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Kilz Primer Dry Time: How Long Does It Take Kilz To Dry? [Updated 2023]

Those who have attempted to paint their wall on their own would have known that it is mandatory to apply a coat of primer before painting. They should also give it some time to dry to have a seamless painting process.

Kilz is one of the efficient primers to be used in the painting process and it is a water-based, sealer that dries up pretty fast. It also adapts to multiple surfaces and also resists stains. The sealer is known for its adhesive properties and it is also known to be resistant to mildew. 

Thus, by applying the Kilz primer, you can be sure that you can avoid all types of stains on your walls such as rust stains, water stains, grease, ink, and even stains created by food items. Kilz primer is a must to have in every house and let us explore the Kilz primer dry time and different attributes of this primer here.  

Surfaces On Which The Kilz Primer Is Used

kilz primer dry time

The Kilz primer can be used in both the interiors and exteriors of the home. It also works pretty well on drywall, woodwork, plasters, etc. The primer is good to be used over metals, and glossy surfaces, apart from cement and bricks. But it should not be used for sealing the floor as it has a minimal application on the floors. Leaving the floor, it can be of use on almost all surfaces, on both the interiors and the exteriors of the home. 

Procedure To Be Followed Before Applying Kilz Primer

But before applying the primer on a surface, it should be made sure that the surface is prepared appropriately, to yield the best results. When we say preparation of the surface, it predominantly means the cleaning process. The surface on which the primer is used should be clean, neat, and free from all dust. The surface should also be free from other materials such as oil, wax, grease, etc. Some tips for preparing the surface, before applying the Primer are as follows:

  • Before applying the primer on a surface, make sure to clean it thoroughly with a detergent that doesn’t froth and is non-soapy. You have to use enough water to rinse off the surface so that all the dirt is removed and dry surface.
  • If you are planning to use the primer on woods that are not painted, and on woodwork that is exposed sun for more than ten days, you should sand it. With the help of sandpaper, you have to erode the outer surface of the woodwork.
  • If the surface has endured damage from the fire, then there is less chance to clean it thoroughly. So on these surfaces, you can use only water and oil-based primers.
  • Before applying Kilz primer to any glossy surface, make sure to remove the glossiness from its outer layers. You could also consider sanding the surface to make it very smooth for priming.
  • If the surface to be treated is exposed to mildew and mold, you should first remove the mold. Then clean the surface with water and dry it, before applying primer.
  • Before applying the primer on painted surfaces, scrub the paint and clear it off. Then smoothen the surface with the help of sandpaper. Then you can proceed with applying the Kilz Primer.

How To Apply Kilz Primer Properly?

  • It is mandatory to have the right equipment to apply this primer. It is also beneficial to have all the items ready and handy to apply the primer in the right procedure. Before applying the primer, wear appropriate protection for the eye. If you are trying to apply the primer with the help of a spray bottle, you would have to use eye-protection glasses.
  • Change your clothes and do not wear anything new while doing the priming business. It is beneficial to apply the primer on a hot day, rather than on a cold or humid day, as it aids it to get drying up faster.
  • Before using the primer, ensure to shake the container, to avoid particles to settle at the bottom of the container. Use a very high-quality brush or roller to apply the primer. You can make use of nylon or a polyester brush.
  • You can also use this primer to block the stains on the wall. There are different types of Kilz primers available for different types of stains. 

Kilz Primer Dry Time: How Long For Kilz To Dry?

The Kilz primer takes about half an hour to dry, at the temperature of 25 degrees Celsius. Thus, you are allowed to touch the surface of the wall, after applying a coat of the Kilz primer. To initiate the painting process, you will need about two to three hours.  

After you are done with the primer application process, make sure to clean up all the equipment using warm and soapy water.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Q1. Is Kilz an oil-based primer?

A1. Yes, it is an oil-based primer that can be used for a variety of surfaces and it is great for blocking stains.

Q2. how long does Kilz take to dry?

A2. It takes about 30 minutes to an hour to get dried up. 

Q3. Does temperature affect the drying time?

A3. Yes, the primer gets dried up at this best at a temperature of about 24 Celcius. If you are painting in a cold room, or cold weather, you should increase the heat in the room to help dry it at its best.

Q4. Is there a way to reduce the dry time of the primer?

A4. Yes, open your windows, and use blow fans to help the circulating air to dry up the primer faster. This will help in reducing the dry time. You should also make sure that dust doesn’t interrupt the primer and cause imperfections in the work.


Kilz Primer is an efficient substance that helps to hide any type of spots and stains from both the interiors and exteriors of the office and the home. We hope this guide enlightens you with the most important information regarding the Kilz primer dry time.

This article on how long to let paint dry between coats might give you a few more insights regarding the dry time. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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