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7 Best Professional Airless Paint Sprayer Reviews and Buying Guide [2023]

Painting surfaces is a serious job! Even if you are a DIY expert, you still want to avail of absolute convenience without compromising on the results. 

A professional-grade paint sprayer is an efficient tool capable of getting things done more quickly and easily, which a simple DIY paint sprayer cannot offer.

Using the best airless paint sprayers provide you a serious upgrade of your project and take it to the next level. In brief, they are a great investment. 

If you are all set to purchase an airless paint sprayer and make sure that your investment is a worthwhile decision, check our reviews on the best professional airless paint sprayer along with our detailed guide from the experts. 

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Table of Contents

7 Best Professional Airless Paint Sprayer Reviews

1. Wagner Spraytech 0518080 Control Spray Max Stain Sprayer or HVLP Paint with Extra Container – Best Controlled Spraying

Now availing of consistent and smooth finish is possible in less time with this advanced Control Spray Max. The robust control offers the convenience to adjust on the basis of your project requirement and the kind of material you use. This device comes with amazing exclusivities. Let’s check more about it!

Performance and Technical Details

This sprayer features HVLP technology that utilizes a high air volume at low pressure for atomizing materials into small particles. It gives professional finish without overspraying. The sprayer sprays in three different patterns ranging from ½ to 12 inches wide based on the settings that allow precision and optimum control for finish work.

It comes with a material flow adjuster and a pressure control knob offering customized paint flow. There is also a 1 ½ qt. cup and a high-grade metal 1 qt. cup. The unit is easy to clean and set up. It comes with a 20 ft. hose, which makes it easy to reach the painting project and reduce issues. 

Why is it Unique?

It is an excellent paint sprayer that puts turbine weight on the ground, which allows absolute comfort for extended spraying. The base incorporates an ergonomic handle to conveniently carry turbines from one place to the other.

The robust two-stage turbine allows easy painting of the surface with thinner materials and thinned paints like poly and stains. 

Is this Product Recommended?

This is an efficient product that allows applying coatings faster than a roller or brush. We suggest using this unit for all sorts of interior and exterior projects such as cabinets, decks, furniture, trim, and others.

Buyer’s Experience

The buyers find it an amazing stuff that delivers excellent results for cabinetry and furniture. From painting fences to rails, they are happy to gain awesome results for all their applications. It can also be used for various sorts of paints offering great convenience and compatibility. 

Best Fit For

Whether you want to transform the look of your bathroom and kitchen cabinets or you want to refinish the deck, this paint sprayer is a wonderful choice. It makes spraying a breeze. The stationary base is comfortable to handle and lets you enjoy a great spraying experience. 


  • Smooth and consistent finish
  • Low overspraying
  • Useful for small fine finishing projects
  • Air power adjustment
  • Accompanies a bigger quart cup
  • Adjustable settings
  • Useful with a range of materials
  • Amazing design reduces hand fatigue


  • It is slightly heavy weight but the design makes it easy to use.

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2. Graco Magnum 262800 X5 Sprayer – Best Paint Sprayer With Stand

An excellent choice for handymen and DIY homeowners, this airless paint sprayer with a stand offers exceptional results for all sorts of small to midsize jobs.

It delivers unmatched finesse and speed and is a high-performance and cost-efficient solution that optimally caters to all kinds of indoor projects as well as numerous outdoor projects such as painting fences, small homes or decks. 

Performance and Technical Details

This sprayer features a high-quality piston pump made of stainless steel that renders high pressure power for spraying unthinned paints. With its adjustable pressure control, it is possible to gain the desired paint flow. Incorporated with a power flush, it connects to the garden hose to allow quick cleanup.

The robust airless spray tip is another great feature of this unit that delivers soft spray finish with less overspray and more control. The quick and reliable start-up ensures you always get results faster while the flexible suction tube allows spraying directly from 1 or 5 gallon paint containers. 

The sprayer supports 0.015 inches maximum tip size. It comes with a 75ft maximum hose length and is recommended for 125 gallons paint in a year. The 0.27 GPM maximum flow rate makes sure you get adequate results with ease. 

