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Is Behr Paint Latex? Everything Else You Need To Know [Updated 2023]

If you are planning to uplift the face of your home or office using Behr paint, you would be glad to know that these paints are available in both water-based and oil-based forms. While Behr oil based paints offer more luster and gloss, Behr water based paint contains acrylic and offer an excellent touch-up. 

Before you invest your money in Behr paints, you must gain complete information about it, which we have explained in this post, Is Behr Paint Latex.

So, let’s begin!

Is Behr Paint Latex Or Oil-Based?

Behr paints are suitable for exterior and interior surfaces. These are specialty paints that come in different kinds of finishes.

Is Behr Paint Latex

The common finishes of Behr paints are:

  1. Flat
  2. Matte
  3. Eggshell Enamel
  4. Satin Enamel
  5. Hi-gloss
  6. Semi-gloss

This paint is suitable for general application using a brush, sprayer, or roller. You can use it for pruning and siding as the paint holds resistance to mildew growth.

Behr paint is available in various formulas – Marquee and Premium Plus. 

The performance of these formulas depends on the type of project for which they are used.

Is There Any Latex In Behr Paint?

Yes, most Behr paints are latex in nature. They are acrylic latex compositions offering long-lasting durability and are mildew resistant. You can apply these paints on both exterior and interior surfaces as they can withstand a high level of moisture, stains, and fade. 

What Is The Difference Between Behr Marquee And Behr Premium Plus Paint Formulas?

Before you decide between Marquee and Premium Plus paint, it is necessary to understand the difference between the two. While some paints are costly, others are long-lasting and durable.

To understand the difference between these two paints, you must consider the following basis of differentiation:

1. Binder

Initially, Behr used to offer latex paint only. Now, there is a variety of latex and oil-based paint available. Some latex paints contain binders that ensure the paint bonds well to the surface. Paints with high-quality binders provide improved application and involve less maintenance. 

2. Pigment

  • Paints contain two kinds of pigments – an extender and a primer. The pigments have texture, coverage qualities, and color. Among the various pigments, titanium dioxide is costly and high-quality.
  • There is extrusion pigment that works as a filler and adds a glossy appearance to the surface. These paints prevent mildness and blemishes.
  • Top-quality pigments give a fine grounding while cheap ones possess rough textures. It is best to take a rub test to determine whether the pigment is of high quality or low quality.

3. Liquid Ratio

If the proportion of solid is higher than the liquid, the paint is a high-quality one. These solids are binders and pigments. If there is more liquid than solid in paint, it fails to offer better functional results. 

4. Additional Features

There are other additional features that you need to contain in a paint. These work with an extensive range of binders and pigments. Some paints even have dispersing agents that provide uniform pigmentation and can fight mildew and bacteria. 

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Q1. Is Behr Marquee paint oil-based?

A1. Behr Marquee is considered best for professional use. This paint is packed with a rich formula for seamless application and offers a professional quality, great hide, and mildew resistance with rich stain removal.

Q2. Are enamel paints oil-based? Is behr enamel paint water based?

A2. Enamel paints are useful to paint the exterior walls while acrylic paint is useful for painting the interiors of a house. It takes a longer time for the enamel paints to dry in comparison to acrylic paint. Enamel paints are oil-based but acrylic paints are water-based. 

Q3. Are Semi-Gloss paints water-based?

A3. Acrylic paint and enamel paint have a major difference in that the latter is oil-based and the former is water-based. Enamel paints take 6-24 hours for drying. Acrylic paint holds a matte finish while enamel paints give a glossy appearance. 

Q4. Can I apply a coat of water-based paint over oil-based?

A4. It is not a good idea to apply water-based paints over oil-based paints. This can lead to chipping or peeling as water-based paints do not stick well with the glossy surface. But if you hire a professional and follow the correct steps, this is possible to some extent. 

Q5. How can I judge if the paint is acrylic or oil?

A5. To differentiate between oil and acrylic paints, you need to check their consistency. Identify the texture. Oil paints have a luster and spread easily on the surface. You can rub alcohol and determine signs of cracking and yellowing. 

Q6. Which is Better – Behr Marquee or Behr Premium Plus?

A6. Behr marquee is a rich interior paint offering single-coat application. It offers great performance to each color. The Marquee paint is available in an extensive color palette in both contemporary and classic colors. It offers a velvety and soft look. The best part is that it has great resistance to mildew growth. 
Alternatively, Behr Premium Plus paint is suitable for painting exterior surfaces. It holds great resistance to moisture, stains, and fading in different climates. The paint has excellent adhesion properties. It has low chemical emissions and reduces chemical exposure and air pollution. 

Is Behr Paint Latex? [Conclusion]

Now that you know about Behr paints, you can compare and decide between Marquee and Premium Plus paints. Both these paints are of premium quality but Marquee offers single coat application. You can choose any of the colors and finishes depending on your requirement.

If still you cannot make a decision, it is best to seek professional consultation. A professional can help you figure out a suitable paint for the specific surface.

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