing worth mentioning is that a few primers can lose effectiveness when thinned, while a few already formulate for use in the sprayer and do not need thinning.
The best thing is to always check the manufacturer’s instructions to find if the primer has to be thinned before it is used in the paint sprayer.
You can check some primer options in some articles we have written.

Q7. Are paint guns better than rollers?

A7. Paint guns deliver better and faster results than rollers. They are more consistent, need a fewer effort, and save time. Also, they offer a wide range of use as rollers are not intended to be used with latex, oil, and thick paints. They are a better choice for painting surfaces with numerous cervices.

Q8. How can I unclog my paint gun?

A8. It is a lot easier to unclog a paint sprayer than it appears. You have to disassemble the unit, submerge the nozzle into the water, and leave it for a couple of minutes. It is wet to remove the residue, use a cotton bud if still it does not come out.
Before the sprayer is assembled, make sure that there is no paint leftover in the nozzle. You can dry it with a cloth. Make sure you test the device on a white paper piece before you use it again.

Q9. What kind of paint do you use in a paint sprayer?

A9. The airless paint sprayers can easily handle latex paints and primers, without getting thinning. Airless paint sprayers will work best with oil-based stains or paint. The HVLP sprayers would be a great option to handle thicker paints.
They are great for oil-based paint as thicker painters can clog the sprayer (e.g., water-based latex paints). The lower the viscosity or the consistency of the paint, the better will be the paint used in a sprayer.

Q10. Do I need an air compressor for a paint sprayer?

A10. Painting with the help of a gun, demands pressure to aid the paint flow and to achieve the appropriate paint flow from the gun. To achieve the appropriate flow pressure, be it low or high pressure, these guns have different modes of pressure generation such as the air compressors, available in HVLP sprayer, and the pistons in the airless turbines and sprayers.

Q11. Can I use a paint sprayer on the interior walls?

A11. If you want to paint your home interior walls with great ease and speed, it is important to use the paint sprayer. But if you want to achieve a great-looking wall, then it is best to use a paint roller. Paint rollers offer an even finish, and exceptional texture, and also adhere to the wall much better.

Q12. Can I leave paint in a sprayer overnight?

A12. Yes, you can leave paint in the paint sprayer either for a day or for a night, if you will be using the paint from the sprayer, the next day. But if you are done spraying the paint from the paint sprayer, you have to give it a good clean and keep it ready for storage.

Q13. Can you run water through a paint sprayer?

A13. Yes, you can run water in the paint sprayer to clear it. For cleaning the paint sprayer, you would require about 1 gallon of water.

Q14. Do paint sprayers come with accessories?

A14. Yes, paint sprayers come with accessories, and these accessories will help in making the job faster and easier. They will deliver a smooth and high-quality finish and helps the paint sprayer render a high-quality finish. These accessories include airless spray guns, chargers, batteries, extensions, hoppers, hoses, filters, strainers, liners and containers, pump replacements, etc.

Q15. How can paint sprayers be used safely?

A15. Paint sprayers have to be used very safely from start to finish. The spray paint should not be brought into contact with the skin and eyes. It is important to wear gloves while painting or wash your hands soon after using them. Keep the room well ventilates as the vapors are harmful. Keep the pain away from heat and away from fire and other heat sources.


Reading this post clearly implies you have a paint task to be completed. Buying and learning to use a new paint unit can be intimidating. But our handy guide equips you with facts, solutions, and answers to most of your queries. Once you pick the best painting gun, you would find it very easy to paint things. Just make sure you do the right selection. Good luck!

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