Why is it Unique?

This is an easy to use sprayer that finishes work in a fraction of time. It gives results better than a traditional brush or roller. You can use it to immediately add a paint coat to any surface to bring new life. You can paint all sorts of surfaces and enjoy a perfect finish for all your projects. 

Is this Product Recommended?

It is a great sprayer offering quick cleanup. It offers a beautiful smooth finish and costs a budget, which makes it a wonderful choice for not only newbies but also for experts. The sprayer can be paired with numerous tips of varied sizes to avail of the desired results.

Buyer’s Experiences

This sprayer works great for most of the buyers. The device is fast and offers a smooth finish. The thin tip that comes with it is perfect to use for priming or home projects. They were able to use it efficiently and were able to gain eminent results for both outdoor and indoor projects. 

Best Fit For

This sprayer is an ideal choice for those who want precision and premium results for all their projects. It is quite cheap and lets you avail of rich results with ease. With this Graco model, you can easily get your job done. 


  • Controlled paint flow
  • Stainless steel piston pump
  • Flexible suction tube paints spray directly
  • Easy and quick clean-up
  • Power flush adapter
  • RAC IV Switch Tip permits reversing the tip


  • The fuse is not replaceable.

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3. Graco 16Y385 TrueCoat 360 Paint Sprayer – Best Build

If you are looking for a high-quality product engineered using great components, this one is an ideal choice. The sprayer gives smooth and even coverage and makes sure you always get a professional and smooth finish for all sorts of surfaces. 

Performance and Technical Details

This paint sprayer is a smaller and lighter unit than Plus 2 because of its new single piston design. It is a completely rebuild-able design that makes it a worthy investment. One great aspect of this device is the FlexLiner bag, which is truly wonderful. The sprayer is easy to clean and takes less than 10 minutes, which makes it more useful. 

The reversible tip permits reversing the tip when clogged to allow spraying. Using its stainless steel piston pump, it is possible to spray paint at a high pressure. It features VacuValve technology that generates an air tight system enabling spraying in all directions including upside down.

The 2 – .015 inches reversible spray tip, 4 inches narrow and 12 inches wide, 2032 oz. FlexLiner bags ensure you are able to perform all kinds of outdoor and indoor home improvement projects with precision. 

Why is it Unique?

This unit offers continuous spraying and allows spraying unthinned paint at extreme pressure. With this device, you can spray in all directions. The bag replaces conventional material cups, recycle or reuse when you are done with the project. 

The sprayer offers even and smooth coverage on all areas and you will finish in a fraction of time in comparison to using a roller and brush. The two tips with it can complete all the painting projects and offer the fastest cleanup possible. 

Is this Product Recommended?

This product is suitable for DIY enthusiasts, weekend warriors, remodeling contractors, or handymen, or a painting expert. It is useful for spraying equipment to meet the needs. You can select this model to help you carry your job with ease. This tool gets you covered for all the projects!

Buyer’s Experiences

This sprayer keeps the arm steady without wrist bending. The sprayer works tremendously well. It is super easy to clean up. It offers a better finish with more even coverage. The buyers liked its high efficiency, which makes it a fruitful pick for them. 

Best Fit For

This sprayer is an ideal choice for those who want to avail of precise results. It offers fast and quick results without compromising on the quality. The product is well-made and ensures you achieve great results always. 


  • Features vacuvalve technology
  • Sprays paint unthinned
  • Suitable for multi-color projects
  • In handle storage for additional tip
  • Sprays in all directions even upside down
  • Very well-made product


  • This sprayer has no low setting.

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4. Wagner Control Pro 150 Paint Sprayer – Best For Small To Medium Jobs

Next is this superb sprayer with multiple exclusive features and awesome functionalities. Holding great build, powerful functionality, and rendering amazing results, this sprayer is a wonderful pick for the elite experts. 

