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How To Paint Metal Without Spray Paint? [An Effective Step-By-Step Guide In 2023]

Metal is a hard, shiny, and malleable material. Metal furniture is very appealing. Nowadays, home, office, and hotel – metal furniture is in trend everywhere. Apart from this, different types of metal furniture are also seen in the garden, parks, and swimming pools, representing those places’ beauty and elegance. 

The color of metal furniture also fades over time, which necessitates repainting of metal furniture. When it comes to painting metal or metal furniture, professionals prefer spray paint. This is because the metal surface is very smooth and difficult to paint with a brush.  

However, there are some easy techniques that may be possible to paint metal or metal furniture with a brush. Our article on how to paint metal without spray paint is based on the same topic. Here we will talk about some easy methods, by following which you can paint with a brush without spray painting metal furniture. Let’s get started!!

how to paint metal without spray paint? [Tools and Materials Needed]

how to paint metal without spray paint

The specific tools and materials you require for metal furniture painting are noted below:

  • A pot 
  • Sandpaper
  • Oil-based paint 
  • Wooden stick
  • A brush with a smooth edge

How to Paint Metal Furniture With a Brush?

You can learn how to paint metal furniture without spray paint by applying a number of easy steps. Follow the tips mentioned below step-by-step:

1. Take Your Furniture Outside

Your first step in starting your painting project will be to bring the furniture out. This is because rust can accumulate on your floor when removing rust from the old metal, making your floor dusty. 

In addition, while painting, a few drops of paint and minerals must fall on the floor, making the floor dirty. Therefore, it is important to move the furniture out of the room to avoid making your floor dusty and dirty.

2. Remove the Rust

To remove rust from the metal surface, take sandpaper and rub it with the sandpaper. If you start painting without removing the rust, the paint will have no effect on the metal. Additionally, if the metal has a rusty surface, the paint on that metal surface will not apply properly.

3. Clean the Furniture

Even after removing the rust with sandpaper, some junk powder remains on the surface of the metal furniture, and this rust will not bring good results in painting. So, to make the furniture completely junk-free, wash it thoroughly with water, or wipe it down with a damp cloth.

4. Dry the Metal in Sunlight

After washing the metal, please leave it in the sun for some time to dry it properly. This is necessary, and the paint mixture will not sit evenly on a wet surface. When the metal has dried thoroughly, begin your painting process.

5. Paint Selection

When painting metal furniture, it would be wise to use oil-based paint. This is because normal paints will not be effective on metal surfaces. Hence, always opt for oil-based paints for painting any metal.

6. Pouring Paint in a Pot

Now, pour the oil-based paint into a container. Keep in mind that just half of the container should be filled with paint so that you can mix the minerals in the paint according to your need.

7. Adding the Minerals

Now it’s time to mix the minerals in the paint you want to use. So, slowly add the minerals to the color. As a paint thinner, you have the options of kerosene, turpentine, and mineral spirits. You can choose what you want.

Mineral spirits and turpentine are commonly used in the paint as a paint thinner. This is because it helps the paint to dry faster than kerosene. Make sure the proportion of the mixture is correct. Even when mixing paint and minerals, you need to get an accurate estimate of the ratio.

8. Making a Perfect Mixture

It is best to use a wooden stick to make a perfect mixture. Take a wooden stick and keep stirring the paint and minerals in the container until it becomes a perfect mixture.

9. Checking the Consistency of the Mixture

After mixing, double-check whether the ratio of paint and mineral is correct or not. If the mixture appears too thick, you can add some additional minerals and begin your painting work. In contrast, if you feel that the mixture has become too thin, add some more paint to it to maintain the correct proportion.

10. Start Painting Work

Bring a brush to paint once the mixture is ready. Start your painting work with simply the tip of the brush dipped in the paint and mineral mixture.

11. Pattern for Painting

You should maintain the painting pattern. Paint in a single direction. Many people like to paint from left to right. It is ideal for painting the entire metal surface in the same pattern.

