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Where Can You Dispose of Paint? Getting Rid Of Old Paint The Right Way [2023]

We do not paint regularly but when we do most of the time we find a can that is unused. Keeping paint cans with paint in them can be a little fizzy because they take up some space in your house and also they are needed to be stored in a separate environment where little children cannot reach.

If you have made up your mind that you don’t need to paint anymore then here in this article we will guide you about where can you dispose of paint?

Leftover paint can be saved for future work. Otherwise, assign them to the recycling center in your area. In addition, retailers or manufacturers generally recommend bringing them back.

Indeed, they are more apt to reuse or throw them away. If you have made up your mind to store paint for future use then there are few things which you need to consider.

Finding Perfect Containers For Storing

It is relatively easy to save leftover paint. Both water-based paint and oil-based paint are likely to keep well after use.

The first rule to properly store leftovers is to choose the right container. We always recommend choosing small pots.

So if you bought a relatively large bucket, pour the leftovers into several small jars.

Find The Best Location For Storage

The second thing to do is to remove the air from the jars. So when you’ve poured enough paint into the container, turn it over.

This will remove the excess air from the can and prevent the paint from hardening quickly. Finally, place the pot in a dry place, away from air and heat.

Under these conditions, an opened paint can be stored for at least 36 months. 

Save Space

You can save a lot of space in your house by just doing a few simple tweaks. You can move the paint of almost empty jars to smaller containers.

If you are too obsessed with your paints then you can put labels on those individual jars with various details in them. 

How To Dispose Off Paint Properly?

Cans of acrylic paint can be toxic to the environment. Before throwing them away, find out about the regional regulations applicable to the management of DDM waste.

However, if they are completely empty or their residue is dry, you can send them directly to the household garbage.

Regarding glycerol paint cans, they contain solvents and pigments that are extremely harmful to the ecosystem. Only a few skilled organizations can get rid of them, you can drop them off:

  • In the eco-center of your municipality;
  • At the nearest drop-off and recycling point.
  • Be aware that you can check your city’s recycling and paint can collection policies.

Where To Throw Your Water Paint Can?

Water-based paint, known as acrylic is less polluting than glycerol paint. Cans of acrylic paint can create toxic hazards that are damaging to the environment.

Therefore, you must know the regional regulations applicable to the management of DDM waste. 

Where To Throw Your Glycerol Paint Pot?

Glycerol paint is much more polluting than all other types of paint. It contains solvents and pigments that are harmful and dangerous to the environment.

Glycerol paint cans belong to the large household hazardous waste family (DDM) subject to specific regulations.

Only organizations authorized to do so can properly dispose of a glycerol paint can. Therefore, you have an alternative when you own a jar of this type:

  • Drop it off in your municipality’s eco-center. 
  • Take it to a paint drop-off and recycling point near your home.

Sometimes you don’t need your leftover paint. In this case, take them to the recycling center in your area. Manufacturers and retailers recommend bringing back the leftover paint cans.

They are more likely to reuse them or dispose off properly. If you have to throw away your leftover paint, remember first of all to bring it back to the drop-off points provided by the manufacturer.

What To Do With Empty Paint Cans?

The management and recycling of paint cans must be efficient in order to avoid pollution. But the process will be slightly different depending on whether it is an empty container of glycerol paint and an empty container of water-based paint. You may be tempted to get rid of your paint cans by throwing them in the yellow trash. 

What You Should Not Do?

Do not throw leftover paint in the sink or the toilet. As the paint is considered hazardous household waste, it is forbidden to do so.

The rule also applies to the water used to clean the painting equipment. Do not pour it into the sink or the toilet under any circumstances.

What To Do?

Keep the leftover paint, it will be useful for touch-ups or repainting an object. To do this, follow our tips to store paint. Also, let the brushes dry instead of cleaning them with white spirit.

Then, throw them in a container park specially designed for this purpose. You will pollute the environment less and allow paint accessories to be disposed of in good condition.

Where Can You Dispose of Paint? [Some Practices Prohibited By Law]

The paint cans incorporate the management and recycling approach for the fight against pollution. However, the law forbids putting them in yellow bins, especially glycerol and acrylic coatings.

Also, avoid throwing leftover paint in the sink or toilet. The latter is in fact like a hazardous household waste. The same is true for the water used to clean the painting equipment.

You Need To Dry It Out Before Throwing It

You cannot just simply throw your paint can in an open space. Normal paint contains hazardous substances which are dangerous for health.

Throwing it normally can damage the environment or even can be dangerous for animals. So, it’s better to dry it first before throwing it out. Keeping the paint in the sun will be enough.

Let The Professionals Handle It

Yes, you read it right. There are many businesses in this field that provide you professionals who can manage this leftover paint by themselves.

You Can Also Donate It Or Save It For Later Use

The best idea will be to save the paint for later use. But, if you don’t have space to save it then you can easily share it with your friend or neighbor who is in need of it. 

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Q1. Where can you dispose of paint near me?

A1. You can hand it over to your local municipality for old paint disposal. You can also return it back to the manufacturer’s office which is nearest to you.

Q2. Can I throw paint in the bin?

A2. No, you must always dry the paint and make it hard before throwing it. Once it has dried and hardened then you can throw it in your local household waste.

Q3. How long does it take for a can of paint to dry out?

A3. It is very simple to dry out the paint. Just keep it in open sunlight for a few days and it will get hardened.

Q4. Is it OK to pour paint down the drain?

A4. No, not at all. You should never pour paint in any household area or even not in the wastage area. First, dry it and then dispose of old paint safely.


Disposing of old paint properly can really be a tough and hectic task but if done properly it reduces a lot of unnecessary stress from your mind. This article must have given you a great insight for where can you dispose of paint properly.

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