Performance and Technical Details

This sprayer features the advanced HEA technology, which offers softer spray and a more consistent finish in a controlled manner. Its durable and powerful pump lasts up to 5 times longer than other sprayers. It comprises a rebuildable section for fluid, which enhances the sprayer’s life.

The softer spray pattern delivers precise results without stripes. It is a stationary design with integrated storage for holding additional tips. The sprayer draws paint directly from a 5 gallon bucket, which is easier for painting big projects. It holds numerous design features to make the painting project easier. 

You can adjust the pressure using the control knob for regulating the paint flow. It is a wonderful model with different and more features. 

Why is it Unique?

The Control Pro 150 is a powerful device that applies coatings 3 times quicker than a traditional roller. It uses HEA (High Efficiency Airless) technology, which reduces overspray by up to 55 percent while offering softer spray, enhanced control and consistent finish.  

It includes a 515 HEA tip that is meant for latex paints, a 313 HEA spray tip useful for stains and a 211 HEA spray tip to paint sealers. Hence, no matter what kind of a project you have, this sprayer works efficiently well for all of them. 

Is this Product Recommended?

Our experts suggest using this product for all sorts of big paint projects like painting large decks, home exteriors, or for carrying basement renovations. It offers a superior finish on the surface and the 25ft hose offers two-story and easy reach. The more control and soft spray pattern gives you splendid results every time. 

Buyer’s Experiences

It is a solid build product that has impressed buyers to a great extent. It made handling big projects a lot easier for most of the users. It is lightweight and easy to use and worth spending those extra dollars. 

Best Fit For

It is a user-friendly device, which can be used by both professionals and beginners. It is very simple to operate and loaded with rich features that offer convenience and finesse at every step. The low overspray makes room for less mess while painting indoors. 


  • Suitable for big projects
  • Applies coating 3times faster than other tools
  • Features HEA technology reducing overspray by 55%
  • Softer spray control
  • Operating pressure of 1500 PSI
  • Powerful and durable paint spray gun
  • 0.55 horsepower HEA pump
  • Rebuildable fluid section


  • It does not come with a carry handle.

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5. Graco Magnum 262805 X7 Paint Sprayer – Best For Exterior Projects

This is another brilliant sprayer from the Graco series, which is a treat for the handymen and homeowners. It is a great solution for small to midsize jobs and offers finesse and speed of unmatched level.

The unit is designed to save you money and time and ensures you are able to efficiently handle any exterior or interior project.

Performance and Technical Details

Weighing 26 pounds, this unit comes with numerous exclusive features, which makes it a great deal of choice. The sprayer holds fully adjustable pressure control offering ultimate paint flow for all projects. The RAC IV SwitchTip ensures you can reverse tip when clogged to keep spraying. 

One great thing about it is its high-quality piston pump made of stainless steel that ensures you spray unthinned paint at a high pressure. It also holds a flexible suction tube that picks paint directly from a 1 or 5 gallon paint bucket. With its PowerFlush adapter you can quickly connect to a garden hose for convenient cleaning. 

Why is it Unique?

This device is truly meant for big DIY projects. The best thing about it is its 50ft hose, which is extendable to 100ft and allows spraying to multi story buildings with ease. Further it is based on the advanced soft spray technology, which delivers exceptional spraying results at all pressure levels with numerous coatings. 

Using its instant startup feature, it is possible to make it work immediately so that you don’t waste time. The great performance of this sprayer ensures your work is done with precision and speed. 

Is this Product Recommended?

Designed from a very reputed brand, this sprayer is a perfect tool for DIY experts, professionals, and remodeling contractors. It makes is very simple to tackle big projects and get the job done faster and with more finesse. Selecting this model ensures you can handle your job with convenience. 

Buyer’s Experiences

It is a great sprayer for buyers that allows them to carry the paint job using different sorts of paints. They liked the fact that there is actually no need to thin down the paints for spraying. Its pump is really powerful and it offers even finish on all sorts of surfaces. 

Best Fit For

It is best useful for all kinds of exterior projects. The device is powerful and capable enough to handle medium to big projects. The only thing is that you need to purchase a hose extension if you are working on a multi-story building. 


