How Much Does It Cost To Paint A Bumper? [Accurate Cost Estimates of 2022]

how much does it cost to paint a bumper

Even on impeccable bodywork, a car bumper always ends up being damaged while playing its role of protection. To hide scratches, bumper paint is an ideal product. 

In this article you are going to learn many things such as:

  • Average cost of bumper Painting.
  • How to manage cost while painting a bumper.
  • Is it better to buy a new bumper or repair it.

Find out in this article how to use it to renovate your bumper in just a few brush strokes and how much does it cost to paint a bumper.

How Much Does it Cost to Paint a Bumper?

It’s not easy to always keep our car clean and scratch-free. 

Not all roads are always smooth to drive on, we sometimes have to drive the car on very harsh roads which does a lot of damage to our vehicle.

The bumper is the one that gets the most hits while driving on an off-road which results in fading off its paint very early. Sometimes, you will even need to change and buy a completely new one.

And if you need to replace it then the new bumper will cost more as they are shipped without paint. So, the cost of a bumper depends on whether you are repainting your old one or replacing it completely.

1. Average Cost Of Painting A Bumper By Yourself?

  • If you have decided to take the job of repainting your bumper into your own hands then you will be saving some money.
  • You will need to remove the bumper and paint it separately. You will need to buy a specific color bumper paint which will suit your car. The total money needed for successfully painting your bumper by yourself will not be more than 100 dollars.

2. Average Cost Of Painting Bumper By Hiring A Professional?

You will need to spend a little more if you are hiring a professional for bumper paint job. But it’s absolutely worth it if you want good quality work to be done. 

Because painting a bumper is not an easy task for a newbie. You may damage parts of your cars or the bumper itself. So, it’s better to be on a safer side and let the pro handle this task.

If your bumper has never been painted before then the task will be more harder. Painting any automobile part is not easy, it requires a lot of preparations and a clean pollution-free closed place. So, spending some extra cash for painting your bumper is all worth it.

Here are some of the best automotive paint gun for beginners in case you are planning to try this on your own.

How Much to Paint a Bumper? [Estimated Cost Per Square Feet] 

Let’s do some math and calculate the estimated cost per square foot for painting your car bumper. On average the width of car bumpers is 6 square feet.

1. Cost Per Square Feet If Painting By Yourself

You will require a paint matching the color code of your car. Obviously, it should be auto paint. You will also need a few brushes and a canvas for keeping the paint. 

The average cost of these materials is $40-50, so you will be spending around $6-7 per square foot.

2. Cost Per Square Feet If Hiring A Professional

As said earlier, you will need to spend some extra cash while hiring a professional. But it’s all worth it as you will get premium work done. 

The average cost per square foot painted by a professional is about $20-25.

How Much Does Plastic Bumper Paint Cost And Where Can I Find It?

Plastic bumper paint is easy to find, whether it’s in DIY stores, auto supply stores, or on the Internet. 

Its price is approximately $15 for a 400 mL aerosol, and the price of the primer is equivalent. The cost price of plastic bumper paint is, therefore, $30 in total.

What Are The Characteristics Of Bumper Paint?

  • Plastic bumper paint, also called “spoiler paint”, comes in the form of a very easy-to-use aerosol. It is used for thigh-pressure pumpers, but also the spoilers and all plastic automotive parts (mirrors, plastic shields, etc.).
  • With a matte finish, it is found in gray or black. It is resistant to temperatures up to 120 °, gasoline, UV rays, and small scratches. It is applied after a specific coat of primer, allowing the paint to have a good grip on the support.
  • Its composition gives it qualities of maximum elasticity and high covering power. It is sold under different references, depending on the colors used by car manufacturers. Once applied, plastic bumper paint exhibits good resistance to washing (however the high-pressure washing should be avoided) and weathering.

What Are The Qualities And Defects Of Bumper Paint?

The main qualities of plastic bumper paint are its ease of use and low price.

However, the preparation of the support, before application, must be perfect. Without it, paint on its own cannot fill small bumps and dents or cracks on the bumper.

How To Apply Paint on a Bumper?

While plastic bumper paint is relatively easy to use, painting over plastic can have some challenges: Plastic is a material with non-stick properties, which can prevent paint from sticking to its surface. The latter is therefore likely to come off.

Plastic is a very flexible material. Thus, twists can occur and deform the rigid paint film, and cause it to peel off into strips. This is why it is essential to apply a specific undercoat of primer if you want a result that lasts over time.

1. Preparation Of The Support

Cleaning is carried out with a damp sponge and household cleaner. After rinsing and drying, apply a cellulose thinner using a cloth to degrease the surface.

Then carry out small repairs (impacts, cracks) with two-component polyester putty. The latter must be sanded before painting and chosen according to the importance of the repairs to be made. Sand first with medium-grit sandpaper, then finish with water-based sandpaper. Finally dust off the support.

2. Painting

First, apply a coat of specific primer paint. In this case, it is advisable to use a primer that adheres strongly to the plastic, and is microporous, in order to facilitate the adhesion of the final paint.

When this undercoat is dry, you can proceed to paint. It is carried out in two or three successive layers with a thickness of 10 to 15 microns, by cross-passes for better coverage of the support.

3. Touch-Dry Time Is Achieved In Five Minutes

The through-drying time is 12 to 24 hours depending on the brand used. If you want to reduce it to 60 minutes, you have to expose the painted part under an infrared bodybuilder’s lamp for 7 minutes.

Solutions For Repainting A Car

You should know that there are different solutions when you want to change the color of your car, or simply redo the body to hide scratches or graffiti.

There are three main alternatives when repainting your car:

  • Complete painting of the vehicle: A complete painting will consist of painting the entire vehicle. This is ideal for changing the color of a car or renovating a body covered with scratches. It is also the assurance of uniform color throughout the vehicle.
  • Painting a body part: If only one body part is affected, you can have that part repainted and that part alone. 
  • Total covering: Also called total wrapping, this method involves placing a sticker on the entire body to change its color. Performed by a body shop, this technique is often less expensive than complete painting.


Painting your car bumper looks like a very easy job but it isn’t. There are many things you need to take into consideration before proceeding any further. 

If you are confident enough that you will be able to paint it by yourself then you can save a few bucks. But, most of us are not pros in painting so it’s better to allow professionals to do this job.

Now, the decision is yours! We have done our job by writing in detail about how much does it cost to paint a bumper. Let us know your decision in the comments below.

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