12. Patience During Stroking

It would help if you were patient while accomplishing your painting work. Do not attempt to cover the metal’s surface with paint in the first stroke. It’ll only take a few strokes to cover the surface.

13. Brushstrokes

Over the metal furniture, you just paint one coat with single brush strokes. Attempt to maintain the same pressure throughout each stroke. You can achieve smooth paintwork by using light, steady strokes.

14. Drying the Paint

After applying the first paint coat to the metal surface, leave an hour or two for the paint coat to dry. The paint coat must dry properly; otherwise, your following layer may become messy, resulting in a complete mess of your painting.

15. Clean the Brush

When you’re finished with each stroke, make sure to wipe the brush. Otherwise, the brush’s remaining color will dry out and no longer be useful for painting metal or wooden surfaces.

16. Coating the Metal Surface

If you see that the first paint coat you applied to the metal surface has dried thoroughly, now apply another layer with your brush in the same pattern.

Continue painting this manner until you have covered the entire metal furniture with paint. 

The painting process usually takes some time, but the result will bring a smooth paint finish to the metal surface, giving you satisfaction. So, paint your metal furniture with a brush with patience and maintain the pattern with oil based-paint and minerals.

Hands shake while painting many people. If you also have such a problem, it may not be easy to paint metal furniture with a brush. That is why some people use spray paint instead. However, those who can keep their hand’s steady while painting will have no problem painting a metal surface with a brush.

Safety Considerations

One must ensure complete safety when doing any work with metal. The same applies in the case of painting on metal. Therefore, dust masks, gloves, and protective goggles must be used while painting with a brush on metal furniture.  

Furthermore, choose a better-ventilated area to accomplish your painting project. When removing rust from metal surfaces, earplugs should be used to protect your ears.

How to Paint a Metal Bed Without Spray Paint?

1. Dismantle the Bed

First, take the mattress and sheets out of the room and set them aside. Then, dismantle the bed and keep the screws of the bed in a resealable plastic bag. 

2. Move the Frame to a Well-ventilated Place

Move the bed frame outside for greater ventilation as an alternative when painting. Clear a space in the room for the painting of the metal bed. Allow for ample ventilation by opening windows.

3. Make Use of a Drop Cloth

Place a drop cloth on the area where the painting will be done. Cover the sawhorse with another drop cloth and place it in the center of the cloth on the floor if you have one.

4. Get Ready to Sand

It would be better to make a separate place to sand the metal bed frame, so there is no dust in the painting area. To make cleanup easier, use newspapers.

5. Sand the Metal Bed Frame

You can use fine-grit sandpaper or a metal brush to remove chipped old paint and rust from the metal frame.

6. Remove Any Residue Dust

Rub the tack cloth over one section of the frame at a time to eliminate any dust. Also, wipe the metal frame with a damp cloth to remove any residue.

7. Apply a Primer Coat

While the bed frame is lying on the drop cloth against the sawhorse, apply the primer with a paintbrush. We recommend using a rust-preventative primer to lengthen the life of your bed frame. 

8. Apply a Metal Surfaces Paint

Next, apply a thin coat of metal paint to one side of each bed frame with a paintbrush. Pay special attention when painting decorative areas of the frame where paint can pool. Allow the paint to dry according to the paint directions before adding another coat.

9. Use a Clear Coat

Once the first coat of metal paint has dried, use the paintbrush to apply one to three coats of clear coat to the metal bed frame. The finish is protected from scratches and chips with a clear coat.

10. Assemble the Bed

Once all of the bed-frame parts are dry, assemble the bed. Remove any newspapers and clean and store the rest of the items. Put the bedding again with the mattress, sheets, and pillows.


Painting metal using a brush takes longer than a spray. That is why you have to approach your painting project carefully and patiently. Try painting your metal furniture with a brush by following the instructions mentioned in our article on how to paint metal furniture with a brush. You will get good results.

So, this was all from our side on how to paint metal without spray paint. We would love to know your experiences in the comments below.

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