  • Power flush connection
  • Flexible suction tube
  • Less overspray
  • Greater control and precision
  • Stainless steel pump
  • Reliable and fast start-up
  • Spray unthinned paints
  • Useful for multi-story projects


  • It comes with an original hose length of 25ft. Hence, there is an extra cost of buying an extension.

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6. HomeRight Power Flo Pro 2800 C800879 Paint Sprayer – Best Heavy Duty Sprayer

Now, spraying big, household projects are no more intimidating with the Power-Flo Pro 2800 paint sprayer! Using this staining and painting tool, you can save thousands of collars and walk away with an exquisite finish.

The sprayer is a heavy-duty design that applies a smooth coating to uneven areas that makes it ideal for garage, home exterior, fence or shed.

Performance and Technical Details

It is a heavy-duty sprayer that applies smooth coating to uneven areas that makes it a wonderful option when painting the garage, fence, home exterior or shed. It offers 2,800 psi of pressure making it easy to tackle big projects, fast and with professional results.

It comes with a pressure control knob offering more user control over the paint flow by dialing the perfect spray pattern. It is easy and quick to assemble the power-flow, which implies there is more time for painting. There is also a reversible spray tip that removes potential clogs. The sprayer comes with a carry handle and draws paint from 1 or 5 gallon cans, enabling further portability. 

Why is it Unique?

This sprayer offers great efficiency and ease. It is suitable for an extensive assortment of projects. With high tech engineering and innovation, this sprayer offers great results. It is chrome-plated spray with a 100-mesh spray gun filter installed.

The 515 reversible spray tips are suitable to paint all materials including latex paint.  Moving this sprayer is very simple because of its top carry handle. Even cleaning it takes only a few minutes, which makes it an ideal purchase for the buyers. 

Is this Product Recommended?

This sprayer works very well for painting all sorts of surfaces. The overspray is quite significant. We definitely recommend it to users of all levels as this spray gun delivers smooth, even, and quick finish. 

Buyer’s Experiences

It is a great purchase for most of the buyers as they enjoyed easy maneuverability and high efficiency of this unit for each and every project. It is built-in with numerous wonderful features and offers the perfect spray pattern offering exceptional results. Amazing performance for the price!

Best Fit For

This is a high-quality design with robust engineering. It is best to complete all big projects. Every time you will use this sprayer you will walk away with an appealing finish. 


  • Spray big, household projects easily
  • Exceeds conventional paintbrush and roller
  • Sprays distinct kinds of materials
  • Delivers great portability for easy maneuvering
  • Easy to handle and clean
  • Comes with a reversible tip
  • Pressure control adjustment


  • Not very strong
  • Not very portable

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7. Titan ControlMax 1900 PRO High Efficiency Paint Sprayer – Most Efficient Design

Now painting like a pro is possible with the extremely efficient Titan airless paint sprayer.

Offering absolute convenience and integrated with the advanced high efficiency airless technology, it intimidates out of airless spraying offering impeccable control and a precise fan pattern that offers a smooth and consistent finish. 

Performance and Technical Details

This paint sprayer machine features new tip technology, which reduces overspray by 55% while offering softer spray and enhancing control and offering a more reliable and consistent finish. It is integrated with an HEA pump, which is powerful and durable and can spray unthinned coatings with a rebuildable fluid section, which augments sprayer life.

It sprays up to .40 gallon per minute from the 515 spray tip suitable for latex paint. The adjustable pressure comes from a .70 horsepower motor. You also get HEA tips of varied sizes that match perfectly to your project and coating needs.

Another great thing is 50ft. hose and the ease to fetch paint directly from 1 or 5 gallon paint containers for added convenience. Moreover, it comes with fully portable car design with wheels, which makes it suitable for large projects. 

Why is it Unique?

This sprayer comes with a maximum operating pressure of 1600 PSI and can spray up to 500 gallons of paint per year. It is made entirely of metal and uses a 50ft. hose, which is extendable to 100ft for longer reach. 

