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Paint Popcorn Ceiling With Sprayer Without Crumbling And Peeling [2023 Updated]

paint popcorn ceiling with sprayer

Popcorn ceiling style is trendy these days. Homeowners love to design their homes with popcorn ceilings, and undoubtedly, popcorn ceilings look very attractive. This type of ceiling has tiny bubbles that look like popcorn is stuck on the ceiling; hence, this type of ceiling is called a popcorn ceiling.

Popcorn ceilings are a bit difficult to paint due to their fantastic structure. If you can’t correctly paint the ceiling surround, your roof will look very awkward. This guide will teach you how to paint popcorn ceilings using a spray gun. You will get essential information about it which will help you to paint the popcorn ceiling easily.

Materials Needed To Paint A Popcorn Ceiling

  1. Paint
  2. Vibrator-type paint sprayer
  3. Dusk mask
  4. Safely glasses
  5. Extension cord
  6. Ladder

How To Paint Popcorn Ceiling With Sprayer? [Step-By-Step Instructions]

If you intend to paint your popcorn ceiling decoratively, a spray gun would be the perfect tool to accomplish this project. Although popcorn ceiling painting is a bit challenging, the proper process can make your job easier. Here we have provided step-by-step instructions to paint your ceiling effectively.

Step 1: Check Your Ceiling For Paint 

First, you have to check whether your ceiling has been painted once or not. To know this, you need to spray some water on your roof.

Spray water in an area that is not visible. If you find that the texture of your popcorn ceiling has softened, you can assume that your ceiling has never been painted before.

Step 2: Remove And Cover 

In this step, remove all items from the room that you do not intend to paint and that are possible to remove them. Cover those immovable items with newspaper for the objects that are not possible to remove.

As you spray paint with a spray gun, the paint particles will also mix in the air. Therefore, it is necessary to remove or cover the objects to protect them from the spraying or impact of the paints.

Step 3: Ensure Your Safety 

Safe gear is crucial when using spray paint because you’ll be painting the ceiling, which means you’ll be working above your head.

Moreover, the product you are using has an aerosol base. Therefore, paint or paint fumes can readily enter your mouth, nose, and airways if you don’t take the necessary safety measures.

That is why you must put on a painting face mask on your face to protect your face from the impacts of paint.

Besides, it is essential to wear eye protection glasses and gloves for the hands. Using the proper protective gear will ensure your complete safety during paint spraying.

Step 4: Fix The Ceiling 

If your ceiling is old, before starting a painting project, you need to make sure that there are any defects or paint stains on your top. If a color is found, skim coating and priming can bring you a better paint effect on a popcorn ceiling.

For covering old stains, a high-quality stain-blocking primer is efficient. The paint will work better after the roof has been repaired and painted.

Step 5: Fix Minor Defects Of The Popcorn Itself 

It would be best if you now fixed the defects with your popcorn itself. Examine the area you need to address more closely. You can select a tiny portion of the ceiling using a product known as a spray acoustic texture.

It will essentially be a spray-on texture product, which will provide the impression that your surface is faultless. Additionally, you might think about using Popcorn Ceiling Patch by Zinser, which is ideal for hiding minor flaws.

Step 6: Fix A Large Section Of Popcorn 

In contrast, you’ll need to put in a little more effort if you need to fix a big square of popcorn. To achieve the proper structure for the popcorn, you must first restore the texture by wiping away the powder with water. Then, you can begin painting the popcorn ceiling.

Step 7: Choose The Paint 

When it comes to choosing paint, you need to consider the type of paint and the color of the paint. You can choose matte or flat paint instead of glossy paint. It will give better results.

Glossy paint attracts people’s attention quickly, so matte paint is better for uneven ceilings. The color of the paint is also a matter to be considered, which has to be kept in mind while choosing the paint.

You should choose a color that is suitable for your popcorn ceiling. The white color will really help the popcorn ceiling appear higher, and at the same time, it will brighten up the entire room. You can also choose any other color and match it with the ceiling.

