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Our Team

Travis Martins

Travis Martins is the founder of Modern Paint, one of the trusted painting blogs. It was in the year 2005 when Travis founded this company with the aspiration to help people with quality painting tips at no cost.

While studying in school, Travis went through a lot of ups and downs. In his initial years of struggling, Travis worked as a counseling expert as well. Gradually his interest shifted towards painting and finally, Modern Paint began its journey. Besides painting, Travis loves listening to music, traveling and riding boats.

Joseph Mayers

Joseph is one of the leading team members of Modern Paint. Its been more than an year since he is working with us. His contribution to Modern Paint is highly recommendable.

His excellent organizational skills and amazing work ethic have made him the most deserving team member of our organization.

Joseph is also a professional musician and technician. Besides playing music and giving valuable advice to our team members, Joseph loves to be with his family.

Carol Anderson

This 23 year old joined us with some creative ideas and positive thoughts on how to lead the company toward success. Her great personality and positive attitude make working with her hassle-free.

She loves to paint and is always excited to be paid for what she loves doing. Carol started her career as a head bakery chef. She loves baking, sustainable farming, and traveling with her friends & family.