The variable speed pump is useful for spraying unthinned stains and paints ensuring excellent productivity. It allows applying coats 3 times faster than the roller and is perfect for painting huge projects such as fences, garages, decks, exteriors and more. 

Is this Product Recommended?

We recommend this product to new contractors as well as semi-professionals who want to take their projects to the next level. The HEA systems can be used for a myriad of coating materials, including exterior and interior jobs and can conveniently be transported from one job location to the other. 

Buyer’s Experiences

The buyers find it an awesome sprayer with impressive performance. It simplifies the work of large jobs. The pressure spray is easy to control and reduces overspraying. It applies a thick coat quickly and evenly. 

Best Fit For

It is a great choice for handymen and DIYers for painting or spraying big projects. It is backed by the best and longest warranty and offers great efficiency, which makes it a wonderful investment worth consideration.


  • Applies coating 3times faster than a roller
  • Suitable for painting large projects
  • Incorporates a powerful pump and motor
  • Fully portable cart design
  • Made of metal
  • Offers consistent finish
  • Softer spray tip
  • Lasts up to 3times longer than other sprayers
  • Can spray unthinned coatings


  • This sprayer is prone to clogs, which may ruin the paint results.

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What Are Airless Paint Sprayers?

As their name suggests, airless paint sprayers run on electricity to generate an aerosol spray of the material inside it, such as lacquer, paint, or any other liquid. When these aerosols are generated at high pressure, the paint is sprayed at a high velocity.

The premium build and high-efficiency of these sprayers has made them highly popular among the professionals for both commercial and residential applications. In comparison to other sprayers, these units are much lighter and efficient.

The main reason for the increasing popularity of these sprayers is the myriad of benefits they offer. The top-notch one is the high quality of finish offered by them as compared to the other sprayers. They do not permit the paint stream to mix with air, which eliminates the risk of generation of air bubbles.

Occurrence of such bubbles in the paint leads to defects or cracks on the surface, which need to be corrected before completion of the project. In addition to this, these sprayers hold a higher portability level as there is no compressor involved.

Rather, you may select a powerful motor, which forces the paint through the nozzle at a great speed, offering the same GMP as the usual pump sprayer or higher. 

Other than electricity, these sprayers can run on a battery or cord. 

Why Must You Purchase a Professional Airless Paint Sprayer?

Correct equipment can completely transform the outcome obtained from your work. Upgrading yourself to a professional spray paint gun offers you numerous benefits. 

The main reasons why you must purchase such a sprayer are:

  • These units are excellent for painting big exterior areas such as fences, patios, and others. They complete the job in a record time.
  • Professional sprayers are great to use for interior projects such as painting walls, furniture, doors, windows, cabinets, and others. You only have to take adequate precautions while using these units.
  • The high pressure used by airless sprayers let you paint easily.
  • Using these sprayers, it is possible to apply paint evenly. This is a major challenge witnessed by many users. Airless sprayers lend an easy way to deal with this problem.

How Do Airless Paint Sprayers Work?

The working methodology of airless paint sprayers is different from the pneumatic paint sprayer. It is because it develops pressure inside the vessel and forces the paint to come out of the spray tip.

A usual pneumatic sprayer with an air compressor utilizes the compressor for creating a high pressure air stream that runs through the tube and out from the nozzle.

This leads to a low pressure, which draws the lacquer or paint into the stream and from the nozzle, resulting in an aerosol.

However, there are a few limitations to it. First it needs a big air compressor for creating the air stream. Air compressors are heavy and bulky and create some noise. 

Moreover, the air compressor holds pressure for longer. When it runs through a certain pressure volume, it has to restart again to build up the pressure and work continuously.

It implies that these sprayers work intermittently. So, you have to restart it on an occasional basis to get the paint task done.  This involves a lot of substantial time to complete the bigger projects.

Furthermore, it incorporates a piston pump for generating the pressure in the paint itself. The extreme pressure with a chamber made of stainless steel holds the paint and permits it to develop a high pressure without leading to air intervention. Also, it incorporates a standard DC motor that works to offer pressure without involving noise or heaviness to carry around.

