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How Long To Paint A Room? [Absolute Easy Ways to Calculate in 2023]

How Long To Paint A Room

Painting can always be fun unless you have time in your hand and also a couple of appliances. The oil in pain takes time to settle and dry up. This is why most people take some time to paint a whole room or even your entire house.

Even when you are painting a room or just a small part of your room, the time taken for this depends on your rooms’ size and the amount of paint that is being used. It’s not only about painting on the walls. There are many steps involved before actually painting, which is where time has taken more.

The guide below is all about the time taken to paint your room and how you can do it in the least time possible. Let’s begin with this article on how long to paint a room.

You won’t be able to spray paint unless you get all the required accessories and essentials along with you. It is important to have a few basic things that will help you complete the painting job efficiently. Here are a few lists of things that you may require:

  • Protective Clothing: It helps you to keep safe and clean in case you are using spray paints. You will stay safe from spills.
  • Tools: This entirely depends on the templates that you choose to work with spray paint. You can choose a variety of tools and accessories to complete your work.
  • Newspapers or Magazines: Newspapers or magazine papers help to protect the floor from spills. When you use a spray paint gun, it will fall on the floor. This is where a newspaper could be helpful.
  • Cleaning: You can use cleaning tools as well for spray painting. Options like white spirit or other natural cleaning products could prove to be a bit helpful in nature.

How To Paint A Room Fast?

It is easy to paint if you already know what needs to be done. Take hold of everything that is required. You can bring up all the tools and accessories that you would require for easy painting. You can quickly follow these steps mentioned below if you wish to get the best results.

1. To start with the procedure, you will have to look to clean up the walls. With dust on the walls, it will get more difficult for you to paint. Take the use of sandpaper and start scribbling to make it go smooth. The paint will not stick on the walls if there are specks of dust.

2. The next thing that you need to do is to apply primer and putty on the walls. Most people consider this as the base coat, which helps to keep the pain on levels. Repair every crack, and then you can use putty to make it go level.

3. Now you can go for making. Masking the edges of the walls or the furniture is important. It helps them to stay protected while you are painting. Even if paint falls, the table and the other edges will remain safe.

4. To make it a fast painting option, you can easily take the help of spray paint. Spray paint has better airflow, and this is why they can throw a large pint. However, the density of your paint needs to be a bit lighter. You may have to coat the paint three times to make it a bit darker.

5. Apply a bit of natural heat on the walls, which will help you to get easy results. Make sure that the pain sits well while drying. Once it starts to dry up, you can always get the help of a bit of blow drier to fasten the proceedings.

How Long To Paint A Room?

The actual time taken to paint the room will ultimately depend on how much you have to paint. Let’s assume that you are not a professional and you have never painted before.

There are many other factors involved, including the home’s age, the type of paint you would be using, and the number of coats you will require. Also, creating texture patterns and more will take long hours to complete. Now lets us break this down in step by step information.

Coming over to ceilings, they require less time. Ceilings can be completed in just two complete coats. This requires the least time. To complete the ceiling, it should take about 30 minutes in total.

The next part to consider is the walls of the room. Here is the tricky part. Most rooms and walls require at least 3 to 4 coats to complete. Considering there are at least four different walls available, it should take around 20 minutes for each coat.

  • To complete 1 coat of paint on four walls, it should be around 4 x 20 minutes = 80 minutes.
  • To complete 3 coats of paint on four walls, it should be around 3 x 80 minutes = 240 minutes.
  • The total time to complete the painting job will be around 240 = 30 minutes = 270 minutes.

However, this whole calculation is estimated with a floor size of 12 x 12 feet. If your room is more prominent, the time taken will be more.

Note: You can reduce the time you use different paint quality and other technology used behind the painting. Spray painting your walls will require less time because the flow of paint from this is swift. However, the drying part of your paint will also be similar for each type.

We hope that these calculations work for you and help you answer the question how long does it take to paint a room.

How To Paint A Room?

1. Choose If You Need To Prime First

Preliminary is an undercoat that prepares your walls to get the new paint. You should utilize groundwork if this is the first time the walls have ever been painted or if the current paint is a different medium than what you expect to use (i.e., if you are putting acrylic paint over top of oil-based paint).

It is also advisable to prepare if the current tone is a lot darker than what you expect to replace it with. This will keep the old style from appearing through when you repaint. Talk to the salesperson at your local paint store to sort out what should be done to prepare your walls.

2. Mask The Room And Secure The Furnishings

You will want to mask the edges of all the areas you plan to paint. This usually incorporates along the roof and the baseboards, and the window edges. This will give you fresh advantages when you paint and keep the paint from going where you don’t want it.

Green painters’ tape is an ideal tape for the work. You will actually want to discover it at your local paint store. You should also put down some drop materials to secure the furnishings and floors. Old shower curtains or plastic table materials from the dollar store work well.

3. Paint The Trim First

The best brushes are those supple ones rather than traditional paintbrushes, which will leave streaks in general. Paint along the top and base edges of the walls, around the windows, and in the corners.

Basically, you are attempting to cover all the areas that you will not have the option to reach with a roller. Make sure you several creeps down from the roof since you don’t want to hit the roof with the roller later on.

To help you decide the best paint for interior doors and trim we have this article.

4. Paint The Walls With A Roller

It very well may be handy to get a handle extender with the goal that you don’t have to get up on a ladder. One mistake that amateur painters regularly make is to roll just an all-over way. You will get all the more even coverage if you turn over an area in several ways, for example, here and there, side to side, or diagonally.

Make sure the paint is spread meagerly with no thick drops remaining, and add more paint to the roller when your moving isn’t completely covering the wall even after going over the same area in several ways.

5. Two Coats Of Paint Will Get The Job Done.

You should add a third coat if the tone underneath were darker or if the paint is lopsided in any way, shape, or form.

Determining the Time

Determining the time will include everything and also every aspect in the room. The total time will however depend on the area which you will have to cover. You can also look for the prep work and also the difficulty in preparing. However, here is an estimation which you can follow.

The preparation time should be around 0.185 minutes per square foot.

The cutting time should be around 0.32 minutes per square foot.

The rolling time should be around 0.185 minutes per square foot.

The cleanup time should be around 0.07 minutes per square foot.

What time does it take to use a roller to paint a room?

The average time taken which helps you to get to roll a room is around 40 minutes. This is the average time to roll out each coat off the paint. As a result of this, you will be able to get the best results.

However, you can consider that the total time to roll out walls is roughly around 80 minutes which is almost an average of 0.158 minutes per square foot.

Things To Consider When Painting A Room

  • When painting a room yourself, it really pays to be prepared. Taping is a need, and you should plan on sufficient opportunity to do it right.
  • Except if you have a popcorn roof, you can even put tape on the roof to avoid accidentally putting paint on the roof.
  • If you plan on painting the roof simultaneously as the room, you should start with the roof. In that case, it is also necessary to have drop fabric covering 100% of the room and the inside if not eliminated.
  • Regardless of how careful you will work, paint drops will fall without a doubt, and you do not want them on your carpet or furniture.


Painting your room is never an easy task. It is always time-consuming because of the multiple steps, including applying putty, painting, and topcoats.

There are different ways by which you can get a painting job done faster, but you need to be precise in your work. Keep in mind that while painting, there are no air bubbles present on the brush.

Remember one thing. Once the base coat is finished, you will need to wait till it dries up, and then you can go for the topcoat. This was our take on how long to paint a room. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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