How To Open Paint Can? [7 Amazing Ways to Open a Can of Paint in 2022]

How To Open Paint Can

Keeping a can in your hand, close to your body, and opening it with full pressure? The result! The paint inside spills out on your clothes! I’m sure that you would have never wanted this to happen. Keeping yourself safe before spilling out the color should always be a bit of a priority when it comes to using.

Opening Paint can is not a big challenge, but it also requires you to be delicate. You don’t need to have to open the paint can with your hands themselves. You can easily do this with the help of some appliances as well. You may not require a professional hand, but it’s important to open the cans correctly to ensure that it does not spill out.

Here is a quick guide on how to open paint can properly and how you can use it.

How To Open Paint Can?

1. Slap The Base

Before you attempt any instrument, you may want to upset the paint can and slap its base grasping the paint can. This will help you break the seal and open the paint can shortly. Slapping the base of the paint can a couple of times open it eventually.

2. Use A Knife

For this stunt, you need a butter knife. All you have to do is slide the knife between the paint can and the top winding somewhat for breaking the seal. This ought to be done carefully so as not to damage the paint can.

3. Bang It

At times, banging a couple of times works. What you need to do is strike the paint’s cover can protect against a hard surface at around 45 degrees angle. By hard surface, we mean a counter or sink, for instance. Alternatively, you can hit the paint can or bottle with a hard article, for example, a wooden spoon. Don’t hit too hard, or the top will get harder to open.

4. Use Hot Water

This is another basic technique. All you have to do is drop high temp water on the top for a couple of moments. You can then grab the cover with a towel to open it up. Actually, heat causes the metal cover to expand, making it easier for you to break the seal.

5. Use A Paint Can Opener

If none of the strategies works, you can evaluate a paint can opener. This apparatus is intended for adults with neurological impairments. This will help you utilize less energy to open the paint can.

6. Use Traction

At times, your hands don’t have the necessary traction to get the cover opened. In this case, you can utilize a harsh towel, elastic gloves, or a damp wipe. You can also wrap an elastic band around the cover edge for extra traction. Then you should curve immovably, and the top will fall off.

7. Break The Seal

If you don’t have to utilize the top again, we propose that you make it disappear. What you need to do is pry the cover open. Another way is to poke holes in the paint can cover for breaking the seal. If you don’t have a container opener, you can utilize a spoon.

8. Wear Your Tap Shoes

At times, food particles are stayed the container or paint can cover. To remove the food particles, all you have to do is tap on the paint can top. As a rule, this strategy works well.

9. Use The Nutcracker

If you have a major paint can with a rugged cover, you need a pair of forceps. This will assist you with releasing the paint can seal and get the cover taken out.

What To Do With Leftover Paint?

Have a gander at how much paint is left in the can. If you worked really hard on estimating, then you may have just a little paint left. If this is the case, then attempt to go through it by overpainting areas recently painted.

Think about continuing/to store a combination of extra paints for future paint projects. The mixture will, in general, be a neutral mix and may be usable for undercoats.

At the point when you store to paint the opening ought to be covered with plastic wrap. Then close the cover and utilize a mallet to seal the top. Store the paint can make topsy turvy forestall drying out and store in a cool, dry area.

If you have a mutiple/3 gallon of latex-based paint, you may have the option to swap for another tone through local paint swapping programs. You may also discover an organization, for example, a congregation, secondary school drama department, Habitat for Humanity chapter, or local gathering that will accept donations.

Things You Must Know Before Painting

Picking a tone can be done in a variety of ways. For example, you can initially start by selecting a shading family that suits your taste.

For example, the blue shading family will have various shades inside it, as will a yellow shading family.

  • When you pick a shade, there are various complementary tones to feature your shading plan. For example, blue and orange are complementary tones.
  • Many determinations can be made available to you.
  • When you pick a shade of paint, it may also be available in various completions that give the shading a novel sheen, for example, a matte completion or a metallic completion.
  • The second reason your home’s outside wall paint fills is a practical need. Similarly, as your house is a safeguard for you, the paints utilized on your home’s exterior walls fill a defensive necessity.
  • Similarly, as you would care for yourself and your family, your house is a construction that should be taken care of.
  • Painting the outside of your home at first can appear to be complicated. Anyway, it is pretty much an essential strategy when you remember a few basics.

In case the exterior paint you used is left and now you are thinking to use the leftover paint inside of your home. Then before doing this you must read this article on can you use exterior paint indoors.


Using the paint will help you to get an amazing result. You can obviously take the help of the screwdriver or multiple other utensils, which will help you open the paint can lids properly. Make sure that you are not applying too much pressure while opening the jar bottle.

In case you are applying more pressure, the bottle might break out in just a few seconds. Make sure that you keep it in a safe and proper area before using the paint can. So, this was our article on how to open paint can. We hope it helps you to open the paint can the right way.

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