The airless sprayers are more portable than the standard compressors. When there is enough pressure created within the paint, it is sprayed outside through a spray top into the fan pattern for spraying onto the surface. This results in a clear and smooth paint surface without occurrence of blemishes, which is easy to apply. 

We have reviewed a few of the best air compressor for painting. They will help you ease your task of finding the one for you.

What Are The Different Kinds Of Airless Paint Sprayers?

All airless paint sprayers work in the same way. But they differ in terms of build, performance, and benefits they offer. Each one of them holds a different design, which affects their price, portability, and the way they are used.

1. Standing Task Airless Sprayers

Undoubtedly, this is the most powerful type. These guns integrate big tanks and heavy motors. They are available in both small and big versions. If you want a sprayer, which needs to be moved from one place to the other, it is best to go for a lightweight version. But if you want a standalone unit, you may choose a heavy weight option, which is more stable.

These units come with a lengthy hose and cannot be moved around easily.

2. Cart Airless Sprayers

These are the most maneuverable options available that come with tanks and motors. They’ve got this name because of their unique design. Their innovative cart shape design is impressive and you can pull them around to distinct regions of the job site.

It is best to use them for big projects as you can move them around in distinct places without the need to stop and collect them again. Such tools usually have a longer hose length than other sorts and they are highly portable.

3. Handheld Airless Spray Guns

If you are looking for an efficient spray gun for smaller projects, you must go for this option. These are lighter units, which are efficient enough to handle only smaller projects. They are suitable only for residential use and not adequate for commercial use as they come with a limited capacity. However, they can be a wonderful touch up and suitable to accomplish only small projects.

Handheld Airless Paint Sprayers are most portable and possess lowest strength among the spray guns.

Buyer’s Guide To Pick The Best Professional Paint Sprayer

When you are planning to purchase a professional airless paint sprayer, there are certain things that you must take into notice as you compare distinct models. Some of the major aspects, which you must consider unfailingly, are:

1. The Gallons Of Paint You Need In A Year

Professional painters require more gallons of paint in one year than DIY enthusiasts. It is best to estimate the paint volume needed so that you choose the product accordingly.

2. Which Type Of Spray Tip Do You Use?

Paint sprayers come with different sorts of spray tips. Each tip is meant for a specific purpose and is useful for painting different surfaces. Hence, pick a sprayer that accompanies a spray tip, which you want and is compatible with your project requirement.

3. Check The Hose Length

Measure the space’s size properly before purchasing a product. There is no point buying a machine if you cannot reach where you want to be.

4. Monitor The Kinds Of Paints You Want To Use

There are various sorts of paints available, and hence, we require distinct pumps. It applies to oil or water based paints. Depending on the paint you use, your paint sprayer must be compatible with it.

5. Track The Power Requirement

A powerful airless paint sprayer means you can apply more paint in a short time period. This is an important consideration if you are working on a big project. 

6. Wheels

Try picking a sprayer that comes with wheels so that you can move the paint sprayer around. It is difficult to carry the equipment without wheels. This can result in a lot of inconvenience.

7. Compatibility

You must pick a sprayer that holds compatibility with most of the liquids. This way, you can use one sprayer with various sorts of investments without investing too much money and time. 

8. Portability

Most of the professional sprayers incorporate carts or stands with wheels that make the movement convenient. It is important as you need to move the sprayer while painting. Make sure that you gain sufficient mobility, which you need before buying. Carefully check the weight of the equipment when you make a purchase.

9. Adjustability

You must make sure that you pick a professional airless sprayer integrating an adjustable gauge. With an adjustable gauge, you gain proper flexibility of adjusting the pressure to meet the job requirement. It is vital when you plan to use the paint sprayer for distinct types of jobs. 

10. Price

While the factors such as compatibility, portability, adjustability, Hose length etc.., are eagerly considered by the professionals and DIYers for their airless paint sprayer, it comes with a price i.e., the cost we spend on professional paint sprayer will be higher but it will be an investment made for years together.  