Step 8: Choose A Right Spray Gun

Choosing a suitable sprayer for painting a popcorn ceiling is very important. So, in this case, you can select an airless and vibrator-type sprayer. This combination will help the paint spread evenly over your popcorn ceiling without dripping.

In addition, you also need to make sure that the paint storage of the sprayer is capable of holding enough paint and that the sprayer also has a suction set.

Step 9: Spray The Paint On Your Popcorn Ceiling 

  • Acrylics can be challenging to spray, so you must carefully dilute them before using them on your popcorn ceiling. Avoid over-thinning the paint with around a pint of water for every gallon of paint. Pour around 6 to 8 ounces of water into the color and run it down the funnel to measure the viscosity.
  • When putting the paint on your popcorn ceiling, spray it uniformly in the same direction. Move the sprayer slowly in a moderate motion without stopping, starting at a spot and continuing to do so. Hold the sprayer parallel to the ceiling’s surface to complete the strip.
  • You will achieve good outcomes and better coverage in this manner. 
  • Let the paint dry when you’ve finished spraying the strips. If you feel your ceiling needs a second coat of paint, change the direction this time, and start streaming in the other order. Allow the paint to dry completely after reapplying. Once the second coat is finished, carefully examine your work. Try to fix any errors in the painting as soon as you notice them.

How To Clean Popcorn?

To get debris off the popcorn surface, think about using a vacuum with a brush affixing. A brush attachment can remove any dirt and debris wedged between harsh textures without sticking to the ceiling.

Never let roofing textures sit in water for an extended period of time, as this might lead to material breaking and disintegration. Use a moist towel and soapy water to pat away dirt spots gently. 

How To Remove Water And Nicotine Stains?

The easiest way to get rid of yellow stains on ceilings caused by prior water damage is to prime them with an oil-based primer that comes in a spray can. Avoid using latex in this situation. ProBlock Primer from Sherwin Williams, which comes in a spray container, effectively protects stains from water damage. A better option for preventing imperfections is the item Cover Stain and Killz Primer.

Nicotine stains on the ceiling may penetrate the latex paint if the surface is not primed before painting. Similar to how you prime water stains, nicotine stains should be primed with an oil-based primer. It can be wise to oil the entire ceiling using a sprayer if your roof has been stained with nicotine.

Which Paint Works Best On Popcorn Ceilings?

The better choice is acrylic latex paint, which looks great on popcorn ceilings. If the countertop is not in a bathroom or kitchen, using flat paint might be recommended. Flat paint is excellent at concealing texture irregularities and other flaws.

Two of the best paints that dry to a truly flat surface when sprayed into ceilings are CHB or Eminence Ceiling Paint. On the other hand, using a high-end paint like Duration Home from Sherwin Williams might be appropriate if your roof contains dampness.

Simple Tips To Paint Your Popcorn Ceiling

  • Take everything out of your house as soon as the lights are turned out, and cover hanging fixtures with a painter’s plastic bag. To protect the floor from paint splatters, cover the floor with a cloth.
  • Dust and filth can be removed from your popcorn ceiling by gently vacuuming it with the vacuum’s soft brush attachment. Dust from the top can also be removed using a feather duster.
  • To prevent paint splatters, plastic tape wrap to your walls.
  • Cut and gently paint over the margins of the ceiling using a brush with paint on it.
  • If your popcorn ceiling is not painted, its texture may absorb the paint, which can be very heavy. Load the roller with paint and apply it to the popcorn ceiling in one direction.
  • Give the paint time to dry completely.
  • Smooth out and eliminate any lines from the first coat of paint by applying a second coat in the opposite direction.
  • Let the second coat thoroughly dry. 
  • Apply the paint using a brush to any areas that require touch-ups after inspecting them.
  • Once the painting is finished, securely shut the paint bottle and keep it somewhere dry and cool.


Be careful enough when applying a spray gun to your popcorn ceiling. Follow the directions for spray painting a popcorn ceiling. Any mistake can spoil your entire project. Also, misusing the machine can harm you too. Paint fumes are harmful to health.

Hence, try to prevent paint fumes from entering your lungs by wearing a specific painting mask. I hope our popcorn ceiling painting tips will enable you to paint your ceiling effectively.

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