11. Flexibility

Guns that are designed with a swivel are given more attention as it can give a higher level of flexibility. Sprayer which gives more manoeuvrability will be in demand naturally as it will enable the user to do a different job. These paint sprayers which are more flexible, controls the flow of paint in a better way and this feature makes the sprayer suitable for both indoor and outdoor works. 

How To Setup Professional Airless Paint Sprayers?

You can setup the airless paint sprayer by following these steps:

1. Establish The Spraying Device

On opening the product, do check the manufacturer’s instructions properly. Join the different pieces as per the instructions of the manufacturer and when everything is done you may set up the spraying surface.

2. Prepare The Spraying Surface

Prior to applying the paint on a surface, you need to wash the surface first. Once you have done washing, let the surface dry. Before beginning the work you must take into account sensitive services to avoid overspraying.

3. Practice Adequate Spraying Technique

Avoid overspraying more than 12 inches from the surface you spray and maintain a continuous and long motion while you apply the paint for the finest results. Maintaining discipline in such aspects will make things easier.

Who Should Depend On Airless Paint Sprayers?

Airless paint sprayers are a great choice for both professional experts and DIYers. Though they are expensive and involve intricate complications, still we recommend it to use for commercial or professional users.

These units are packed with rich features and generate up to 3000 GPM. With this rate, it is possible to perform all sorts of household tasks easily. 

Moreover, this is an efficient tool or you may end up wasting paint. The high performance offered by them ensures the sprayer can be easily maintained and it offers high efficiency over time. But one issue with these sprayers is that they are difficult to disassemble.

Airless Paint Sprayers Are Fit For Which Projects?

Airless paint sprayers are useful for big projects that need a fast and even application such as painting factories, restaurants, and big residential complexes. 

You may use these sprayers both outdoors and indoors based on your needs. Avoid working in windy situations. It is because very fine droplets of paint may be carried out to an inappropriate surface. 

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Q1. Which commercial airless paint sprayer is the best?

A1. The best commercial paint sprayer depends largely on the materials and its usage. For spraying big surfaces, you need an efficient sprayer such as Graco Pro210es as it incorporates a robust piston pump with a lengthy hose. However, if you want to paint a small surface you may go for a Fuji Q4 MiniMite.

Q2. What is the cost of a professional airless paint sprayer?

A2. The cost is slightly higher than $1000 and can be up to $4000. A sprayer of less than $1000 is useful for casual users or DIY experts and would not perform well in a short timeframe. It is best to purchase an effective sprayer so that you can save money in the long term.

Q3. What is the difference between airless and HVLP sprayers?

A3.  The prime difference between airless and HVLP sprayer is the way they pump out the paint. Airless sprayer utilize a piston pump of high-pressure that offers rich speed. On the other hand, HVLP sprayer utilizes a lower pressure system that offers more qualitative and accurate results.You may use the sprayers interchangeably and spray extremely slowly on big surface areas.

Q4. Which is the best paint sprayer for contractors?

A4. The most expensive sprayers are the airless sprayers as they make it convenient to paint. They are great for contractors who want more portability, smooth finishing, convenient cleanup, and lengthy hose length.

Q5. Do airless paint sprayers utilize more paint?

A5. It’s true! Airless paint sprayers particularly those that run more waste more paint than other sprayers. Without using them efficiently, you may add a few gallons wasted each spraying. Hence, you must practice spraying using water first to prevent over-spraying.

Q6. Do I have to use any thinner for the airless paint sprayer?

A6. It entirely depends on the type of nature you use. For example, latex paint is the most demanding kind of paint because of its high viscosity. Hence, for saving the airless sprayer from accidental clogs and over-use, it must be thinned by mixing it with 10% plain water. Also, you may thin down acrylics and oil-based paints.

Q7. Which is better – rolling or spraying?

A7. Airless sprayers fasten the paint project and also make it easy to reach distinct areas, which are unreachable to the small tips and hose.
If you want to invest your time in painting every corner of the walls to gain the best quality coat, you will get better results with rolling than spraying.

Q8. Can I spray my car with an airless sprayer?

A8. It is best to select an airless sprayer, which offers fine atom mist.

Q9. For how long can I leave the paint in the airless sprayer?

A9. Experts suggest flushing out all the paint from the airless sprayer right after finishing all the work. If you don’t do this, it will block the pump and lead to clogs.
In that case, you require more time to maintain and clean the sprayer. Also, it may result in uneven coverage of the paint for next use.

Q10. Is it necessary to roll after paint spraying?

A10. The best thing about airless paint sprayers is that you never have to roll paint after use. Even back rolling is an expert technique to spray particles better to target surfaces. It is important to smooth down overspraying or raised fibers when you use an airless sprayer.

Q11. How much pressure is needed for spray painting?

A11. The level of pressure required depends on the painting purpose, nature of the paint, and the sprayer design. For leveling up the efficiency of your sprayer to one step you may use plain water for testing the pressure and other features as well.

Q12. Can I leave oil-based paint inside the sprayer overnight?

A12. No matter what sort of paint you use, we suggest not leaving it inside the sprayer overnight. If oil-based paint features low viscosity than latex paint or when you wish to use the same paint, you still have to clean it properly and efficiently.

Q13. Can airless paint sprayers result in overspray?

A13. Yes, airless sprayers can lead to overspraying. Though most of these sprayers utilize HEA technology that diminishes overspray by 55% and there is still a 45% chance that overspray will be released. I suggest covering surroundings and furniture and putting on protective gear while using an airless paint sprayer.

Q14. Are airless paint sprayers good for indoor paint projects?

A14. Yes, in addition to outdoor use, airless paint sprayers are great for indoor use. You can use them for indoor projects such as painting door jambs, walls, casings, windows, doors, baseboards, trims, ceilings, and others.
For best results, make sure you properly cover the surrounding floor and furniture areas so that there is no stain of the paint. Also you wear protective gear and clothing to protect your skin and eyes. 
Make sure the room is clear from unwanted furniture so that the furniture does not spoil in case of overspraying. 

Q15. Which is better — Paint Sprayer Vs. Professional Power Paint Roller?

A15. Many professionals and DIY’ers prefer paint sprayer over paint roller. Paint Sprayer is comparatively easy to handle and useful for both indoor and outdoor works. Paint can be spread very quickly using the paint sprayer compared to paint roller.
Apart from quick usage, a large area can be covered by using paint sprayer. The quality and finishing look on completion of the painting job is enhanced when painted with painting spray.

Q16. Where Can I find a Adjustable Dial – 3-Way Professional Electric Paint Sprayer?

A16. The Fuji 2202 which aimed to attract a huge range of DIYers is said to be a part of DIY-PRO series. To introduce a more attractive and efficient feature, the paint sprayer is designed with three-way spray fan which is also adjustable.  

Q17. Which is better Graco or Titan?

A17. Titan and Graco are much suggested paint sprayer. If performance alone is taken into account, the spray guns of both the products are equally good. An added benefit in Graco is that it is easy to dismantle and clean. More importantly, it can be done a lot faster. On that score, Graco is better.

Q18. Is Wagner and Titan the same?

A18. Both the companies were competitors in the same business manufacturing quality goods. The Wagner which is the American subsidiary of German manufacturing group has newly purchased Titan. As a result of this purchase, the Wagner and Titan are now the same. 


Being a user, you must definitely want to pick the best for your project. All products mentioned in our list are worth investing and are highly professionals.

Selecting the best professional airless paint sprayer may be challenging. But we have made all efforts to simplify the process for you. Our findings will surely give you a better understanding of the features you must look for in a paint sprayer.

Moreover, if you wish to purchase a sprayer from the above mentioned list then you must be sure of the features you want to get. Also, we have highlighted each detail about the sprayer. Hence, you may easily make a perfect choice for the painting tasks. 

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